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From the Turkish History to the History of Whole World... Overview of Russia and Ukraine (Very Important and Current Proposals and Things to Do)

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Strategy is the path followed to achieve a predetermined goal in the long run. Strategy is the science and art of using political, economic, psychological, military and spiritual forces together in the most effective and designed way in order to give maximum support to the policies adopted in peace and war by a nation or a group of nations. As can be understood from the definition; firstly,

There should be goals and objectives to be determined by taking lessons from the past and evaluating current conditions. Secondly, the paths to be taken to walk towards these goals and objectives. Who and what institutions will do what in the country after the targets are determined? What will supporter groups determined outside the country, NGOs and other allied countries should do? All of them must be studied.






Strategy is a science…

Strategy is a discipline and an ideal…

Strategy is Sunnah of the Prophets (pbuh)…

Strategy is an ancestral trust..



Strategy is the path followed to achieve a predetermined goal in the long run. Strategy is the science and art of using political, economic, psychological, military and spiritual forces together in the most effective and designed way in order to give maximum support to the policies adopted in peace and war by a nation or a group of nations. As can be understood from the definition; firstly,

There should be goals and objectives to be determined by taking lessons from the past and evaluating current conditions. Secondly, the paths to be taken to walk towards these goals and objectives. Who and what institutions will do what in the country after the targets are determined? What will supporter groups determined outside the country, NGOs and other allied countries should do? All of them must be studied.

In the Armed Forces, the Commander makes his decision by answering the following questions. This summary is the summary of the order of how to implement the decision and answers the following questions.

  1. WHO?
  3. WHEN?
  4. WHERE?
  5. HOW?

Why Military field manuals?

The answer is clear. The hardest thing to manage is WARFARE. I mean, it is a matter of life and death. You have to have reasons when ordering people to “DIE!”. The art of managing has come out of the direction and management of people who are going to die, fighting to the death. Even in company and economy management, military methods and definitions are used.

There is a word; “The most effective weapon is a well-trained soldier.” It is undeniably true. Psychosocial and spiritual values are very important when strategizing globally and guiding practitioners in the tactical field.

Everything starts with human. There is an example; “A horseshoe ruins a cavalry, a cavalry ruins a unit, a unit ruins a front, a front ruins an army.”

That’s right.

Remember, the opposite is also possible. A hero can save a front, and a front can save a Nation.

Geopolitical position is the determination of the location of a region or a country according to the location policy, that is, according to the political geography map. Geopolitical measures are based on geopolitical position determination.

Since the geopolitical position is based on political foundations, it is variable depending on the nature of the constantly changing politics.

Concepts of geopolitics, geography,

Historical process and ties,

Ties of civilization and faith,

Human (demographic structure),

Kinship and cultural affinity,

Current politics and

Political power are all nested together.

Today, the central powers in the world are the UK and the USA, Russia, the EU (Germany, France are also actors separately) and China.

Turkey is at the very center of all these powers. Therefore, Turkey's geopolitical position is very important. Turkey is bordered by European culture from the west, Russian culture from the north, Asian and Persian culture from the east, and African and Arab culture from the south. Therefore, Turkey is also at the crossroads of cultures around the world.

Unlike the definition above, also remember the Islamic-based Geography of Civilization. Turkey is in the lands that have been the locomotive of this civilization for 1000 years, it is above all the inheritance of the Ottoman Empire. Disclaimer of inheritance does not change this fact.

The history of mankind has been spent in the struggle for domination of great powers. Within this context, strategists have developed theories on the domination issue. One of them is Prof. Ramazan Özey's Anatolian Castle, Central Turkish Dominion Theory.

The Anatolian peninsula, located at the junction of the ancient landmasses of Asia, Africa and Europe, constitutes the world castle and the heart of the world at the same time. The Balkans surrounding Anatolia, the Caucasus, Iran, Arabia and northeast Africa, in short, the Balkans and the Middle East form the inner circle surrounding the world castle.

A nation that holds the castle of the world, namely Anatolia, dominates the inner circle (Balkans, Caucasus and Middle East). A nation that dominates the inner circle, dominates the outer circle, that is, the whole world.

Undoubtedly, like any theory, the accuracy of this theory depends on its provability. The Central Turkish Domination Theory has been proven three times throughout history. The Roman, Eastern Roman, and Ottoman empires respectively owned these lands and became the longest-lived superpowers of their era.

