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Who is Responsible for the Chaos in Libya?

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The head of the chaos in Libya is NATO; its body is ISRAEL, RUSSIA, FRANCE; its feet is UAE, EGYPT and SAUDI ARABIA. So, the solution must be provided without these countries. Joint action with NATO in Libya would not be right.

Recently, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg spoke on the phone with Libyan Prime Minister Serrac, stating that "the alliance is ready to contribute to the construction of Libya's defense and security institutions". It is very meaningful and important that the proposal coincided with these days when the legitimate government gained the upper hand over the coup plotters. What do you think?

However, NATO intervened in LIBYA by obtaining the approval of only 8 of the 28 members of the alliance, citing the UN Security Council's 1973 resolution dated 17 March 2011, when the conflicts started between GADDAFI and its opponents in LIBYA.

After all;

It imposed arms and mercenary embargo, a no-fly zone was declared, and the land and air force of GADDAFI was destroyed. It has paved the way for the increasing chaos in Libya. Then the coup plotter HAFTAR was put into action.

The main purpose of this initiative without merit was to overthrow the existing authority in Libya and to realize AMERICAN interests. For this, first NATO then HAFTAR was put into action.

Along with the unipolar world order, the USA uses NATO as an armed force that implements UN resolutions. This makes NATO questionable by other powers as it only serves American interests. It leads to internal fractures.

NATO is the head responsible for the chaos in Libya, RUSSIA, UAE, FRANCE, SAUDI ARABIA, EGYPT and others are the feet of it. Therefore, NATO’s presence in Libya is not for peace and internal security but for the AMERICAN interests.


Libya is as important to us as ANATOLIA. A Libya without NATO and HAFTAR must be built in order to continue cooperation in the Blue Homeland. Turkey has an active role in this process and should be more active.

In addition, there are nearly 1 million Libyan-Turks in LIBYA. They are committed to Turkey with heart and soul. Libyan-Turks constitute 80% of the Government of National Accord's armed forces. Others are made up of our Arab and Berber brothers.

As long as Turkey remains intact, it will be strong in raising justice and compassion in LIBYA and its fraternal geographies to become the Central country of the Islamic world, which shows Imperial reflexes, not a country that NATO describes with the concepts of "edge, green belt, bridge".

One more information, Libya did not open its own Military Academies until the 1960s, but raised its officers in Turkey. GADDAFI graduated from our Military Academy. This is a sign of devotion. Another sign is the star and crescent on their flag.

AS SUMMARY; Libya is our brother. We should not endanger our brother. May Allah make our nation and state, together with our Libyan brothers, victorious over the oppressors, Amen.

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