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Relationship Between February 28, 1997 and July 15, 2016

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There is a military coup every 8 or 10 years in our country. The FETO coup we experienced last on July 15, 2016 was the most important indicator that this process continued until recent dates. But the resistance of our people by standing in front of the tanks shows that the continuous coup processes has come to an end. Another good development in this regard occurred on July 9, 2021. The Supreme Court upheld the convictions of 14 former generals and admirals, including Çetin Doğan and Çevik Bir, in the February 28 trial.

The decision of the Supreme Court will be sent to the Ankara 5th High Criminal Court, which conducts the trial. The court will issue an arrest warrant for the defendants, whose sentences have been upheld, because the sentence is more than three years, allowing them to be removed of their ranks and arrested and imprisoned.

But this is Turkey. The coup-plotters generals have always been protected and guarded. For example, Kenan Evren, the planner of the September 12, 1980 coup, was sentenced to life imprisonment and died of natural causes, as the courts slowed down by not performing their duties well, and his crimes were left behind without even being imprisoned for a day. Worst of all, although he was sentenced to life imprisonment, a ceremony was held for him as a retired President.

It is not possible to prevent the continuous coup processes, as the generals and admirals, who were rewarded despite their great crimes like Kenan Evren. If military coups really need to be stopped, those who dare should be executed with hangman’s knot, just like Talat Aydemir.

Unfortunately, since the death penalty has been abolished, the coup-plotters are able to get away with it. At least, if the sentences can be executed without unnecessarily prolonging the trial process, we can get rid of the military coups that have left our country behind for at least 20 years forever. In this way, the generals will not be able to imagine the coups, and by obeying the rulers elected by the people, they will abandon this outdated practice, even if through fear.

The second important point in order to prevent the uninterrupted coup process is that the military school students said from the rostrum of the Assembly; It is necessary to get rid of the effects of words like “it is possible that some will be beheaded”. Values found in all developed civilizations, such as loyalty to the constitution, freedom, freedom of thought and faith, should be taught as priority courses in all educational institutions and especially in military schools.

Otherwise by exploiting the weaknesses of politicians, Western powers, especially the USA, will take advantage of every opportunity and will not hesitate to carry out a military coup again. Penalties should be exemplary so that they would be a deterrent. Every general who sees the treatment which has been carried for Kenan Evren would be able to think, “What am I missing from Evren, I will stage a coup and I will be buried with ceremonies as President easily”. For this reason, a great deal of work falls on judicial and execution officials.

The instigator of July 15 and other military coups has always been the USA. As a matter of fact, Fethullah Gülen, the promoter of the military coup, is still hosted in his mansion in the USA in a way fit for a king.

Refusal to provide the F35 fighter jets that we paid for, even a significant part of which we manufacture, openly supporting the PKK terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq, generating an economic crisis through Halkbank, providing military support to Greece in the Aegean Sea, and imposing sanctions on our country that are openly imposed on hostile states and many other events such as these are clear proofs that the biggest threat to Turkey comes from the USA. No sane ruler would trust a rogue country like the USA.

Unfortunately, our government cannot develop enough policies to protect our nation against the USA. While there are many reasons that require cooperation with our country, the USA still continues to display its hostile attitude as arrogant and hostile. I would like to underline that; “Loving the hungry beast increases its appetite. He returns and asks for more.”

However, things did not go as planned, all Western powers supporting military coups, especially the USA; On July 15, 2016, they have been hit with a big slap. In this article, I would like to mention the important relations between February 28, 1997 and this attempted coup, which is the fifth anniversary, and an aspect that has never been mentioned and remained hidden.

The February 28, 1997 coup actions are the footsteps of the July 15, 2016 coup. They aimed to bring the tanks to the streets by putting the country into a chaotic situation and rehearsed an upcoming coup. For this purpose, nearly 10 thousand soldiers, including me, were ex officio (compulsory) retired from the army. But, in a twist of Fate, these 10 thousand soldiers organized the people during the July 15 coup and made them oppose the coup plotters, ensuring the opposite of the desired result.

Our people, under the leadership of the retired soldiers enthused with the adhan on the night of July 15, brought the Turkish soldier to his senses, who thought that they were unaware of the coup and were carrying out a drill. Seeing the real commanders in front of them, the soldiers delivered the tanks to the civilian forces, causing the coup to fail in a short time.

Some tanks were easily stopped by making use of the experiences of the soldiers who were forcibly retired and the coup-plotter soldiers were surrendered. Otherwise, it is very difficult for civilians who are unaware of how weapons and equipment are used to achieve this great success.  