Their countries around the world can be grouped into four;

Hegemon States,

Great States,

Medium States and

Small States.

Turkey is a Medium State. But it is not like other Medium States. Turkey is a strategic Medium State.

Its proximity to oil resources, its underground resources, the importance of the Turkish Straits, its location between the Middle East, the Caucasus and the Balkans, and the fact that this region is important for hegemonic powers also reveal Turkey as a strategic medium-sized state.

Turkey should plan its alliances well in order to increase its effectiveness. This is the most important lesson to be learned from the Crisis between Ukraine-Russia. The slogan that was uttered in the squares before September 12, 1980, which was multi- or unipolar, is very important.



This slogan may be a little more centered on the geography of civilization.

The current greatest power in Turkey's hands is the ORGANIZATION OF TURKIC STATES. A few structures that should be in this organization should be established immediately. Turkey should immediately initiate the following works in the Organization of Turkic States and as a state and nation.

1. The Military Alliance and Command Headquarters will be located in Uzbekistan at least at the corps level of the RAPID REACTION FORCE

2. Customs Union Agreement, mutual strategic partnerships and investments. (These investments make the friendship relationship permanent. Think carefully about Europe's energy dependence on Russia today.

3. Language Institute. Today, thanks to the Qur'an, there is a common Arabic. Because of Great Russia, there is a Moscow Russian that Slavic Peoples can understand. There is English based in London, which is based on Shakespeare's English. What about Turkish? A Common Turkish should be developed from Yakutia to Macedonia.

4. History Institute; The Turkish Common History should be written here, which reduces the shames of the past and quarrels between brothers, highlights the good examples made together, and emphasizes the common enemies. All textbooks should be updated all over.

Joint History Institutes All Turkic and Related Peoples in the World should work. Although it is known that the Kurds are Turanians, that is, a Turkic People, it is not allowed to say or not to be said on today.

5. The bodies and administration of the Organization of Turkic States should be restructured. Member states should be decision makers. In addition, Observer States status should be established. Meetings with these states should be scheduled, but Observer States should not be decision makers. However, they must be able to submit proposal. They can also be decision makers. However, they may not have veto or annotation powers.

Mongolia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Libya, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Qatar should be invited as member states immediately. There is ancestry and kinship ties with these countries and their peoples.

Especially Iran and Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, India, China, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Chad, Germany, USA, France should be invited as an observer. Because very high rates of Turks and related communities live in these countries.

Russia and Iran are very important.

Communism is over, but there are now more Turks in Russia than the Turks who gained independence. The largest lands of the Turks and our fatherlands are in Russia. The lands of the Golden Horde, the Western Huns, Altai, Sibir, Tatar, and Crimean Khanate lands are in Russia. In Russia, there is even a proverb that says, “Whenever you research the past of the Russian, you will find a TATAR (TURK)”.

What about Iran? The Turks ruled Iran from the 900s until the British destroyed the Turkish State and brought in the Persian Shah in 1925. Today, for Turkey, Iranian Turks mean Gate to Turkestan. Iran means Khorasan, Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashhad. It is even Gate to Ulugh Turkestan. Cultural and historical projects towards Iran should be carried out regardless of the pro-Persian regime in Iran. Think about it, our ancestor Haji Bektash Veli was born in Iran. The places where he was born should be livened up. The Caucasian Islamic Army moved for Tabriz as well as Baku.

England is the country that has made the greatest hostility towards us and the Islamic World in history. Currently, England and its gendarmerie the USA continue their activities in our region. Be sure to search for England under every radical terrorist organization...

6. Turkey should never see FETO, perverted extensions of Salafism and interesting sect/community structures as a religious group. It should activate its official institutions such as the Religious Affairs Administration. Similar common structures to the Organization of Turkic States should be established. Also, in the 21st century, centers of sedition, etc. cannot be established. It should not be. As our President stated; “WE ARE NEITHER SUNNI NOR SHIITE... WE ARE MUSLIMS.”

Turkey should take steps to end the Yemeni Civil War in Yemen, fueled by Iran and Saudi Arabia, but with Britain behind both sides. On the one hand, while activating diplomacy, on the other hand, external NGOs should be formed and these structures should be actively used in every sense. On the one hand, activities should be carried out by institutes, think tanks, aid organizations, and on the other hand, action and idea groups to be formed in other countries. All these works should be carried out with the coordination of the CIVILIZATIONAL VALUES CENTER to be established.  

