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Why are They Attacking General Adnan Tanrıverdi?

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Adnan Tanrıverdi is a valuable, faithful and very diligent general trained by the Turkish Armed Forces. It came to the fore with his piety and commitment to national values and therefore he became the target of some committees.

We have worked together for long years in Association of Justice Defenders (ASDER) and Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center (ASSAM). Even though I opposed him on several issues, he always approached me with a sense of respect and love; and worked as an exemplary non-governmental organization manager by being open-minded to different thoughts.

Of course, the attacks against him by some former Members of Parliament and dark sides, especially those carried out by the CHP, have a purpose. Let’s try to take a look some of them:

  1. He fought and served as president of ASDER, claiming the rights of thousands of soldiers who were expelled from the army on February 28, 1997 because their wives were wearing headscarves.
  2. With the decisions of the Supreme Military Council, more than a thousand soldiers are retired forcibly from the army, he pressured the government to pay social security premiums and for reinstatement of rights, he also led to the enactment of a law.
  3. He was appointed to the position of Chief Advisor of President Erdoğan and served successfully in the most authoritative boards as Presidential Security and Foreign Policy Board Member.
  4. He always stood upright and did not bow down, representing the religious and national stance. Hypocrisy to Western imperialists with an inferiority complex did not suit his character.
  5. He tried to build a place of worship in brigades in NATO standards and even in a period when the coup plotters were raging, he was able to revive and protect many mosques.
  6. He carried out many activities within the scope of the fight against FETO and took pioneering roles in the resistance of our people, especially for the ASDER members, against the coup plotters during the July 15, 2016 coup process. 
  7. He lived with beard of sunnah, he did not grow hippie or goatee like the Western wannabe buffoons did. This situation disturbs some of the Sabbateans.
  8. He fought against coup plotter generals, especially FETO, and tried to raise public awareness by being at the foreman in various civil society activities.
  9. He managed many organizations in this way, thinking that the most important task of today is the "Islamic Union".  When they heard about the concept of Islamic Union, he were subjected to the snarling and attacking of frightened people like a mad dog.
  10. He played the most important roles in the organization of 3 congresses held by ASSAM on behalf of the Islamic Union in 2017-2018-2019 and ensured the successful conclusion of the congresses. 200 academicians and non-governmental organizations from 45 countries participated in the last congress in which I made a presentation, and more than 750 people followed this very important organization.
  11. He did not criticize people, and by establishing organizations he produced ideas for the emergence and development of useful ideas for our country.
  12. He has been an example with his own attitudes and behaviors on how to behave in non-governmental organizations, and has made efforts to make decisions based on consultation.
  13. He has been involved in many organizations to help the oppressed people in African countries and Syria, and helped to raise awareness of our people.

Tanrıverdi, who has carried out very important activities, only some of which are mentioned above, while trying to establish unity between Islamic countries; A committee led by the enemies is extremely uncomfortable with this situation. They have carried out an organized work in order to prevent the efforts to formulate the legislation required for the unification of Islamic countries, to slander the efforts and to belittle the efforts.

Realizing that the work carried out on behalf of the Islamic Union is important and still exploiting Muslims, the imperialist powers tried to mislead the public by taking an organized action.

Swedish-based Nordic Monitor, which broadcast in English, Penta Postagma, broadcasting in Greek, and Irem News from the United Arab Emirates in Arabic channels broadcasting, which are affiliated with FETO; They started to discredit Tanrıverdi with publications from different languages and in regions but with the same content.

While the efforts to discredit Tanrıverdi abroad were continuing, the dark sides in Turkey did not wait any minute and started to produce all kinds of lies in which area they were successful. Black propaganda efforts are still continuing to disrupt the work of the Islamic Union, and the cooperation efforts with countries such as Libya and Qatar were enough to drive these organizations crazy.

Finally, our heroic soldiers who went to Libya took a very important step towards the Islamic Union, and once again upset the enemies of Islam. They tasted the agony again before they die.

CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu and the dark sides have made a great effort to create the perception that "We are working for the coming of the Mahdi" by clipping out a sentence from the speech that Tanrıverdi warned "Do not let the excuse of waiting for Mahdi get you used to laziness". In addition, they have succeeded in putting some people from the government wing into trouble.

The prayers for the coming of the Mahdi from the generation of Al-i Muhammad (pbuh), which Muslims perform in prayers five times a day, they have denied the concept of "Mahdi" as if it did not exist. What makes sense to deny hadiths when a Rafidhi gives the wrong meaning to a hadith? But the propaganda of the media and some snobs who are the deniers of hadith led to this foolish approach.

Despite all these statements, there are many columnists and commentators who cannot understand because they are biased, politicians who cannot comprehend what they have heard, and people who cannot see the truth because they look at the realities of life out of sight.

Without a purpose, dream and aim; It is not possible for the unwary to learn from ASDER, ASSAM and Congresses and the efforts of Tanrıverdi, who think that they were born only to eat, drink and defecate. In every society, there have always been people who succeeded in distracting others by just consuming and gossiping, not producing. These are the parasites that are incapable of creating alternatives to the determinations made. We have to see the true intentions of these miserable people. Of course, it is our duty to give a standing ovation to our unique heroic general. That’s it…

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