ASSAM Association Membership Application Form

ASSAM Dernek Üye Kartı ASSAM Dernek Üye Kartı ASSAM Üyelerine Özel

The provisions regulating membership in the Charter of the Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center are as follows;



Article 5- Anyone who has adopted the aims and principles of ASSAM and has agreed to work for this purpose, bearing the conditions specified in the law on associations, may apply to become a member of the Association.


Article 6- Those who wish to become a member of the association shall submit their requests to the Board of Directors of the Association's headquarters or branch by filling out the member entry notice. The association's headquarters board of directors or branch board of directors decides the applications for membership within 30 days and informs the applicant of the application result written. An application for membership can be rejected without any justification. Branches notify the association headquarters at the end of each month of those accepted for membership.


Article 7- Association members have equal rights. Each member has one vote in the general assembly. The honorary member does not have the right to vote. Association members pay 50(fifty) TL as the entrance fee and 120(one hundred twenty) TL as the annual fee.   


Article 8- Each member may leave the Association provided that he / she notifies his / her request to leave in writing.


Article 9- In case of loss of the conditions for membership in association according to the Law on Associations or reasons for dismissal from membership in accordance with the Charter of the Association, the Board of Directors transmits this situation to the Honorary Court, adding its own opinion after receiving the defense of the member. An appeal can be made to the General Assembly of the association against the decision to remove it. The decision of the General Assembly is final.


Article 10:

  1. To commit words and behaviors that are incompatible with the objectives of the association,
  2. Failure to comply with the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, 
  3. To put the association under obligation without any authorization, 
  4. In any way, to severely disrupt the activities of the association.  


Article 11. Membership falls automatically in the following cases;            

  1. The death of the member,    
  2. Member's resignation,    
  3. The member loses his license to exercise his civil rights,    
  4. The emergence of legal barriers to membership or loss of legal conditions related to membership,               
  5. The membership fee is not paid within 30 days despite the written notification.    

In order to become a member of the Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center, please fill out and sign the following application form and send it to ASSAM by mail, adding the documents specified in the form to the appendix.

(Note: You can also be a "Free Registered User" on our website. If you want to register as a user on our website after completing your application for membership in the association, please click here.)


Association Membership Forms

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