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What Does SISI's Threat Mean?

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Egypt's coup plotter General Sisi, one of the supporters of the coup leader Hafter, who was defeated against Libya by Turkey's military support for Libya, sent a message that Egypt, along with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and France, could arrange a military post outside the country's borders if necessary.


Aside from the fact that this threat is an arrogant threat, it is nothing more than a blank line. Think of it like this; How will the Egyptian army fight when it is insufficient for itself? An Egyptian army that has pointed weapons at innocent people as a puppet of the United States never has the ability to fight the Libyan army which is supported by Turkey.

The Egyptian Army has left military training nowadays and has become a market and oil broker. We are talking about an Egyptian Army that has been disguised as a merchant from a fighting army. As you can see, an army that is not self-sufficient has gotten into the syndrome of unnecessary courage by trusting the USA or its other supporters who were forced to retreat in Syria.

They are ignoring Turkey's message to the world with its jets and navy in the Mediterranean. Self-sufficient Turkey, while attracting the attention of the world's States, this courage is nothing more than a dreamy impossibility.

Considering that even France and Italy are starting to worry about Turkey's place and accurate steps in the region, it is difficult not to see SISI is playing with fire.

The United States has the say in Egypt's general, but if you ask the Egyptian people, they will definitely say Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan did not say in vain; "If Mr. President was a candidate in Pakistan, he would be elected alone."

This is a reflection of Turkey's national and spiritual power under the charismatic leadership of our President.

Imagine what Egypt, which has survived the pressure of the coup mentality, can do with a sign of our President.

A few days ago, the Turkish government made a landing in Libya. He gave a message by sending a delegation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Trade and Energy, and most importantly, the president of intelligence (NIO). However, the most important thing was that the Intelligence President was in the delegation. It was a declaration to the people of the region and the world that the Turkish state is reliable.

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs was sending a message to the world after he returned from Libya; He was saying to the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs; let me give you a job. ”With the order of our president, we will meet with the president of the United States and conduct activities together in Libya," he said and that is a lifeline for Trump.

See US President Trump; If he said sit down, Egypt would sit down, and if he said get up, Saudi Arabia would get up. Funny but if Trump told the Saudi king that he would not go to the bathroom for 3 days, he wouldn't go. Could such countries have the opportunity to influence US elections or domestic politics?

Think about Turkey. Would it contribute to Trump in the election, which will be a joint operation in Libya with the invitation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Of course, it would. As a country that affects American interests by taking Trump to our side, we also take the countries that are supporters of the United States to our side. Look at France and Italy are eager for cooperation with Turkey. German Chancellor Merkel tries to say” I'm also in."

Our invitation to Trump to cooperate in Libya ties Russia's hands. We do not want a force opposing NATO in Libya's backyard, with NATO already declaring that it is on Turkey's side; Russia is clearly sending the message "get your aircrafts out of there."

The impact of all this diplomatic attack was immediately seen in the world public opinion. Turkey, which has not been involved in the UN administration up to now, has assumed the presidency of the UN General Assembly. They also elected politician Volkan Bozkır with a high majority of 178 votes. Turkey's effective strategy in international politics was crowned with the policies of the covid-19 pandemic.

You can see that SISI has bumped into the hard rock. The threat of military intervention in Libya is nothing but blank line. In the region, including Egypt, there is no country with political and military power that can resist Turkey politically and militarily. However, Turkey is not a supporter of a strategic policy that who wants high tension in the region.

It will be better for SISI if he knows the limits, who points guns at his own people, rains bomb and sees innocent people as enemies.

As Turkey moves towards becoming a superpower, Turkey has no time to lose with SISI. Turkey will do whatever is necessary and give SISI what he deserves.

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