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Why Science Does not Believe in God!?

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Science, the product and result of the Philosophy of Science, does not believe in God.

Because: It believes that events in nature can be explained by natural causes, without referring to any divine power or mystical cause!

Because: It believes that everything can be caused by material and natural reasons, without any metaphysical reason or the need for supernatural power!

Because: It believes that matter in the universe – energy and causes; can and does these things without any metaphysical reasons and the need for supernatural power. And it believes that everything in the universe is already proof of this!

Science does not believe in God because: It believes that it is possible for the things in the universe to be “without perpetrator and creator” And it believes that what happened is a possibility with its reality and its proof! So: It believes in a tautology in which “evidence” and “proof” are cyclically relocated in the form of “it is possible so it happen; it happens so it is possible”!

Science does not believe in God because: It also believes that no perpetrator is required if there is a reason for an event and its mechanism of action is clear; He also believes that no perpetrator is required. Because: According to science, “if there is no causal gap and dimness between events; adding an additional perpetrator and cause, such as ‘God’ is unnecessary and absurd!”

Because, according to Science: “If something can be explained by cause-effect interactions and matter-energy transformations within the Laws of Nature; no perpetrator is needed to do that job anymore!”

Because: Science likens the universe to an “an automatic machine and computer.” According to this metaphor / belief, it believes that the universe works independently, like a programmed computer; on its own, with its internal dynamics, in a systematic style; without the need for any perpetrators and manager!

Because science likens the universe to an "automatic machine and computer"; physics-chemistry laws in nature, such as "computer commands and programs"; it thinks that there is an effect on the universe and matter! Through this assumption; it gives “Laws of Nature” to the role of “cause” in the universe. By assigning these laws as "why"; bypassing the fact that they are non-material and mental things; these laws can affect the matter; it starts to see as if it has a "material power"! For example: “An object dropped from a height of 10 meters in a space where there is no friction; Due to "Newton's Law of Gravity"; it accelerates and falls to the ground at this velocity/ time”; He defines the "Law of Gravity" as a "cause" that regulates the falling rate of the stone and a "force" acting on the stone.

However, in this Scientific Knowledge; "why" the stone fell at that speed has not been explained and not based on a cause! For example, why rock; falls at 40 cm./sec. but why it does not fall; 50 or 1000 cm./sec. and why; stone is falling with a certain coefficient of increasing speed?!

In the sentence above: "Rock; falls to the ground at this velocity / time due to the Newton’s Law of Gravity”; "Newton's Law", which is shown as the "forceful reason" determining the falling velocity of the stone; It is not something "material" and "having energy" that can have an effect on the stone; can be a "cause" to affect the stone; set the falling velocity of the stone and keep it constant!...

In short: Science does not believe in God because: The Philosophy of Scientificity is shaped by the presupposition / axiom / beliefs; "Matter and Energy + Nature and Law + Cause and Effect + Coincidence and Necessity + Long Time and Evolution = Everything is Possible” There is an understanding of existence and knowledge based on this "Universe Model"!

Because: Science believes that the universe is like “an automatic machine and computer with its own internal dynamics, without the help of any supernatural / mystical, metaphysical force.

Science does not believe in God because: There is a "vision of the universe" born out of "atheism - deism"! that claims” There is no Allah (denial / atheism); even if there is and is not involved in the functioning of the universe (polytheism / deism)“...

Can Causes make Results?

Actually, that's the whole point: Can Causes make Results?!

Actually: When our eyes look at something, focus on it, direct its attention; we do not notice or see the other things behind what we are looking at; it is like what is outside of what we are looking at, blurring in our eyes; and when we focus on the "matter and its movements" in the universe; our goal – we do not notice other things besides our problem. Worse: We do not know what we are missing! We pay the price by losing the whole because of just looking and focusing on the part! Because: Our intention and aim are just to see that thing!

 However: We cannot see the answer that we are not asking the question; we would not notice even if we see it; we would not care even if we notice. For example: "How many 'semicolons' (;) were used in the previous sentence?” because of not asking this question we would not notice two “;” are used.

Where were we? : “Without our Lord's creation and direction of every moment; can causes make results? Are the causes strong enough to make “results”? Do they have capability and qualifications for that?” All the point is how we answer those questions. Because: Our answer to this question; determines what we see and how we see when we look at the universe!

The answer given by the Scientific Philosophy and its product Science to this question is: “Yes!” Since science says "yes" to this question, it already says: "When you solve the why and how of the events in the universe; There will be no 'causal gap' to add a 'perpetrator' to the event! There is no need to add 'perpetrator' to explain the workings of the universe; logical and empirical necessity or justification! ... Maybe for psychological reasons or conditions from the family – environment; you can believe in God, it is another issue. Do not think objective and universal knowledge and subjective belief are the same! Because: To use "Science", which is neutral to your personal beliefs; it is both wrong and unethical! ...” it says.

