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Total Spiritual Resurrection Move

Written by Abdullah YILDIZ
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The historic speech made by our President at the opening ceremony of Ibn Haldun University makes it compulsory to bring our “Spiritual Resurrection Move” proposal to the agenda again, which we made two months ago in this column.

Some quotes from the statement:

“We have been trying to find a way and direction for ourselves for two centuries by completely forgetting or excluding our own roots… We are struggling in an intellectual crisis. However, intellectual independence underlies both political independence and economic independence... As a country and a nation, we found ourselves in an uncontrolled Westernization storm. Free idea, free knowledge, free conscience the way to raise generations turned from the shallowest, the most vulgar, the most distorted into a Western imitation… The real power is intellectual power... I think we have accomplished historical monuments and services in every field in the past 18 years with a sincere accounting, but we have not achieved the progress we desire in education, training and culture ... I am of the opinion that we still cannot establish our intellectual power...  Intellectual power is not built by political cadres, but by people of knowledge, art and wisdom. Political cadres only provide the ground they need. Therefore, if some of the responsibility in this matter belongs to us, a significant part belongs to our scientists and intellectuals.

“The reason why we lost our intellectual power to a civilization that does not belong to us in terms of its roots and spirit is that the paths of perverted currents are opened in a conscious way. Instead of a brave and generous generation, the effort to raise a generation without its own form has cost our country and our nation quite much. Behind the many pains we have experienced from the past to the present, the many tears we have shed, and the many troubles we have suffered, for generations lies the reality of this intellectual invasion we have been subjected to. So, what we need to do is to raise generations in line with our own civilization and goals. This issue should form the main idea of Turkey's 2053 vision… The void in the minds and hearts of our children has been filled with western-centered popular culture products or delusions of perverted currents. For this, it is imperative that we change our priority in the upcoming period, starting from the family, to raising our children properly throughout their education and training lives. This change requires a overall education reform beyond ordinary curriculum modification.”

As our President accurately determined, Western imitation, which has been carried out in the shallowest, most vulgar and most distorted way by completely excluding our own roots for two centuries, has turned into a complete "intellectual invasion". This "infamous invasion" can be prevented not by an ordinary curriculum revision, but by an overall education and training reform. Generations who know well the principles and values of our belief, which is our only indispensable belief, who protect their belief, culture, history and language, and who have assimilated their responsibilities towards their family and society, can only be raised in this way.

Our President foresees the goal of raising these generations as the main idea of the 2053 vision. However, we believe that urgent action is needed to repel this perverted invasion of superstition and western ideas, and that every day, even every hour we spend is working against us. And we say: It is a very urgent to consolidate our inner resistance and inner integrity against all satanic attacks and anti-Islam campaigns, from inside and outside, from the land and the sea, that we are facing as a country and a nation, and to consolidate our ancient Islamic values that provide this. Let's initiate the "Spiritual Resurrection Move. Let's set up a committee of competent people of knowledge, ideas and wisdom under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Let this delegation carry out a comprehensive study from a “single center” by mobilizing all relevant institutions such as the Ministry of National Education (General Directorate of Religious Education), the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the Faculty of Theology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Family, Council of Higher Education, TRT, and so on. Let's rebuild and restore our common spiritual values such as Allah, the Prophet, the Quran, homeland, religious brotherhood, love, respect, mercy, and cooperation. Islamic Religion and Morality, the Quran and its Commentary, Let's make the Life and Sunnah lessons of Muhammad compulsory by enriching their content; In the High-School Entrance Exam and Higher Education Institutions Exam, let's ask at least 5 questions from each of these courses so that the lessons are given the necessary importance.

With the prayer that the Siyer-i Nebi Week will enable us to understand our Prophet and his exemplary ethics correctly.

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