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ASSAM & ASDER Embraced the Civil Society in Kütahya

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Chief Advisor to the President, Retired Brigadier General Adnan TANRIVERDI, met with NGOs in Kütahya.

In the program organized by ASDER and ASSAM at the Yoncalı Practice Hotel Conference Hall, Tanrıverdi gave a conference on “Important Steps to be Taken on the Path to Islamic Union”. NGO Representatives which are registered to KÜSİDAP Kütahya Civil Solidarity Platform attended the conference. In addition, Dumlupınar University Rector Prof. Dr. Dursun YILMAZ and Kütahya Deputy Mayor Ali İhsan ERTAŞ attended the conference. 


Adnan TANRIVERDI: While describing the purpose of ASSAM, he stated that "the prosperity of the Muslim Nations, the security and survival of the states they have established, the dominance of justice, the establishment and maintenance of peace in the world depend on the re-emergence of the Islamic geography as a superpower." In his presentation, he explained that “information studies should be carried out that will enable the establishment and development of the foundations and principles that will try to ensure the Evaluation of the Elements of National Power of each of the Muslim states, the determination of the principles of the Common Public Order and Security plan, and the institutions needed to gather them under a common will, and the organization of these institutions.” At the conference, he gave information about the International Islamic Union Congresses that are planned to be held every year until 2023 by ASSAM, and explained the importance of scientific studies that need to be done on this subject.


Prof. Tarhan: “Families should follow the golden mean point rule”

Üsküdar University Rector and ASDER President Prof. Dr. Nevzat TARHAN gave a conference on “Intra-family Communication” at the Conference Hall of the Directorate of National Education. The conference, supported by Dumlupınar University and the Municipality, was held open to the public, and the participants asked Nevzat Tarhan a question about the subject. In the conference moderated by Academician Zeynep HACIMUSTAFAOĞULLARI, Nevzat Tarhan said:

There must be golden mean point rule. One side takes a step, the other side takes a step. They meet in the middle point. Neither side should try to change each other. This is where the ego wars begin. Self-centeredness is the disease of our age.

Modernism brought the fondness for fun to live.

Selfishness is mistaken for individuality.

Democracy begins in the family. Democracy is not just a political concept.

For global morality, there must be individual morality.”

In addition, ASDER and ASSAM Branch Heads and Provincial Representatives from all over Turkey made their annual evaluations at the meetings.

At the end of the meetings, the participants had the opportunity to visit the historical and touristic areas of Kütahya.

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