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ASRICA! The new name of ASIA and AFRICA, who still could not see good days after the Ottoman Empire. The orphaned land that has been crushed under the colonial west countries for the last century and still Ottoman Flag waves in many parts of this land.

It would not be wrong if we said that the fate of this unfortunate geography has regained with the Turkey-Libya Naval Treaty signed between Turkey and Libya at the end of November 2019.

With this treaty, Turkey not only protected the interests of our country and Libya in the Eastern Mediterranean, but also disappointed the countries who do not have rights in the region.

After that date, the military cooperation agreement with Libya strengthened the relations between us.  Haftar, who attempted a coup against the legitimate government of National Accord, which was recognized by the United Nations, Haftar's forces was destroyed.

Haftar, who was directly supported by Russia, France, Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Jordan by remaining silent they indirectly supported Haftar, but until 6 months ago, he had taken control of 3/2 of Libya and began to make statements implying that he would take over the capital Tripoli, which he approached by about 6 km, after several days of preparation.

He was so confident that he almost tried to proclaim himself as Libya's new leader.

At this point, something happened that the world and especially the imperialist states did not expect. Turkey, which defeated regime elements and terrorist organizations in Syria that surprised the world despite the United States and Russia, sent troops to Libya in December 2019, shortly after signing the Libya Naval Treaty agreement with Libya.

In the 6-month period since December, the coup plotter Haftar has been unable to enter the capital Tripoli, where he has approached 6 km, and he has begun to lose his positions one by one. At this point today, about 20 strategically important areas such as the capital Tripoli airport, Al-Watiya Air Base, Amarat Camp, Hamza, Ayn Rabi were captured by Government of National Accord troops and began to be thoroughly compressed to the East.

In fact, according to the information reflected to the public, it is claimed that Haftar mostly directed the operation from abroad in case of the possibility of an attack on the camp where he was located.

Especially the capture of Terhune caused Haftar's forces to panic. So much so that it is among the rumors that many tribes and local elements have come to the point of disintegration. Some local forces have even openly declared that they will not fight in Haftar's side.

Of course, as we have always stated, we can say that the Turkish Armed Forces, which trained and equipped the army of the dispersed and uneducated Libyan Government of National Accord, took the biggest share in this.

We cannot ignore the impact of the AUAVs, which it puts on the field with its own and domestic capital and software, and that even the Germans admire that they are more effective than the AUAVs of USA. I can argue that the only factor regaining the good fortune of ASRICA (ASIA-AFRICA) in Libya was Turkish AUAVs.

The truth of the statement that you cannot challenge your enemy with someone else's weapon has once again been understood in Libya.

According to the news we received from local sources in the region, the Libyan army has already started to move rapidly towards Jufra and Sirte with the concept of all-around attack with all its units. It is also among the news that Haftar units in many regions have withdrawn without combating.

Let’s tell you the most interesting news about Libya.

The United States stated a few days ago that Russia had sent more than 10 aircrafts to the region of which identities were deleted and painted the color of the region's aircrafts, but these aircrafts had not been used so far. Do you know what does this mean?

This means that the domestic and national warships that Turkey supports from the Sea and by AUAVs are actually active in Libyan airspace, and every aircraft that does not carry the Russian flag can be easily shot down.

It means that Russia will be a legitimate and obvious target for Turkish AUAVs if its flag-erased aircrafts are used despite Turkey's airspace superiority against the legitimate government.

Of course, Russia did not dare to use these aircrafts in this war, in which Turkey is a party. Otherwise, why not use these aircrafts even though he supports Haftar forces with his private military company called Wagner in the field where he provides all kinds of military support? If they were not going to use it, why did they go to all this trouble to send those aircrafts there?

I believe that by the end of this summer, the Libyan Government will completely clear Haftar's forces from the country. Haftar have got two options. If the Libyan Government agrees, it will come to a common political solution or leave the country and continue to live in another country.

I do not think the first option is likely to happen. Because after so much blood and tears, this civil war has become a feud. Haftar has no choice but to leave his country.

If Libya achieves political stability and maintains political economic and military cooperation with Turkey as a means of being the gateway of AFRICA to Africa, this will be a new hope for the future not only for Libya but also for all African countries.

Do you think why?

Because until now, in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and many other Islamic countries, Turkey's alliance is the first country to solve its internal problems instead of imperialist colonial states.

Let’s see what will near future show.

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