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Sociological Analysis of Afghanistan Issue

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The lands of Afghanistan became a graveyard for the superpowers of the world, Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA. The Taliban forces currently in power have succeeded in expelling US soldiers from their country, just as they expelled Britain 102 years ago and Soviet soldiers 32 years ago.

1.1. Defeating Britain

The British attempt to invade Afghanistan took place before the eyes of the whole world. The great failure suffered in Afghanistan immediately after the World War I brought the end of the superpower known as “the empire on which the sun never sets".

Afghanistan whetted the appetite of almost all superpowers because of being at a geographically important point.  Because Afghanistan was the gateway point of geography in the Iran-India-China triangle.

The steep mountain passes leading down to the plains of India, especially the Khyber Pass, pointed to a difficult geography where people other than the local tribes that lived there could not manage to pass easily, let alone dominating it.

Britain made three major attempts to seize the lands on these important transit routes. However, in 1842, 1881 and 1919, they lost the wars they fought with the people of Afghanistan and had to withdraw from the region.

The first attack in 1842 took place 74 years later in 1916, similar to their surrender to the 6th Ottoman Army in Siege of Kut. This is the most embarrassing defeat in the British history. The other one is Siege of Kut.

In January 1842, the Anglo-Sikh soldier of which number was approximately 16 thousand, was defeated by the Afghan Mujahideen, and there was Dost Mohammed Khan’s son Akbar. The Mujahideen had raided the British army in the Hurd Kabul Strait and ensured its complete destruction.

This great victory of the Afghan Mujahideen, who released a doctor soldier to inform the British headquarters, caused great controversy on the other side. The released army surgeon William Brydon told the bitter truth one by one.

The Anglo-Afghan war is described as follows in the introduction to Scottish historian and writer Willam Dalrymple's book “Return of a King”:

“In the spring of 1839, the British invaded Afghanistan for the first time. About 20,000 British and East India Company soldiers, led by soldiers in red cloaks and hats with a feather on them and spears, crossed the high mountain passes and re-enthroned Shah Shuj al-Mulk. In the beginning, the British did not face much resistance. However, after two years of occupation, the Afghan people rebelled after the call for jihad, and the country was shaken by a violent uprising.

The so-called First Anglo-Afghan War ended in Britain's greatest military humiliation in the 19th century: Entire army of Britain, considered the most powerful nation in the world at the time, was ambushed as it retreated and completely defeated by tribal members who did not even have proper equipment.

In the 19th century, it seemed impossible for Britain, which had the strongest army in Europe, to be defeated by the Muslims. Because the Europeans were witnessing for the first time after the Crusades that the Mujahideen of Afghanistan were defeated by the makeshift militias.

The colonial empire could not accept such a defeat and decided to attack Afghanistan again in 1881 and 1919. But the result did not change and the British were defeated again.

These victories played an important role in Turkey's National Struggle, which was started after the World War I and ended with success. In addition, the Mujahideen of Afghanistan did not withhold their material and moral support to the Indian and Turkestani Muslims.

The British Empire, which attacked three times in 1878-81 and 1919 with no results, decided to withdraw its forces completely from the region with the Treaty of Rawalpindi signed with Afghanistan, led by Amanullah Khan.

This withdrawal continued right after the World War II and the British left India by dividing it into three parts against the Muslims.

As a result, Afghanistan caused this superpower, which lost its income from its colonies, to gradually disappear in progress of time.

1.2. The Invasion in Afghanistan and Disintegration of the Soviet Union  

The Soviet Union, which had to leave Afghanistan in 1989, became another country that was thrown into the garbage of history in a very short time before it could get over the shock of the defeat, similar to the Britain. The Soviets, the most ruthless perpetrators of communist ideology, were divided into 15 parts, 6 of which are the Turkish State, a year later after the defeat, in 1990. 

1.3. The Crusade Initiated by the United States and Defeat 

The fighters of Afghanistan, who made their country a graveyard for the communists, succeeded again in defeating the USA, the base of the capitalists. The US collaborator Afghans who supported the occupation embarrassingly had to fall out of the aircrafts. It was understood from the photos that appeared in the media all over the world that some Afghan collaborators died by falling from the aircraft.

Afghan collaborators who were able to get into the aircraft encountered another surprise. The surprise was that the military transport aircraft landed in Uganda instead of the USA. Similar to Şener Şen movies, the 600 passengers packed like sardines who landed in the middle of Africa instead of America probably got very angry with US President Biden for this reason.

Another important defeat for the US is that the weapons, vehicles and ammunition they spent trillions of dollars passed into the control of the Taliban forces without even firing a bullet. It seems difficult even for the USA, which had to leave the country in a few days, to open an embassy in Afghanistan. To put it briefly, Afghanistan has become a graveyard for the USA, just like Britain and the Soviet Union.

When you think of graves, the fourth largest city in the country, Mazar-i-Sharif comes to mind. The reason for this name is the Blue Tiled Mosque and tomb, which is claimed to be the tomb of Ali. That’s why, the name “Graveyard of Superpower” suits Afghanistan better.

2. Disintegration of Superpowers After Defeat

Britain lost its former power but the Soviet Union collapsed after the terrible defeat in Afghanistan. However, instead of the collapse and disintegration of the United States in a similar way to the Soviets, it is expected that the hegemony it has established on the world will be destroyed in a short time, just like Britain.

It should not be a prophecy to say that economic and social disasters await the USA, which is taking heavy damages every day, especially in its competition with China.

Because it is former US President George W. Bush who caused this bad end. He claimed that he would organize a Crusade after the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. In a short time, the “Crusader Armies” that entered Afghanistan and Iraq managed to turn both countries into a bloodbath and proved that the Westerners would do all kinds of immorality for war.