While determining its targets, Turkey should act with its coreligionists and kinship and synchronize its goals and objectives.

Britain, the USA, Germany, France, Russia and Iran are fighting us through terrorism on our own lands. For a solution, Turkey should activate itself in the region. According to the principle of “The attack is the best form of defense”, unconventional warfare elements should be formed in the countries I have mentioned. Are not some NGOs, associations, congregations/sects such as PKK, FETO, Hizb-ut Tahrir, Dev-sol, Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist etc. structures established by foreign powers in our country?

Today, it is thought-provoking that all opposition units act together against the government. It is very meaningful. It is easy to understand. What has been done through the media should be explained to our people. The narrators should be chosen from honest men who are free of sluggishness.

Apart from the Organization of Turkic States, Turkey should establish the OTTOMAN COMMONWEALTH of NATIONS as soon as just like the British did.

6. Kurds should be considered as the main element and cognate in all Turkic States. Imperialism and its collaborators, who claimed that they were a separate nation in the past, are spreading the thesis that they are Persian today. This could pose serious threats to the Turkic World like the Persian.

7. Our country and the Turkish World must be freed immediately from the captivity of the ‘Official Ideology’. Instead, a new approach and ideal should be established in which national interests and the National Sacred Law would be put. The key stones should be HOME-NATION-RELIGION-STATE. Any segment that conflicts and compares these values with each other should be carefully monitored. These values are like communicating vessels. They fill each other.

Also, we are not racist.

Our Principles of Faith, science and human values reject racism. It should be known that TURKS ARE SOCIAL NATION. We assimilate ourselves as we mingle with different nationalities of the same religion, who grow up by saying “No one who asks for mercy shall be attacked”. Can the Turkish Nation, which pays maximum attention to the Brotherhood of Religion, be racist?

Let us know that if a Muslim, especially our country, has a negative attitude towards the word Turk, he does not know history, he is either ignorant, stupid or treacherous. Know that if a Turk, Muslim or not, has a negative attitude against Islam and the Value System, he is either ignorant, stupid or treacherous.

Now it is time to spoil the game. Time to shake ourselves. Everything we make concessions comes across as betrayal, separatism, religious and social abuse, Generation Z, etc.

Why ‘Turk’?

Even in the period of the USSR, that is, communism, all social activities in Russia, especially language and history, were indexed to the Russian Nation. This is a necessity of being a state. Does not great states such as England, France ensure their National Unity in this way?

Was not Arabic the official language of our Prophet (PBUH) and later Islamic States?

I seriously criticize our ancestors on two different points.

First, they did not take any other Muslim or non-Muslim people, except Turks and devshirmeh, into military service. There was a request for military service at different times from the tribes in the east, but it could not be done in the face of rebellions. Now, evaluate the Dersim Reabellion, the Sheikh Said Rebellion and other tribal rebellions from this aspect.

Military service was left to the Turks, whom they called 'Turks who do not understand'. Calling the Arab People the Superior Tribe, the Armenians the Loyal Tribe... If they had called the Turk as the Original Tribe, then I would have understood the other compliments.

The other problem is the official language. Yes, “Mother tongue is halal like mother's milk” and should be kept alive. However, do not you think it is a weakness for the state to stay in a land for 600 years and not be able to teach its language?

8. In Turkey, the CIVILIZATIONAL VALUES CENTER that will direct the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE/OPERATION directly affiliated to the Presidency more effectively than the MIT and TAF and will raise people in this field; A CIVILIZATIONAL VALUES INSTITUTE should be established, which will train the members of public and even some private organizations/companies who will go abroad and where academic studies will be conducted.

Psychological warfare activity is neither the work of the head of communications, nor our Glorious Army. This is the total work of the state and it is a huge responsibility that must be carried out at the Presidential level.

In the new era, a determined leadership should be displayed. SUN-TZU, who lived 2500 years ago, says about leadership;

There are five dangerous mistakes that affect a general (you might think of him as head of state).

IMPRUDENCE: It leads to destruction.

COWARDICE: It leads to captivity.

FEASTINESS AND ANGER: It can be provoked by insults.

DELICATE DEGREE OF HONOR: Being prone to shame.

EXTREME ATTENTION TO STAFF: Encountering worry and difficulties. What can be said about these valuable findings that were said 2500 years ago!

