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I did not see, I did not hear, I do not know; a New Constitution!?

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Nowadays, the media keeps making news about drafting a constitution with the names of the IP (Iyi Party), CHP (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi/Republican People's Party), SP (Saadet Partisi) and HDP (Halkların Demokratik Partisi/Peoples' Democratic Party). Even the Azerbaijan-Armenia victory was overshadowed. This was the first time we heard about this effort from the mouth of Ümit Özdağ from IP. There is no doubt about the constitutional work that led to the expulsion of Ümit Özdağ, one of the founders of IP, with the voice and video recording of another former vice-president, Adem Taşkaya.

However, even though their biggest slogans made matters that did not work for them, these opposition parties, which said like three monkeys I did not see, I did not hear, I do not know, kept repeating the same refrain once more.

We will not take part in this futile discussion. But; As a requirement of our proverb "Don't make a martyr sigh, you will pay for it by and by", I will not be able to stop without sharing a point with our dear readers.

As you know, ASSAM Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center put forward the infrastructure of a common Confederation model among the Islamic countries as a result of an international congress in 2017 and with this model that Islamic countries can establish under the umbrella of a union similar to the EU (European Union), the Western imperialist order's Islamic Geography ASSAM tried to explain that the games they played on them, the blood and tears they shed could be prevented.

In this congress held in 2017, the Confederation Constitution Draft, which sets the principles of the functioning of the confederation model, was prepared and shared with the world public with the signature of dozens of academicians and NGOs to the joint declaration.

However, they used to say, someone pushed the button and the operation started. It is exactly what happened. The 3rd International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress held by ASSAM in December 2019, in which the joint production possibilities of the defense industry among the Islamic Countries were examined, made a great impact in the world public opinion. First of all, foreign media and think tanks handled this congress and made black propaganda material in order to slander the name of ASSAM. Unfortunately, in the Turkish media, some people who refer to this black propaganda believe in these defamations against ASSAM.

Although it was not included in the "ASRICA (ASIA-AFRICA) Confederation Joint Defense Industry Production" congress held by ASSAM, they made black propaganda material by showing the ASRICA Confederation System Constitution Draft Study, which we tried to mention above and was published in 2017, as if it was an activity carried out in the congress held in 2019. Also, they initiated their attacks simultaneously with wrong accusations in different media platforms.

When we mention the names of those who carried out these attacks, you will understand what their real intentions are. Today the Republic of Turkey cannot be offered to change the state of matter called the draft constitution or even changed the support given to the PKK terrorist organization which demonstrates their intention to be carried out with a political party. When you consider ASSAM's contributions to our country and our geography, you can understand that what is wanted to be done is to prevent our country.

Let us remember those days as follows, CHP Deputy Aytuğ Atıcı was speaking passionately about this by traveling around television channels, a draft text prepared by ASSAM. Moreover, going a little further, they are carrying black propaganda to the level of slander. Likewise, Berhan Şimşek, another CHP member, did not fall short of this propaganda. Of course, there had to be a legal sponsor of this propaganda. He also entered the process without delay. The famous Criminal Lawyer Ersan Şen was examining the issue from a legal perspective this time and was continuing his effort to reinforce the issue in the public opinion with his aiming below the belt.

For a while others watched the process…

But this time, the IP, CHP, SP and HDP have really prepared a real constitution, which they propose replacing the irrevocable articles of our constitution. The media was shaken. IP expelled Ümit Özdağ. Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu said, "There is no such thing." Saadet Party General President Temel Karamollaoğlu denied the constitution claims. Then the others too…

But there was not a single word from the CHP politicians who make it look like to do what ASSAM did not do, and the Criminal Lawyer Ersan Şen who talked about the rule of law of justice. Their voices were silenced. They also did not see, hear or know.

But do not worry, this nation sees, hears and knows everything. As you act like this, the nation turns a blind eye to you. That's why you are bound to play and talk to yourself only on TVs.

Apparently, this vicious circle will not change, the nation will stay with what it sees, and they will keep living far from right to govern.

History is all about repeating, as if the word will repeat itself again...

Fortunately, if this nation is subjected to the draft constitution, this time neither the homeland nor the nation will remain…

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