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How Should the Caliphate Institution Be Shaped?

Written by Vehbi KARA
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Today, the Vatican tries to lead Catholic Christians and the State of Israel tries to lead all Jews. Although the Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul tries to help some Orthodox, it has lost its former power over Christians due to the efforts of some churches to become independent.

However, these institutions of Christians have a role that cannot be underestimated for acting together and being in solidarity. On the other hand, in Islamic countries where Muslims are the majority, there is a complete disorder and chaos.

Since they are neighbors with each other, Islamic states, which will make a great profit if they are in solidarity, can make big mistakes that can even go to war because of minor problems due to the lack of an office like the Caliphate. The presence of the Papacy, the Patriarchate, the Rabbinate and various religious institutions do not disturb anyone but when the Muslims demand Caliphate disturbs many people. Here we will try to resolve their concerns.

I would like to express some of my thoughts on how the caliphate should be. To clarify this, I have to admit that I have benefited from various works of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. Let's try to express them one by one:

  1. The need for unity among Muslims has never gained such importance in any period. Because Western countries cause serious problems with a wide range of incitements on Muslims in order to develop the wheels of exploitation. It is the duty of a true Muslim to end these conflicts, which often turn into wars.
  2. We have seen that even very serious problems are solved suddenly when the situation is not bearable anymore and the needs increase. It has become very important to establish a Caliphate that will show unity and solidarity against Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus who oppress and humiliate Muslims around the world.
  3. We must establish it in a place like Istanbul that has been the center of the Caliphate for 500 years. This blessed Islamic land has the features to be the capital of the Muslims’ World.
  4. Some countries have become servants of Western states such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. These states make Muslims miserable by inciting conflicts with the decisions they take. Unfortunately, nobody is unable to speak to these countries that stuck their daggers in the flanks of Islam. That is why it is necessary to revive the Caliphate in a center like Istanbul.
  5. For the caliphate, instead of an incompetent member of the sultanate, there is a need for a council. Today, international relations are very developed and divided into various branches. A person cannot bring solutions to such serious issues even if he wants to. If the Caliph is one person, it is not possible for him to resist external influences. As a matter of fact, some of the sultans who were also Caliphs during the Ottoman Empire; They have been under the influence of Western countries and have caused many religious decrees to be trampled.
  6. Time has shown that the shaykh al-İslam, which represents the Caliph, is not only for Istanbul and the Ottomans. Everyone should be an inclusive institution in Islam. Perhaps Istanbul will not be enough to show the right way to the Islamic world. So, this Council should be put in such a state that the Islamic world can rely on it. There is a need for people whose voice will be accepted by Muslim communities. We are not in the past. In the past, the judge could have been a single person and could be sufficient for many different management duties. The mufti of the judge could have been a single person like him. He could correct and cancel the ruler's provisions which were against Islamic rules. Now it is the era of congregations. The judge has become a solid spiritual figure. Only a spiritual figure, together with the Council and the common sense that emerged from this can represent the Caliphate.
  7. The caliphate should also be a supreme science council. Because in order to make all Muslims to hear and obey their word, their aspects of religion must be strong. Otherwise, he cannot guide you to the right path. An uninspiring Parliament would be desperate to avoid the dangers. We can even say that the weakness of today's religion stems from the indifference shown towards the symbols of Islam. In order for the decisions to be taken with understanding by the Council to be strong, it should be based on here. Because a man outside can preserve his view against a person based on being one. But the word of a Caliphate based on such a Council will either give up his understanding of the greatest genius or leave that understanding just to himself.
  8. For this purpose, an institution similar to the Islamic World (Darü'l Hikmeti'l İslamiye), which was established in the Ottoman Empire, but could not show much activity due to the occupation forces in Istanbul, should be implemented. Thus, there is a need for a Council made up of experts from various institutions of Islamic states.
  9. The members of this council should consist of various assemblies, such as the European Union Commissions, as well as people elected to serve for a specified period of time.
  10. Before the caliphate is revived, a meeting should be organized with the highest possible participation of the relevant State Ministers, Presidency of Religious Affairs, Professors of Theology Faculties, NGO representatives. As directed by the decisions to be taken at the conference, a constituent assembly should be convened in one of the most popular venues of Istanbul, for example Dolmabahçe Palace, and a larger conference should be hosted to which representatives of various Muslim countries are invited. In the third stage, a Council with members who will serve for a certain period of time must be gathered. The Caliphate Authority, in which Muslim societies are represented at the maximum level, should be revived by giving this Council a beautiful name and title worthy of the caliphate.

It is necessary to follow such very important steps meticulously. Otherwise, when the necessary seriousness is not given, we will be in a difficult situation as Muslims in front of the whole world.

There is no need to be afraid and frightened about the Caliphate. We should not jeopardize religion because of fear. We have become a toy and jester of the Westerners for almost 100 years because we were afraid. If we show weaknesses on our religion and symbols, we encourage the enemies of Islam to attack us. Approaching the hungry beast with love stimulates his appetite. As if it was not enough, they also ask for a gift. The world is waiting for such important actions from the Turks, the hero of Islam and our ancestors.

Of course, the assumption is not harmful, although the issue is not actual. That’s it...

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