As for the diseases that spread within our countries…

Said Nursi says; “In this time and place, I took lessons in the social life of the human madrasa and I learned that: With foreigners and Europeans achieving success in development; It is six diseases that blind us, leave us helpless and captive on the material side. Those diseases are:

First: The resurrection of hopelessness within us.

Second: The death of righteousness in political life.

Third: Hostile discourse.

Fourth: Forgetting the ties between Muslims.

Fifth: The pressure that comes out like a contagious disease.

Sixth: To pursue one's own interests.

Turkey should start by deciding which countries are the heirs of Turkey. Why is not Ayyubids of Saladin, Safavids of Shah Ismail I, Mamluks of Baibars in the Presidential Force?

Look at the point we have reached as a result of the Solution Process.

We are losing the Kurdish Turks. Almost 90% of young Kurds are HDP supporters.

At the point where the events come, our soldiers and police stand shoulder to shoulder.

Finally, on the occasion of our martyrs, our people are trying to return to their essence. However, our people must be saved from the oppression and corruption of the media and the so-called intellectuals. The deterioration that turns from a woman of faith to a woman with a veil smoking a hookah should be called “STOP!”.

Restructuring is essential.

While we are buried in Sur and Cizre (Districts in Turkey), our ancient lands Syria and Iraq are being restructured right next to us. Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, whom we have gathered under the same roof for centuries, are unfortunately being brought ‘them to us’. National Intelligence Organization, etc., working towards the region, do not make the necessary effort to provide correct information and guidance. If they did, groups supporting us would form there, and these groups would already be under one roof.

Turkey should make its program in a way that includes Foreign Turks and Kurds.

Mongolia, Hungary, Ukraine, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan should definitely be included in the Foreign Turks. The term Mongolian was introduced later, just like Azeri, Uzbek, Tatar etc.

Even rewriting our history is a necessity. When you name it “National History”, the date does not become national. In addition, the following should not be forgotten while educating the society. There is no objective social knowledge. There is no objective history. These are always subjective. Look at the maps of the states. Each state manifests itself in the center of the world.

If we cannot define the strategy correctly and define its framework broadly, if we do not make alternative defense and offensive plans, our job will be difficult. Even in our military field manuals, this is written; “Compliance with international law!” I am sorry, but ‘who’ cares about the law? You have to make it up bro. Later; International political support! You would not seek for support. You will create your own bloc like the West did.

Or what support are we talking about? We were friends with our so-called strategic partner the USA, our friends England and Germany, France our ally, Iran our Islamic brother, Russia… Then why do these countries continue to deceive us? Why are they trying to strangle us at the first opportunity?

How well our ancestors said; “Get ready to fight if you want peace.” (All states find the success of happiness/liberation in this exemplary word; If you want peace, get ready for war.)

The values of the past that have brought us to these days should not be feared. Islam is the big umbrella. With all due respect, Turkishness is the leading slogan and banner under this umbrella. Anyone who tries to bring the concepts of Islam and Turkishness against each other is more or less a part of betrayal. No matter who…



Our nation first entered our homeland with the Great Seljuks. There are villages, mosques and shipyards of Muslim Turkish tribes in the Aegean region, in the Mediterranean, dating back 200 years before the Ottoman Empire. I will not discuss this. Traces of Ancient Turkish Civilizations in Anatolia, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Mesopotamia until 7000 B.C.

You know, there are those who say to the Turkish Nation “You came to Anatolia later, you are a guest”. I can partially understand non-Muslim Armenians and Greeks who say this, but I can never understand a Muslim with this mentality.

The Turkish Nation is the common name of those who made the geography a homeland for the Islamic World.

Turkish Army is the common name of Islamic Armies. If you say we fought the British in Canakkale, Siege of Kut, you have to call it the Turkish Army. Which Muslim people were in Diyarbakir, Erzurum and Urfa until the Muslim Turkish armies, the Seljuks and their extensions conquered these lands permanently? Turk, Kurd, Arab etc. whatever...

“THE ATTACK IS THE BEST FORM OF DEFENSE.” For the Time of the Attack, the Strategic Balance must first be achieved.

          Well, has Turkey achieved the Strategic Balance?

Turkey achieved the Strategic Balance in general as of 2007. Our President started to take a clear stance, especially against the IMF, and to establish domestic policies. The global powers, especially England and the USA, saw this and they put all their elements in Turkey into action, especially FETO.

