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The First Edition Of ASSAM International Refereed Journal Was Published.

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ASSAM International Refereed Journal (UHAD) published its first edition in 30 June, 2014. As a result of the dedicated work done by the Editor Assistant Dr. Ali Fuat GÖKÇE, the first edition of ASSAM International Refereed Journal was published containing 4 articles that have been reviewed by referees and consisting of 121 pages.

For the second edition, which will be published in December 2014, there are 4 articles that have already been reviewed by referees.ASSAM (UHAD) expects academics to work the primary research topics of ASSAM.

Click here to view the first edition of ASSAM (UHAD). (Note: You should register separately for the magazine In order to view the full text of the articles, Registration and subscription are free)

ASSAM UHAD Cilt 1 Sayı 1

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