To put it briefly, the soldiers who were expelled from the army by saying that “when we organize a coup, they will hinder us”; contrary to expectations, they played a key role in the failure of the coup by organizing the people. 

Now, by the way, let's talk about the February 28 generals and admirals who were slaves to the western powers by siphoning off the banks and organizing a coup. The life sentence given to them is never too much. When we recall what has been done, it will be understood that they should be sent to hell with the death penalty.

What happened in Turkey in 1997 was seen as the direct intervention of the army in politics and was handled within the scope of military coup. As a matter of fact, Çevik Bir, one of the coup-plotter generals, said “balancing democracy” regarding the passage of tanks through Sincan. General Hüseyin Kıvrıkoğlu, who took office after Karadayı, one of the other planners of the military coup, clearly showed what kind of attitude they had by saying, “February 28, it will last for 1000 years.”

In the Naval Forces, the Commander of the Navy, Güven Erkaya, gathered all the officers on the warships, including me, and gave speeches saying that “especially the soldiers whose wives wearing headscarf are even more dangerous than the PKK”. An unprecedented terror practice in history, which continued in the form of hostility to the headscarf, was initiated within the Armed Forces.

When we look at the February 28 process, we see that the following events took place. The Welfare Party (WP) and the True Path Party (TPP) were founded on 28 June 1996 in Turkey during the prime ministry period of Necmettin Erbakan.

With the material and moral support of the USA, President Demirel was persuaded by the soldiers and took the coup process to a higher level. Meanwhile, the “Western Working Group”, which was established illegally within the Turkish General Staff, started tagging thousands of soldiers that it saw as potential to oppose during the coup.

In this period, the USA accelerated its coup activities and took actions to kill many statesmen with unsolved murders. The martyrdom of President Özal and General Eşref Bitlis is only two of these assassinations.

The sad thing is that these assassinations were used against the government with the help of the media, and the Erbakan Government was put into a double-sided clamp. As a matter of fact, the Susurluk accident or assassination that took place on November 3 was the reason for the "One Minute of Darkness for Permanent Light" actions.

Trade unions, judicial institutions and important industrialists such as TUSIAD have also participated in this double-sided clamp. The meeting of the National Security Council on February 28, 1997 was held under these conditions.

The decisions taken in the meeting, which lasted for 9 hours, were forced to sign by Prime Minister Erbakan as a result of great pressure. In the NSC statement, it was suggested by the soldiers that democracy and law are guaranteed in a tragicomical way.

Only three of the February 28 decisions were related to soldiers who were retired from the army, including me, by the Supreme Military Council Decision. It was emphasized that these soldiers could not serve in public. However, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not prevent soldiers like me who had left the army from serving in the municipality.

His decision led to the most important stage in his political career, and he was imprisoned for “reading poetry”. Ali Müfit Gürtuna succeeded Erdoğan, who was dismissed from the mayorship. His first act was to terminate our employment immediately.

When we were soldiers, we could not go to the court to get our rights because Supreme Military Council decisions were closed to the public judiciary. But now we are civilians and applied to the Administrative Court. At the end of our application, they found our application justified, seeing no harm in our being a civil servant, and we won the case together with all my friends.

Together we returned to our duty in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Erdoğan also entered Turkish political life as the leader of the newly founded Justice and Development Party after his imprisonment. He continued to be in power alone for many years, gaining the sympathy of the people by showing his success in the Mayorship in the Prime Ministry and in the Presidency.

In addition to the three articles related to us in the period of February 28, the other articles were: A series of actions against human rights, such as the government's transition to 8 years of continuous education, the transfer of some schools to the Ministry of National Education, the supervision of Quran courses and the observance of the dress code, or in short, the "head-scarf ban", were desired.

A few months after this meeting, a closure case was filed against the ruling Welfare Party on the grounds that it allowed "freedom to the headscarf" and was later closed. During this period, journalists, members of the judiciary and senior bureaucrats invited to the General Staff Headquarters were given "briefings against the threat of reactionarism" by the command echelon.

Today, the February 28 coup plotters can say unashamedly that they did not interfere in politics. It means they are not ashamed and do not blush.

In this period, it was revealed that an illegal structure was formed under the name of the West Working Group within the General Staff and that many people, institutions and events were tagged by keeping records.

The President of the time, Süleyman Demirel, gave the task of forming the government in cooperation with the coup-plotter generals to Mesut Yılmaz, the leader of the Motherland Party, not to Tansu Çiller, the leader of the True Path Party, the other partner of the government, which constituted the majority in the Parliament.