Remember the Gezi Park protests. The conservative community in our country thought that FETO and the UAE princes were on the side of the government, right? However, the FETOist police were outraged, the FETOist Turkish Left group was at the leading role. CHP, PKK, Atatürkist Thought Association, DHKPC, Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist, etc., of which origins are starting to emerge more clearly now, were waiting for chaos. Princes from the UAE were handing out cash in the well-known hotel with bags... Unfortunately, the government members saw the disgrace in the picture much later. Think about it, did not most of them say words like “I wish I hadn't done it, damn it” after July 15?

Turkey achieved the Strategic Balance in 2007 with the help of a devoted and brave son. With help of Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. However, he has a problem. Our social circle, who pray every day, does not have the necessary trust both in themselves and in the Kurdish, Circassian, Alevi, Sunni, Arab, Albanian and valiant Turkish Nation who stood in front of the bullet and the tank on July 15. There are many reasons for this. However, the biggest reason is the official inputs to our education, namely the education system of the Ministry of National Education, NGOs, congregations, sects, etc. ... Unfortunately, these inputs can cause weakness.

Our Nation is Combatant and Mujahideen. It is heroic and self-sacrificing. The best observer of this is the Ottoman Citizens and the citizens of other countries that we leave outside our borders today. Namely, Mohammed of Egypt, Zaynab of Morocco, Hassan of Jordan, Ahmed of Palestine, Muhsin of Libya, Nidal of Riyadh…

Some of our so-called intellectuals and educated people still pursue shallow goals.

See also that our history has halal and legitimate impositions.

If we do not learn from what we have lived on this land for 1400 years, if we break with principles and orders through the traps of legal, social, etc. sensitivities; get ready for traps that will be set from all over the spectrum, from ISIS to FETO. We will not allow them.

If we do not prevent the games and the deceptions that will occur, if we keep silent saying “Let's not cause strife”, we will have to wait for all kinds of filth such as FETO, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Sisi.

The game starts now.

A Turkey that has reached a Strategic Balance, a Turkey that has started domestic production and can establish different relations by staying within NATO is in the field.

On behalf of the Political Union, the unity of the AK PARTY and MHP is very valuable. We would like to see everyone who is sensitive to the Qibla and has local and national values. In the same way, all those who show Islamic sensitivity and cannot take a clear stand in the National Unity and Solidarity of our country should be closely followed by the National Intelligence Organization and the Police and immediately brought to the judicial authorities with all their faults and weaknesses.

We remember those who said on July 15, “This is a scam by Tayyip, you will not even look out the window, let alone going out,” and prevented their members from even looking outside during the vicious night and after. I hope Allah will not give the traitor a chance. May Allah also grant wisdom and foresight to fool ones.

Turkey established the domestic war industry. But it is at the bottom of the ladder Homicide against ASELSAN is still a secret. It should be solved.

From the Kazakh steppes to the Anatolian moors, from the Balkan Plains to the Mountains of Yemen, from the shores of the Caucasus to the Ocean coasts of Morocco, there was the sound of a horse's horseshoe galloping in the rhythm of our folk songs. The rhythm of our folk songs must turn into the noise of our tanks and fighter jets. In the games of our childhood there were wooden swords, and cornstalk arrows with nails attached to their edges. Our children's toys should be computers and high-tech products.

INTELLIGENCE-SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY-PRODUCTION is as essential as INTELLIGENCE-FAITH-SCIENCE for our great cause to 'spread the name of Allah'.

Unfortunately, the time of the offensive was delayed by 10 years. If precautions had been taken carefully in this ten years, we would have staged a coup against FETO, and I am sure that policies in Syria would not have been developed like this. The Russian aircraft would not have been shot down. There would have been no economic losses due to both the Syrian immigrants and the aircraft crisis.

We could have resolved the tension between Ukraine and Russia, we could have prevented conflicts like in sectarian Yemen in Islamic countries.

A fault confessed is half redressed.

Now is the time to stand firmly by our state.

Now is the time to work hard for our future by hiding the flaws of the past without looking for mistakes and deficiencies...

Now is the time to work hard, in order to 'spread the name of Allah', to do INTELLIGENCE-SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY-PRODUCTION with INTELLIGENCE-FAITH-SCIENCE.

          Now is the time to be ready for the delayed Day of Badr...

          Day of Badr is tough and remember that; TOUGH ROADS CANNOT BE COVERED WITH THE TENDERHEARTED ONES.

I end the article with the poem of one of our patriotic poets (poem is in Turkish).

