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Henri Barkey and the US Warship USS Nitze

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The anchoring of the American Warship USS Nitze in Istanbul and later in the Izmit Bay of Kocaeli has some deep meanings. This incident needs to be analyzed together with an article by the anti-Turkish American Henri Barkey, published by the US Council on Foreign Relations, in which Washington sets out the options for “military intervention” in the upcoming Turkish elections Foreign AffairsHenri Barkey, who was mentioned in the July 15 coup attempt and the Gezi Park uprising, listed Turkey's policies that disturbed the West in the article, and also suggested candidates to the 6-table table.[1] In addition, he used arrogant expressions in his article stating that the President of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, should be threatened. 

In his article, Barkey goes beyond the limits and lists Türkiye's policies that “create discomfort in the West” as follows:

  • “He maintained cordial relations with Russia.”
  • “He threatened to block Sweden and Finland's NATO membership.”
  • “He raised a land invasion against Syrian Kurdish which are allies of the USA.”
  • “He continued the miscommunication in relations with the European Union.”
  • “He made new threats against Greece.”
  • “With the mediation of Russia, he started to get closer with the Damascus regime.”

It is noteworthy that Barkey refers to the YPG/PKK terrorist organization as allies of Kurdish origin.

In the last week, when the US warned of a "possible terrorist attack" for Türkiye and many consulates in Istanbul were closed consecutively, the US warship USS Nitze arrived in Istanbul 2 days ago and anchored off Dolmabahçe. Later on, it passed to Kocaeli and anchored near Gölcük district in the Gulf of Izmit. It has been reported that the ship will be anchored in the Gulf for a while.

The use of a larger cruise flag than the Turkish flag on the US warship USS Nitze, contrary to conventions, and the fact that it displays an patronizing view towards Türkiye indicate a colonialist style.  The USA warned of “possible terrorist attack” for Türkiye on January 27, 2023, and some European countries closed their consulates on grounds of insecurity. Then we have to ask the US Ambassador, who showed up on the ship and showed off: “If Türkiye is dangerous enough to be warned of a terrorist attack, why is this warship here?” HAARP technology, which is claimed to have been used in the artificial creation of the Gölcük earthquake in 1999, comes to mind.  Who can guarantee that the facilities established in ALASKA were not used as a base station in the projection of strong electromagnetic waves to any part of the world, in the 7.4 earthquake that destroyed 10 cities in Kahramanmaraş, and will not be used in the future?

So what will the ship do in the bay during this time? A joint naval exercise with the Turks is also not planned. Don't you think there's something wrong with this?

Indications that the Ship is Sending Threatening Messages to Türkiye and Its Danger to Our Country

  • The fact that this ship also took part in the Yemeni civil war that started in 2014,
  • Outside of maritime customs, the hoisting of a U.S. flag larger than the Turkish flag,
  • US Ambassador to Ankara Jeffry L. Flake and US Istanbul Consul General Julie A. Eadeh making a show of strength on board.
  • The fact that Flake took a photo with the US flag and the Turkish flag behind him has deep meanings..

Now, let's talk about the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), of which Henri Barkey is the director. Who is this global imperial gang that is trying to play with the fate of Türkiye and the world?

The Committee on Foreign Relations (CFR) is one of the most important organs of the Secret World State and one of the oldest organizations shaped according to the Round Table theory. Therefore, it is necessary to dwell on the CFR in detail.

CFR was founded on July 21, 1921 in New York. Walter Lippmann, of Jewish origin, played an important role in its establishment. However, the first decision on the establishment of this formation was taken at the Versailles Peace Conference convened after the World War I.

The CFR also played a very important role in World War II. The famous magazine called Foreign Affairs is the publication organ of this organization. Through this magazine, it tries to make a political orientation on the world public opinion. On the face of it, it is argued, the work of the CFR is not so secret. In reality, like other Secret World State organs, it operates in a highly secretive manner. However, it reflects its activities for the purpose of directing to the outside and tries to give the impression that it works "openly" with this projection.

It is thought that CFR has around 3500 members who are in the most active positions in the fields of finance, communication, academia, intelligence and technology. It is very powerful especially on intelligence organizations in America. The FBI, CIA, DIA, DEA and other intelligence chiefs are also members of this organization and cannot stray from the principles of the CFR.

David Rockefeller, a member of the Rockefeller family, who has an important activity in the Secret World State, is accepted as the honorary president of the CFR.

