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Fifth International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress on The Deternination of Joint Foreign Policy Principles and Procedures of Islamic Countries Final Report

Written by ASSAM Yönetim
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Dear Friends,

Fifth International ASSAM Congress was held on 18-19 December 2021 with the title of “ASRICA Confederation Foreign Policy Strategies/Analysis” on the main topic of “Determination of Common Foreign Policy Principles and Procedures for the Islamic Union”. In our congress, 37 declarations were presented by 34 academicians from 16 different countries. Our Congress was followed by other Islamic countries alongside Afghanistan, USA, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Chad, East Turkestan, Morocco, Kashmir, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Libya, Malaysia, Egypt, Niger, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Jordan which participated with their Declarations. 

Our congress was held by ASSAM with the support of Kütahya Dumlupınar University (DPU), Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World (UNIW) and Association of Justice Defenders (ASDER).

In our congress; in order to determine the PLANNED PROCEDURES AND PRINCIPLES OF THE CONFEDERATION'S FOREIGN POLICY by analyzing the relations of the CONFEDERATION with its Neighbors and Global Powers, its rights and interests in the Neighboring Geographies, Inland Seas and Oceans, the Diplomatic network it will form among the States around the world, the Foreign Representation System in the Center, Federal Regions and National States. Examinations and evaluations were made on the subjects of;

  • Assessment of the geopolitical status of ASRICA Islamic Countries,
  • Globalization and its effects on societies,
  • Objectives of Global Powers on Islamic Countries and their foreign policy options,
  • Islamophobia,
  • East Turkestan issue and the policies to follow,
  • Kashmir issue and the policies to follow.
  • Afghanistan issue and the policies to follow,
  • Libya issue and the policies to follow,
  • The effects of the China-Silk Road project on the Islamic world,
  • Middle East issue and the policies to follow,
  • TRNC and Eastern Mediterranean issue and the policies to follow,
  • The policies of global powers on African Muslim countries,
  • Geography of Turkey and its effects on ASRICA,
  • Institutions that can solve the international problems of Islamic countries, and their efficiencies and competencies,
  • Formation principles and procedures of institutions needed to be applied in the solution of common and individual problems of Islamic Countries,
  • Planned foreign policy principles and procedures of ASRICA Islamic Countries Confederation,


  • was held online by VIDEO conference method.
  • The declarations were interpreted and presented in Turkish, English and Arabic languages.
  • Abstracts and declarations will be published in the ASSAM WEBSITE by publishing into a book and placed electronically in the ASSAM International Refereed Journal (ASSAM-UHAD).
  • In addition to this final report about the congress, a comprehensive CONGRESS DECLARATION containing the determinations in the declarations-presented will be published.

I would like to thank ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür, who took part in the planning and problem-free execution of the congress, ASSAM Board Members, ASDER Chairman of Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan and its members, Rector of Dumlupınar University Prof. Dr. Kazım Uysal and Secretary General Prof. Dr. Atilla Batur, Secretary General of UNIW Lawyer Ali Kurt and our technical team, who took an active duty.

Five of our Congress series, of which we already performed;

  • It is planned to conclude our congresses by performing the sixth one as a Video Conference in 2022 with the subject of “Common Public Order Security System” and
  • the seventh one with the subject of “Common Justice System”

in a suitable hall in public in 2023.

I wish the ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses to be beneficial and I would like to present my greetings. Best Regards


               Adnan Tanrıverdi                  

ASSAM President of Board of Directors


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