May Allah help us.


“Uyan Ey Türkoğlu

Er meydanlarından çekilir oldun

Çorak iklimlere ekilir oldun

Eğilmek bilmezdin bükülür oldun...

Sürer mi bu gaflet; daha kaç sene?

Uyan ey Türk uyan! Uyumak nene?


Boşaldın boşaldın.. Dolabilmedin,

Gidişin o gidiş.. Gelebilmedin...

Döktüğün kanları alabilmedin...

Şah damarlarına yapışan kene

Sömürür mü seni; daha kaç sene?

Bakın şu Oğuz'un torunlarına;

Kara taş bağlamış karınlarına!

Umutsuz gözlerle yarınlarına

Bakarlar mı dersin; daha kaç sene?

Uyan ey! ... Kendine dönmeyi dene!


Eski sandıklarda harsın, tören ey!

Hain, çaşıt dolu; yanın, yören ey!

Bağlı tutsak sanır seni gören ey!

Bu böyle sürer mi; daha kaç sene?

Uyan ey! ... Kendine dönmeyi dene.


Bak ne der Oğuz Han, Alparslan, Tuğrul:

Ey Bozkurtlar soyu! Yerinden doğrul!

Silkin! ... Öz mâyanla yeniden yoğrul!

İnsanlığı nûra kavuştur yine

Uyan ey! ... Kendine dönmeyi dene.


Acunda ne varsa kurudan, yaştan

Al Dede Korkut'tan, Hacı Bektaş'tan

Malazgirt ufkuna doğ yeni baştan...

Dilerim Allah'dan bu devran döne,

Uyan ey Türk! ... Uyan! Uyumak nene?


Seni aldatmasın 'Batı' denilen,

Onun mayasıdır 'katı' denilen,

Onun iç yüzüdür 'kötü' denilen...

Odur özsuyunu sömüren kene!

Sen uyan; onu da düşün!


Kaç parçaya bölmüşler seni?

Sonsuz bir sahraya salmışlar seni...

Kanadını kırıp yolmuşlar seni..

Kalk, doğrul yerinden! Yürü, geç öne!

Uyan ey! ... Kendine dönmeyi dene.


Yıkıldın, yakıldın: 'devrim' dediler,

Soysuzlaştırıldın 'evrim' dediler,

Bozkurta it, ite 'yavrum' dediler..

Kalk, doğrul yerinden! Yürü, geç öne!

Uyan ey! ... Kendine dönmeyi dene.


Türk Bilge Kağan der 'İşitin beni!

Benim çağlar aşan, benim en yeni.

Ey Türk! Bir gün gaflet basarsa seni

Gönül ver, kulak tut bendeki üne,

Uyan Ey! Kendine dönmeyi dene! '


'Üstten gök basmayıp yer çökmeyince

Hainler türeyip bel bükmeyince

Seni gafil bulup kan dökmeyince

Türk'ün bir düşmanı çıksa da bine

İlini, töreni bozamaz yine!'


Köklerinden koptu okumuşların,

Batıyı put yaptı okumuşların,

Yaptığına taptı okumuşların...

Ey Türk! Kendine dön! Yâd, yaban nene

Kalk, doğrul yerinden, yürü geç öne!


Dinle! Dövülmekte... Çağrı kösleri,

Dinle! Yakındadır... Ayak sesleri,

Bozkurtların sıcak, hür nefesleri

Ufkunu doğudan sarsın da yine

Kalk! Doğrul yerinden! Yürü, geç öne!


Sen, Oğuz Ata'nın has milleti, sen!

Sen, son Peygamberin has ümmeti, sen!

O seni boğmadan, boğ zilleti sen! ...

Uyan! Ey Türkoğlu! Uyumak nene?

Kalk, doğrul yerinden! Yürü, geç öne!


Medet ummaya gör kızıl surattan,

Seni mahrum koyar aşktan, muraddan,

Çağla Sakarya'dan, kükre Fırat'tan..

Kara, kızıl, sarı.. Sür, topla yine;

Bunlardır özünü sömüren kene!


Destanlar yazılır, şanına lâyık,

Yine de erişmez ününe lâyık,

Olursan soyuna, dinine lâyık...

Geçer bu gafletin; sürmez çok sene,

Uyan ey Türkoğlu! Uyumak nene?


Niyazi Yıldırım Gençosmanoğlu”


Strategy & Management Specialist

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Halil MERT

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