During this period, the coup-plotter generals openly threatened the members of parliament and forced many to resign from the parties in power. The terror of the coup-plotter soldiers continued perfectly. At the end of June, Yılmaz formed the Democratic Left Party (DSP), led by Bülent Ecevit, and the Democrat Turkey Party (DTP), led by Hüsamettin Cindoruk, and the ANASOL-D coalition, made up of members of parliament who are bought and threatened with death. Our country has had several years of unprecedented bank siphoning and economic crises during this period.

The most important reason for the economic crises experienced on February 28, 1997 is the bank siphoning and corruption under the management of most of the coup-plotter generals. So much so that this process has dragged the Turkish economy into many economic crises. The growth rate in the Turkish economy has decreased. While our national income was 201.6 billion dollars in 2000, it decreased to 144.6 billion dollars in 2001. Foreign investors fled Turkey, 25 banks were siphoned into bankruptcy and our nation paid for their damages.

It is understood from the reports presented by various economists that the loss of our country in this period was between 250-450 billion dollars. In addition, these appalling figures have emerged in the reports published and submitted by the Parliamentary Investigation Institute for the period of February 28.

When we look at the February 28 period in general, after a period of destabilization carried out with some chaotic plans under the leadership of the USA from the beginning of the 1990s, we see a post-modern coup process that took shape with the February 28, 1997 NSC meeting.

During this process, nearly five thousand officers and non-commissioned officers who served in our army were dismissed from their duties with a hierarchical coup in the army, and as many were dismissed from their duties by being forced to resign and retire due to the pressure methods applied.

The illegal organization called the "West Working Group", also known as the BÇG, first eliminated us, which it saw as the anti-coup and anti-trusteeship elements in the army, and then undertook the management of an all-out psycho-social war across the country. While doing this, the values that hold the society together have been defined as a threat and war has been declared against all values that bring us together, especially religious values.

After carrying out the coup within the army, the illegal organization BÇG came together with a group of coup collaborators consisting of media, NGOs, political organizations and academics, which it called "friendly forces" or "unarmed forces", and launched an all-out socio-psychological operation against all segments of society.

The July 15, 2016 FETO coup occurred after this coup was an operation to purge religious soldiers within the army. While there was no decent person in the army to oppose this coup at the beginning, after the people took to the streets and locked the coup by piling up vehicles in front of the military barracks, the generals who cooperated with the Fethullahist Terror Organization changed sides and joined the people. As we enter the new millennium, although a straitjacket was wanted to be put on our country, thank Allah this great disaster was overcome with 251 martyrs.

As we mentioned above, one of the most important reasons for preventing the July 15 coup attempt is that we, the soldiers, who were expelled from the army during the February 28 period, stood together with our nation and fought hand by hand against tanks. Ten thousand soldiers, who turned into the hearts of the nation, unmasked the coup-plotters in every segment of society and on every platform they were in, showed their dirty faces to the public, and became the fundamental of civil resistance and solidarity.

Thanks to this consciousness of resistance and solidarity, our people slapped the coup-plotter generals in 2002 and started the movement for change. And finally, with the referendum held in 2010, a process that was predicted to take 1000 years started to be questioned with all its components while trying to heal the wounds of that period, the trial of the coup-plotters came to the fore.

Although the coup plotters, custodians and collaborators who understand that they will be tried try to dilute and blur the process of judging; both our state and our people know who these coup plotters and their collaborators are.

The coup-plotter generals, who caused thousands of victims to come to terms with the simple excuses of “his wife is wearing a headscarf” by following the orders of the USA, were able to wander freely and make arrogant statements to the press, even though they were sentenced to life imprisonment three years ago.

In response to the unprecedented situation, our government has long been a bystander in order “not to interfere with the judiciary”. However, it is still a shame that thousands of families victimized by these coup-plotters are still devastated that they could not regain their rights.

Thousands of soldiers who were discharged from the army during the February 28 period and did not receive any compensation are waiting to receive compensation based on the promises made repeatedly by President Erdoğan and members of the government.

It is irrational and remorseless to still ignore the decisions of the Ombudsman Institution to the Parliament and the government. Once again, I call those who caused this situation, which caused the prolongation of the military tutelage system, to common sense.

Just as the USA, which attempted a new coup on July 15, took the necessary slap from our people and sat down. Now, our government should pay compensation to our victims before it is too late and put the coup-plotters who have been sentenced to life imprisonment in prison as soon as possible. That’s it... 

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