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Sedat Peker’s True Colors Have Been Shown!

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For the last month, the Turkish public has been talking about the statements of Sedat Peker, whose name is associated with the mafia and the leader of an organization. On this occasion, when I was invited to a TV program to talk about this issue, I watched the first five videos very quickly. And then the sixth and seventh videos…

Although his body language formed a perception that he was speaking correctly, his disclosure of some of the names he called friends and the allegations against him by Ahmet Kürkçü, who was once said to be associated with him, made clear in my mind that he was not a reliable person.

Because a true patriot, a true Turkish nationalist, and most importantly, a true Muslim avoids discourses that would discredit his homeland, nation and religion, which would be beneficial to the western colonialists, even if he was wronged.

The most interesting part of this issue is that Sedat Peker's discourses were brought to the fore by FETO social media accounts before anyone else.

The opposition parties immediately raised a clamor for these allegations to be investigated by the independent judiciary.

In one of his videos, Sedat Peker says; “If I'm saying anything against the President, know that they put a gun to my daughter's head.” By saying that, he was trying to explain that he would not willingly commit an act that would harm his country.

Of course, since our innocent people, who do not know "what is a lie", would not think that anyone else would lie, it is certain that Sedat Peker's claims, which are full of lies, will be met with probability.

However, the allegations he made about SADAT Inc. in the 8th video titled "Saplings Growing with Storms Cannot Be Destroyed by Winds", which is shared on social media this morning, revealed that he lived in a world of fantasy with full of lies and that he was definitely used by CIA and FETO, and that a betrayal was hidden behind his that-a-boy appearance.

SADAT Inc. allegation revealed the real face and betrayal of Sedat Peker, as if the true colors have been shown.

Because, as one of the founders of SADAT Inc., I am one of the witnesses who know that these allegations are completely unfounded and false.

Sedat Peker supposedly told a part of Syria, “To help the Turkmens of Bayırbucak and others, UAV, clothes, (enough for all the fighters there) radios, steel vests, full of trucks... 

We thought about this project. We also talked to our friend who is Member of Parliament. He also thought about it and conveyed the idea to the authorities where it should be conveyed. 

Then they said, 'We will give you additional trucks, they can go with your trucks'. Our trucks are going as 'Sadat Peker aid convoy'. We share the photos with media. We are sending all the equipment. But there are other trucks that go on my behalf. We know they are going to Turkmens somewhere else. 

We do not know what is in the trucks, I know there are guns in it, we are not that soft touch. That's normal, that's what it should be. But this is not organized by National Intelligence Organization and the military. It is organized by SADAT.

Organized by a team from SADAT. I buy all of these with my own money, but apart from them, they have nothing to do with me but they go on my behalf. No transaction, no registration, direct transition. 

Then when I started sending large quantities of Mitsubishi vehicles they said 'Can you give us some, there are fighters...', I accepted and gave them. Turkmen are thanking us with videos they send from lots of places because we bought the vehicle, one or two of them speak Arabic. Then our Turkmen friends said ‘these people are from Al-Nusra’. Some of our other friends says ‘The ones we sent going to Al-Nusra’. Yes, we sent them on my behalf. I do this sincerely. But I did not send it, SADAT sent it. I will wreck you and I will put you in a matchbox, and I will not put the state on trial.”

I am one of the 23 founders of SADAT. And SADAT is a company that carries out every activity with a tax number according to Republic of Turkey laws with invoices and documents, does not have a single official or unofficial activity in Turkey and has not sent any single knife to Syria.

SADAT, which does not resort to even the slightest irregularity, will never provide weapon support to any terrorist organization. This slander against SADAT, which takes care to operate in accordance with the legal norms in contact with the official authorities of the countries, in order to stop the blood and tears flowing in the Islamic Geography, is never acceptable.

The mother knows best who the father of her child is. And I am one of those who know best what SADAT does. It did not happen and it is not possible to happen.

Similar allegations were voiced by IYI Party Leader Meral Akşener. She said “SADAT has training camps in Turkey” Another IYI Party member, Ümit Özdağ, also mentioned similar issues. Both resulted as verdict of non-prosecution by the court. Moreover, they were sentenced to compensation. Although this compensation issue is currently in the court of appeal, it has not yet been fully revealed who the people who resorted to this fake news serve.

Nowadays, some people have started to raise these issues through Sedat Peker. At that time, Ümit Özdağ was asked about these allegations and the source of this news, he said; “The USA first makes it published in its local press the information it will use against a person, institution or state. Then they use it internationally, quoting from the domestic press. I took the information from the USA and Israel”.

It seems that the USA will not give up on this issue, this time it has once again tried to defame SADAT through Sedat Peker. 

Do you think why? It is obvious that those who say "SADAT is Erdoğan’s gladio" are now trying to do this and what is their goal as before.

But as always, this initiative will not work this time again. Just as 17-25 December, the GEZİ Events, the MIT Trucks, and the July 15 came to naught, this operation carried out over Sedat Peker which is formed with lies will not work either. You will see that these attempts will contribute to the rise of Turkey.

It is a pity that Sedat Peker, who started to be liked by some Nationalist community even though he did not deserve it, made a big mistake this time. He cut his own throat. He will drown in a sea of ​​slander.

The allegations about SADAT will not be welcomed by Allah. Some asked the Messenger of Allah;

O Messenger of Allah, does a believer steal? Maybe...

Kill someone? Maybe...

Fornicate? Maybe...

Lie? Never...

Please explain this question. Does he slander? Do you think if the answer is "NO WAY", is it welcomed by Allah? Is not it possible Sedat Peker have shot himself with his own gun?

As Sedat Peker said, it would be a pity if a gun did not put the head of Sedat Peker's daughter. Although if someone who claims to be a decent patriot cannot sacrifice his daughter and his parents to this country, this religion, then it is pity... 

Then he became someone pitiful loser.

What about those who believe in this man's lies?

From now on, I keep silent...

For now...


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