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Are you Mankurt? What are You Doing in Syria?

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We always talk about Turkey, which is confined to its borders with the deception of Peace at Home, Peace in the World. We talk about Turkey, which accepts its neighbors as enemies and forms defense lines within its borders. Even the funniest part is that plans to create natural barriers by flooding dams and rivers.

We have always fought the terrorist attacks in our own land that started in 1984. Civilians died in this struggle as well as our soldiers and security forces.

Terrorist elements trained and armed next to our borders have entered our country. They have raided. They have martyred our soldiers, teachers and civilians and went out freely.

The history called July 15th reminded us of a concept of meeting and eliminating the threats of Turkey, which suddenly got out of its shackles like a magic touch, at its source and across borders.

After that date, Turkey would no longer wait for terrorists to enter our border to eliminate terrorist attacks, and would search outside its borders and find them and neutralize them.

The USA was already doing this. Did not we learn any lesson from our military allies, it is another mystery. Had not the USA invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure its security from ten thousand kilometers away?

Those who say what we are doing in Syria are either fools or traitors. Do not you think that those who divided Iraq will turn their weapons into Turkey after dividing Syria?

In the Middle East, they are determined to swallow up one by one the states that are fragmented, divided and their armed forces weakened. Did not we understand this yet?

Those who put Israel like a dagger into the heart of Islamic Geography did not do the same for the Jewish people. Those who killed Jews, especially Germany and Russia, during the World War II did become Jewish lovers for an interest.

All of these must be well calculated. They will balance the countries of the region with Israel. It will make them see Israel as their enemy, but on the other hand, they will be the rulers of energy by exploiting the people of the region deeply.

They will come from across the ocean to extinguish the fire that is right next to us, but we will remain indifferent to the fire that we can easily put out by throwing water with a bucket, right?

If you still say "What are we doing in Syria" despite what we have tried to explain so far, then please read the following.

Turkey is there to detect and destroy terrorist threats at its source outside its borders. Did not a hundred civilians be martyred in the Ankara Train Station attack in the past?

Our soldier is there to ensure that our Syrian brothers who have been escaping from the persecution of the murderer Assad in order to live in a safe and peaceful environment in their homeland, not in our country.

We must prevent imperialism, which has come and exploited Syria to maintain so-called peace and wants to divide Syria, even though it has no historical and religious ties, from dividing our neighbors, and we must be there in order not to give them the opportunity to turn their weapons on us.

We are there to eliminate those who have designs on our southeastern lands by creating a terror corridor in the north of Syria in our south.

We are there so that the problems of our Muslim brothers, who are struggling with civil wars and conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria, can be solved by an international center not formed by western colonial states but by Islamic countries.

Imperialism, which in the recent past lynched Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, and hanged a President who came out of the people in Egypt through a coup, is waiting in ambush to do the same in Turkey, which has begun to be effective on the world political scene.

Therefore, by staying away from these discourses that will support imperialism, we must produce discourses that will contribute to our unity and solidarity for the success of our military and strategy.

Otherwise, you will have given this opportunity to those who are waiting for an opportunity to remove you from these lands where you have settled by defeating their ancestors in Malazgirt.

You would become Mankurt or live as a Turk. The choice is yours!


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