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Sledgehammer-supporters are Outscored by Mirzabeyoğlu! (July 25, 2014)

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The defendants of the Sledgehammer case were released from prison pending a trial. They tried to give the impression that they were acquitted with the shows they performed in front of the prison together with the crowd of media, and they used to insult the moral values of the nation as an element of courage.

They also implied that they are not done with those who sent them to prison and that they will definitely come to terms with it. They did not forget to strike a pose with a whole crowd of cute lawyers around. Those who saw them would think that they were heroes.

In an article titled “My lawyer will make the plea, sir” I wrote about how the mighty generals of the time became tongue-tied in the February 28 trial. However, some of the defendants of the 28 February trial were also detained in the Sledgehammer case and they were also in the same situation. Even so, they must have changed completely when they got out of prison because they had become quite talkative.

Especially the vicious defendant Çetin Doğan was insulting and threatening national and moral values. In their plea in court; Of course, the statements of “We did the necessities of the chain of command or I was not in charge” did not belong to them! An army of outsourced heroes who cannot stand behind their cause. Anyway, our issue is not an adventure story. From this point of view, I will write about Salih Mirzabeyoğlu, who has been in prison for 16 years and has been arrested due to the pressure and persecution of these arrogant defendants.

Mirzabeyoğlu finally got the freedom he deserved as a result of common sense. However, there was no media circus welcoming him in front of the prison. There was no crowd of lawyers or sensitive Muslims. We did not see anyone there except a couple of his relatives and some friends of him.

If this religion belongs to the poor, of course, the people who set their heart on this religion are also poor. Where they will be applauded and rewarded is, of course, heaven. Is not the world a temporary commodity?

The point I would like to draw attention to here was the different resignation and the love of homeland and nation between these two defendants. Mirzabeyoğlu did not talk about reckoning when he was released from prison. He expressed that he was not offended and resentful and declared that he would continue from where he left off in a cold-blooded way. He especially emphasized that he did not see the sixteen years he spent in prison as wasted.

Mirzabeyoğlu did not step back from his intellectualism and never compromised his faith in any of the courts where he was tried. He said at every opportunity that he was not afraid and did not keep clear of anything. Although they tried to convict him by twisting his words, he did not deny any of his words, and he shouted from the heart that he was behind all the words he used. Because he knew that he was through the way of Allah. He knew very well that even a small step would not be taken back from the cause of faith. Of course he knew that the reward is great.

That was the difference between those who insulted the moral values of the same nation with false heroism, while the owners of this country and nation, who so-called Kemalists, took a step back, while it was not clear whether they were acquitted or not, and Salih Mirzabeyoğlu, who was in the cause of faith. Now I ask you; Who is the real hero and bold? Which personality would a Muslim see as a pacemaker and leader? Will these, disguised as Kemalists destined to be forgotten, seen as leaders? Or to Mirzabeyoğlu? This unique compassionate hero who bravely shouts out his faith, does not insult even those who persecute him, and emphasizes that he will be at the service of his nation.

I can almost hear you all screaming, Mirzabeyoğlu! Of course, Mirzabeyoğlu!

If you want to understand whether a cause will be successful or not, look at the defenders of that cause. Look at their power to stand up for their cause. If they carry it on their shoulders for their cause to be successful. If they are not crushed and bent over by the burden of their case, know that sooner or later that cause will prevail. Long live Mirzabeyoğlu and men with a cause!

Let us end our article by drawing attention to one more small issue. They could not be as brave as the friends of these false heroes who did not believe in their cause, the fans of Mirzabeyoğlu. Instead of gathering in front of the prison to support his cause and show the strength of his cause, they preferred to applaud or pray from their seats.

Be that as it may, this cause will rise not on the shoulders of the crowd, but on the shoulders of a handful of people who believed. It has been so in the past and it will be so in the future.

A handful of believers!

Let us see who we will see among these handful of people from now on.

Note: I hope Mirzabeyoğlu get well soon. I hope that his test

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