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Agenda of Chief Advisor

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Some started to attack again.

They falsify what he says and produce new lies in their minds by making the headline "The agenda of the Chief Advisor of President is Mahdi".

Let me say at the beginning of my word that being attacked by someone is an honor for us, it is a sign of our faith and that we are on the right path. Alhamdulillah. What if we had been otherwise complimented by Cumhuriyet newspaper, Sözcü, Odatv and Fox; Allah forbid, then we would have to question our faith and repent and return from the way we went.

It was necessary to write something not for idiots and malevolent people but for sincere human beings who wonder what the truth is.

What is written for our President's advisor General Adnan is nothing more than a falsification of his words. The falsification of his words can be for two reasons, either foolishness or malice.

Let's look at what is foolish from the Turkish Language Association dictionary; "Unable to use his mind properly, stupid". We cannot deal with such people, we cannot have a word to say to them, they can continue their foolishness.

Malicious people have declared war on religion and religious people. We have nothing to say to these people, so they can continue to slander. We would continue to be on our own way.

There are also miserable people who were born in a Muslim family, raised by Muslims, who does not like Muslims, who could not complete their personal growth, but whose ego is too much, who thought themselves very clever and cultured, admiring the west, caring for the leftists and trying to befriend the secularists. They consider it as their duty to attack Muslims. What can we say to these hung-up people, other than saying, "May Allah show mercy them"?

People like Mehmet Metiner, who commented without examining the news brought by the chaplain, if they do not apologize and correct their mistakes, we do not give our blessing, we will have square accounts afterlife.

As for the fact of the false and distorted news, General Adnan wrote an article and presented it to the press. Look what General Adnan says in his article:

"ASRICA (ASIA-AFRICA) COMMON DEFENSE INDUSTRY PRODUCTION", which was planned to determine the Common Defense Industry Production Opportunities and Methods of Islamic Countries and was carried out on 19-20 December 2019, with the opening and closing speeches of the "3rd International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress” and his discourses in the interviews made during the congress is abused. This discourse was to convey a memory within the scope that I have presented below, in order to CRITICIZE that the Islamic Countries do not work for alliance.

“When we meet with Islamic scholars around the world, we get answers to our questions as follows:

  • I ask, "Will there be an Islamic Union?"
  • My interlocutor says, "It will."
  • I ask, "How will it be?"
  • My interlocutor says “When Mahdi (pbuh) comes”
  • I ask, “When will Mahdi (pbuh) come?”

In response to these answers, “Well, is not there anything we are responsible to do? Will Allah send Mahdi (pbuh) before we prepare everything?” After our dialogue, which I express my reaction to the insensitivity of the Islamic World for alliance, has been consciously or unconsciously interpreted unfavorably. The reason why I tell this dialogue at every opportunity is to point out that the Islamic World should wake up from heedlessness and take refuge in the excuse of waiting for the Mahdi, and strive for the Islamic Union."

In other words, a subject could be distorted this much, and the news are made completely inverted. Whoever does this either foolish or malicious, there is no need for any other explanation.

Despite his old age, General Adnan, a person who works with heart and soul as a lover of the country, who has almost devoted himself to his homeland, and also a naive, fine-spirited, emotional and conscientious person; three or five people with such half-wise and evil intentions are trying to tamper General Adnan with these slanders. Miserable people! If you get to know General Adnan, you will realize what a great mistake you are making.

In fact, we know what's wrong with you and your owners who manage you. Your main concern is ASSAM and SADAT.

ASSAM and SADAT will complete their missions even if you like it or not.

What is mission ASSAM, let us explain and hereby let us introduce ASSAM.

ASSAM “Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center” is a non-governmental organization that conducts intellectual research, which was established to present an ISLAMIC UNION MODEL for administrators by researching the institutions necessary for the gathering of Islamic countries under a will and the legislation that these institutions should have. Seven "INTERNATIONAL ASSAM ISLAMIC UNION CONGRESSES" has been planned by our studies center, which was formed its intellectual infrastructure until 2017, to be held one congress every year, the first of which have been in 2017.

The congresses held in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and the conclusion reports and declarations published at the end of the congress are on the ASSAM WEB Site.

The aim of ASSAM is to present a UNION MODEL that can be applied today with its government and institutions in the light of modern state understanding and Islamic law.

After our first congress for the Islamic Union with the theme "Government Forms from Past to Future", we stated that we see it possible to create the ISLAMIC UNION by gathering under a will with a CONFEDERATE structure formed by NINE REGIONAL FEDERATIONS and these regional Islamic Federations.

In summary, in the declaration we published after our second congress on "Islamic Economy and Economic Systems”, we proposed;

  • Establishment of a customs union between Islamic countries,
  • Establishing a common market between Islamic countries,
  • The acceptance of monetary union between Islamic countries,
  • Establishing trade zones between the members of the Union,
  • To give zakat institution an institutional identity under the control of states as a common fund,
  • Establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Courts and Foundations affiliated to the Union,
  • Creation of the Islamic electronic dinar currency (ASRICA Dinar),
  • Creation of Common Market and joint production and R&D incentive fund,
  • Resource planning work with the common investment fund,
  • Establishment of joint organization for R&D and Innovation activities,
  • Establishment of  cooperatives-cooperation systems between Islamic countries in the mining, energy, agriculture, transportation and telecommunication and food sectors of Islamic countries and supporting Islamic financial institutions,
  • Taking measures to increase foreign trade volume among member countries,
  • Establishment of trade centers, signing preferential trade agreements between Islamic countries,
  • Development of cultural affinity between Islamic countries in the combination of language, religion and history, establishing a strong political will.

ASSAM has a MISSION that cares importance to consultation, emphasizes the will of the people and ASSAM wants the establishment of a democratic system for the Islamic Union and tries to put forward a MODEL in line with these principles.

Those who imagine the members of ASSAM and General Adnan as the leader of this center who believe in superstitions, who are lunatic, who do not have strong religious beliefs, should know that we are not like you imagine. We are Sultan Alp Arslan, who opened the gates of Anatolia to the Turks, Mehmed the Conqueror, the commander who conquered Constantinople, the great Turkish ruler Abdul Hamid II, who protected the state in his difficult time against the whole world and the traitors inside for 33 years, we are the nation that did not surrender the country to the Western Working Group gang on February 28 and FETO on July 15.

As for SADAT, we told about it for years, but let us say it again, SADAT "International Defense Consultancy Inc.” is a company. Detailed information is available on SADAT website.

Let's finish with a verse from our Turkish National Anthem.

The horizons of the West may be bound with walls of steel,
But my borders are guarded by the mighty bosom of a believer.        
Bellow out, do not be afraid! And think: how can this fiery faith ever be extinguished,
By that battered, single-fanged monster you call «civilization!»?

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Gürcan ONAT

30 Haziran 1959 tarihinde Adapazarı'nda doğmuştur.

Memleketi: Akyazı/Sakarya.

30 Ağustos 1981 yılında Hava Harp Okulundan Teğmen rütbesi ile mezun olmuştur.

1999 yılında Binbaşı rütbesindeyken kendi isteği ile emekli olmuştur.

Emekli olduğu günden itibaren sivil toplum örgütleri ile hemhal olmuştur.

ASDER, ASSAM, SADAT kuruluşlarında emek sarf etmiştir.

Halen Fatih/İstanbul'da ikamet etmekte olup, kendini vakıf ve dernek hizmetlerine vakfetmiştir. 


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