Former US presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, Antony Lake, former vice president and son Bush's opponent in the last presidential election, Al Gore, George Bush (both father and son), vice president of Bush son Dick Cheney, former secretary Warren Christopher, Secretary of Defense Colin Powell, Les Aspin, former CIA director James Woolsey, former CIA director Robert Gates, former US air force secretary Donald Rice, former US ambassador to Pakistan Robert Oakley; Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and head of the Jewish lobby in this country; former Secretary of Defense James Baker; Donald Ramsfeld and Casper Weinberger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser under Jimmy Carter, general Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser under George Bush; former secretary of the treasury Lloyd Bentsen, former secretary of state George Shultz, former secretary of commerce Robert Mosbacher, Famous financier from the USA and known for making billions by speculating in the money markets, and who, through the Soros Foundation, tries to train managers who will serve the Secret World State for the future of the countries of the world, Jewish origin George Soros is one of the CFR member celebrities of the USA. These names represent only a small fraction of CFR member celebrities who have or have had a say in US politics. Many of the CFR members are also members of Bilderberg and/or SBS.

CFR also has members from Türkiye. In an article in Aydınlık newspaper, it was claimed that Rahmi Koç was the Türkiye representative of CFR and that the organization held a meeting hosted by Rahmi Koç in Koç Holding building in February 2001.

In his last article, Henri Barkey stated that he did not want the relations between Türkiye and Russia to develop.

Barkey criticizes that Türkiye does not heed the warnings of the USA and continues on its own path. He states that they are uncomfortable with the development of Ankara-Moscow relations.

Barkey said that Türkiye “helped Moscow evade Western sanctions, ignoring America's warnings, and mitigate their damage to the Russian economy” stated that the interests of Türkiye and Russia are "intertwined" on many fronts and that these policies bring benefits to both countries.

Barkey also evaluates the possibility of straining Türkiye's relations with Europe, saying, ‘We must be prepared’. Barkey emphasizes that “Türkiye is too important a country to be allowed to move away from Western influence”.

Saying, “The USA and its European allies need to start preparing for the possibility of unexpected moves from Türkiye” Barkey arrogantly explains the 3 fronts that the USA threatens Türkiye with:

  • “A minor, albeit 'accidental' conflict with Greece in the Aegean and Mediterranean”,
  • “A conflict with the US in northern Syria”,
  • “Changing the status quo in the Turkish part of Cyprus.” Barkey also states that a step to be taken in Cyprus would be "more dramatic" than others.

Barkey says the President of Türkiye should be threatened and uses the following arrogant expressions: …It will have a hard time ignoring a clear message from the US outlining the consequences it will face if it chooses to set up a showdown.”

Barkey's article also reveals the US preferences for the opposition's joint candidate.

“…The opposition has already accepted most of the recent foreign policy statements regarding the Aegean and Mediterranean regions or the US, Syria and the Kurds. As the bombs dropped by the Turkish Air Force in Syria fell within a few hundred meters of US personnel, Erdogan reduced the opposition to timid players cheering from the sidelines.”


O Heroic Turkish Nation, Please Attention!

Get over this blunder. The danger is clearly saying “I'm coming”.

As seen above, the USA is threatening our President and Nation with an article written by the Foreign Relations Committee (CFR). We must see this danger now.

The anchorage of this US warship, the USS Nitze, in the Gulf of Izmit and the points that Henri BARKEY stated in his article; American Troops the size of a Reinforced Corps massing 40 km from our Thrace borders; The terrorist army, which they are trying to build in our southeast, and equipped with military weapons and equipment with over one hundred thousand trucks, shows that Türkiye is in great danger regarding its survival.

The Turkish Armed Forces should ensure that this ship is immediately removed from Kocaeli Bay and should eliminate the threats one by one before the siege takes place, against the danger of siege from 3 sides. It must be done before it's too late.

No matter what anyone does, our Almighty Allah has a plan, of course. What we have to do is to do our best within the scope of actual prayer in order to preserve our National Unity and Permanence, and then to wait for victory from Allah (SWT) by holding on to prayer.

Hero and Noble Turkish Nation, May our war be blessed.

May Allah have mercy on our citizens who lost their lives in this great earthquake. May Allah ease their pain, and get well soon to the dear Turkish nation. Allah forbid it.

06.02.2023 - ISTANBUL

Ali COŞAR - Strategist



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