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We Are on the Side of Our Own National Values

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The text of the announcement titled “We Are on the Side of Our Own National Values” published in the National Newspapers by the National Will Platform, to which many Non-Governmental Organizations including ASSAM are members, on 6 June 2015;



100 years ago, after the World War I, we not only lost our Ruler of the World, which ruled with justice on 3 continents; but also, we have been the subject of never-ending attacks on our dreams, our excitements, our ideals, our hope, and most importantly our self-confidence.

As much as the external attacks, our blessed march, our dream and ideal of being a great Turkey, were constantly interrupted by coups, terrorism, unnecessary arguments that made us lose motivation, and institutions of tutelage superior than freedoms and national will.

In the last 13 years, Turkey's bad luck has changed, 100 years of barriers, obstacles and oppression have melted away in the face of the will of the nation.

It should not be forgotten that;


We are the people of these lands which is kneaded with Islam. We are the ones who turn our direction to the way of Allah. We are a generation that fights for the dignity and honor of human beings, who sees all kinds of oppression because of his belief in his own homeland but does not give up and does not lose hope.

Imam Hatip Schools, which our nation entrusts its children to learn their faith and religion, are our national value. The reopening of Imam Hatip Schools, the end of the coefficient system and the persecution of headscarves is a manifestation of the national will. All those who declare and promise that these schools will be closed are people who are alienated from our own national values.

In our country, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, which offers religious services to the society with its competence and merit, and its honorable President are our values. We are witnessing the discomfort of the “Religion” taking an active role in our country and in the Muslim geography. Those who experience this discomfort in these lands, which are kneaded with Islam, should know that your ugly campaigns reinforce our resistance to protect the religion and institutions of the nation.

Jerusalem, our first qiblah, is entrusted to us by Omar and Saladin. We will continue to protect our values, to stand against the Zionist and alienated propaganda language that sees Jerusalem as a Jewish city, and to show our stance against those who make fun of our qiblah Kaaba.

Our morality is our value. This nation will not forgive those who put homosexual perversion before society as if it is a legitimate act. To legitimize the normalization of sin under the name of freedom is an assassination against the values of this nation. This attempt will fail again with the Will of the Nation.

Syria is our brother, Iraq is our brother, Palestine, Gaza, Jerusalem, Arakan, East Turkestan and the whole Islamic geography groaning under persecution are our brothers. It is a requirement of our faith and humanity to take care of all our refugees and war victims who seek help and they are our guests.

“We are on the side of our own national values.”

We are there wherever we need to be in order to protect and spread our religion, values, morals, concepts and institutions.

As much as our prayers, our elbow grease is for the New Turkey.

We know that the nation and the ummah together with us are on the side of the rising New Turkey.

Respectfully announced to the public.




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