Now people all around the world, especially Americans, will question US presidents like Bush and Biden. It has become clear that the real purpose of the attacks, which caused so much massacre and expense, was “marginalizing Muslims” and “attempting to invent a new enemy” instead of the collapsed communism.

This questioning will of course lead to the emergence of many grim realities. Because people who are blindly used by the Western media and the propaganda of Hollywood movies are still not able to get away from being shocked by the statements of the Taliban. So much so that it was announced that amnesty had been declared for all previous Afghan officers and that executions without trial were banned.

In addition, the spokespersons of the Taliban, who announced that the world's largest drug smuggling with military cargo planes of the USA is prohibited, have declared that they will respect human rights and freedoms, contrary to propaganda. 

3. The September 11, 2001 Attack which is Shown as Reason for a Crusade

There are many aspects of the “World Trade Center” attacks that US and NATO forces have put forward as a pretext for the Afghanistan attack. For example, it is expected that investigations will be initiated regarding the third tower, which was destroyed vertically by explosives even though no plane crashed.

In fact, it is not the Afghans who are the victims of the war who should make this investigation first. The real people who need to go after the facts are the families of the nearly 2,000 US citizens who died in the towers when they were working as firefighters. Technically, it is not possible to collapse all three skyscrapers vertically without explosives. Thanks to regularly placed and mathematically timed explosives, it was possible to perfectly demolish the World Trade Center skyscrapers and collapse them vertically without damaging the surrounding buildings.

Interestingly, the date when the newly formed Taliban government in Afghanistan will take office has been determined as September 11, 2021. Of course, there are very important reasons for choosing this date. 

US President Biden was elected from the State of Delaware for many years and finally succeeded in taking the highest office. In Turkey, there is a saying that is used very often over the State of Delaware. People who deceive and rob people are called “dalavereci” which means in English “trickster or cheater”. Just like that, it is estimated that it will soon become clear how big a “trickster” the United States is.

After the Afghanistan attack, US troops attacked Iraq, citing the “presence of weapons of mass destruction”. However, it has been admitted by the US administrators that this is a deceit. 

4. Sociological Evaluation of Superpowers 

Afghan mujahideen defeated Britain 179 years ago, the Soviets 30 years ago, and now the United States while embarrassing them. This victory was achieved at the expense of thousands of Afghan martyrs. In the process of more than 180 years of war, a great fatigue is noticed, even if the result is the victory.

So, what were the attackers doing in Afghanistan during this 40-year occupation operation? Although this is the main question that needs to be asked, shocking words are made as if the people of Afghanistan are to blame. Not a single soul does need to come out and question the bloodthirsty wild philosophy of Western imperialism.

If we make this very important inquiry, we will have to be facing with the following very important results:

First of all, we must reveal the values of Islam, which the Europeans are trying to falsify. In addition, the principles of Western philosophy, which they are trying to polish, must be brought to light. In this way, the main reason of centuries of endless wars will be revealed. It is hoped that one or two facts will be settled in the minds of sociologists and politicians who evaluate all events and wars from a materialist point of view.

Western philosophy, which is an extension of Greek and Roman philosophy, is based on five negative principles. According to this cruel and imperialist understanding, there is a rule that asserts that the strong are right instead of the superiority of the right. There is got to be an interest in any kind of business. Trying to do something without benefit or interest, for example, to help, is something foolish for them.

They believe that a strong army and constant fighting is necessary for the survival of the cruel states they have established. Because without war, it is impossible for them to maintain their power and to rule the people they exploit.

In the cruel and ruthless states they have established, they try to maintain the order in their own country with racism. They impose on all their citizens that everyone should be of the same race, that if this is not possible, then it is necessary to live under the hegemony of the powerful race. It is racism that is the driving force behind the word “nation-state”.

The goal of Western philosophy is to satisfy endless desires. These desires can sometimes take an inhuman form. For this reason, they can become so disgusting that they risk living immoral and almost like an animal.

In Islam, which was sent with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 1443 years ago, positive principles were introduced to save the dignity of humanity instead of these negative principles. The most important of these is that it cares about being right instead of being strong, and that the right person does not lose in front of the unjust, even if he is the sultan. 

The purpose of Islam is to try to be a virtuous person in order to gain Allah's mercy. A Muslim cares more about the interests of society than his personal interests. Because a Muslim wants to see his reward in an eternal life instead of getting it in his mortal life.

Islam refuses to battle and kill people. However, Islam accepts to wage jihad against those who attack Islam and want to destroy it. It does not force anyone to be a Muslim. The verse “Let there be no compulsion in religion” is an order of Allah. Only Allah may punish the non-Muslim. No one, even a Muslim, has been given this permission. Islam considers killing people as one of the greatest sins. Instead of war, it suggests cooperation, such as trade, which helps people to live more comfortably and easily.

Its relation in society is certainly not racism. Islam rejects racism, which it sees as a tradition of pre-Islamic age of ignorance. Instead, it is based on the brotherhood. Because it loves all people because it knows that every person is a servant of Allah. As in the word “Islam”, it cares about peace, well-being, happiness and tranquility.

One of the strongest feelings that Islam brings to people is to nurture the soul's divine feelings and to make people mature and to reach moral virtues. In this way, it tries to prevent the encroachments of the soul, desire and enthusiasm.

These negative principles revealed by Western philosophy have led to the murder of millions of innocent people, not only in Afghanistan but all over the world. Western imperialist and cruel people, who tried to show Islam as something other than what it is, with irrational and negative propaganda, once again showed their real faces and became devastated, as in Afghanistan.

That’s it…

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