Since Scientific Science says "yes" to this question, it draws the definition of "Scientificity" and the limit of the "Criteria of Scientificity" and the framework of "objectivity - impartiality" as follows: "There is no God; at least not at work in the universe; if it exists and it does not interfere with the function!”.

Because science says "yes" to this question anyway: "God who does not interfere with physics-chemistry and progresses in the world", I am not against your belief, I do not interfere, I even respect it! Consequently: It is a human right to worship a cow!... But I am against your belief in God, which is involved in physics-chemistry reactions and interferes with the affairs of the world, and I examine this issue!... It is: 'Allah does earthquakes... With allegations such as "God is raining the rain…"; If you try to steal a role from Science, I will examine this subject! Those who do not know the fault lines and rain formations; who does not investigate the causes of events and attribute everything to God; These are the words of ignorant people like you who are far from Science, who do not understand Scientific Thought!... It says when you do not know and cannot explain the cause of an event (or because Science has not yet found the cause); put your belief in God there immediately; supposedly so you think you have proved that the event was "miracle" and "the work of God"! ...

We are out of our topic again. We were saying, “Can Causes make Results?” For a Muslim and a believer who knows the Lord of the Worlds and knows what Tawhid means, the answer would be: "Of course it cannot!".

 When our subject is "reasons"; It is useful to remember an example mentioned in our article "Missing and Wrongs of Scientificity: Logic and Language Errors": Scientificity: "Planet and stars, due to" gravity; it stays in balance and rotates in space” reads the expression from the books and: “How beautiful, Science has figured this out too. We call “It has explained the event, why and how, scientifically”. However, in this scientific description and expression; “Subliminal message and direction, subliminal manipulation and illusion; we do not notice language and logical flaws and mistakes”!

By saying "missing and wrong"; that is the force we call "gravity"; As the name says, it just "gravitates!" As science explains; it cannot make the planets and stars move in a balanced way and rotate in appropriate orbits, and their measured continuous movement! It cannot be cause and result to all of this! Because: Gravity”, just “gravitates!”

So: This gravitation does not have the ability to “rotate, move rapidly; keep them in a certain balance and degree, and guard these velocity – angle – slopes in an ever-expanding universe” of large stars and galaxies that are quintillion times in size from our world. It just gravitates; Moreover, it does not know what it is actually doing!...

If we caricature the situation a little, Science's behavior on this issue would look like this: “That’s it! Okey! Here we found a “force” that connects planets. Let’s call its name “gravitation”. And then, without the need for a perpetrator, let's show this ‘gravitational force ' as the reason for the rotation – balance – velocities of the stars! The biggest reason for the order and systematic functioning here is, let's say, this ‘gravitational force’!...”

Here, the fact that science says: ”We have solved and explained the cause and how of the event" is nothing more than a claim and belief! This claim needs to be proved. Because it is not the “explanation” of the event; it is not the “answer to why and how”.

Because: The weakest known force in the universe, "gravity" (even weaker than the gravitational force of a magnet! But area of influence is great) It somehow connects space, the size of the number that does not fit, and in it, galaxies and stars that are quintillion times the size of our world and quintillions in number! And again (somehow); that huge galaxy and its stars; (It's not like our car at a speed of 90 - 100 km / hour;) At a speed of 10 000 - 100 000 - 1 000 000 km./ hour, it both rotates and makes it travel in space! And again (somehow); By placing them in certain orbits without colliding with each other; In other words, it does certain velocity - angle - slope - mass - size calculations. Moreover, all these constant returns and travels; happening in an ever-expanding universe!...

 In short: We cannot close the case just by saying “gravity”! Because you could not find the perpetrator yet. And besides; You are trying to close the case by saying “there is no perpetrator because the following reasons did / does that job”! We are not convinced that the gravitation or other reasons that you will show can and do work of this enormous size and number! The cause of the event - how it is not resolved and explained still! Before: You have to prove that the gravitation can do all this work and also that it does!

"We found masses, a widespread interstellar force and connected to them. In huge space; quintillions of galaxies and stars; 'Their rotation, traveling, constant speed, inclination etc…' In any case, trajectory calculations and other critical and sensitive settings required for all these works; Perhaps the reason for all this, the biggest reason; we do not agree with your belief that "this must be the force (gravity)"!

Even if you add other causes and physical forces to the event; The incident is not resolved without the perpetrator found! On the contrary, as the "matter, cause and forces" you include in the event increase; It will be even more difficult for all these reasons to come together, establish a balanced and measured system, and create harmony, alliance and coordination among them, and to maintain this! Moreover; you will have to find other reasons for all these reasons why they came together and were organized and not dispersed! The number of "reasons" you have to prove will increase! As the number of involved ones increases, it will become more difficult to prove it!...

You cannot explain and reason the activities in the universe with the "Laws of Nature" Because: It is not possible for laws to "effect" and "cause" something! It is against the definition / description of “law” to give the possibility of such a thing! Because: “Law” is not something material and physical!

For example, let's take our example of “gravity” that we gave above. Here: Even if you say "why - how, explanation and solution" of the event: "Newton, Kepler's Laws, Einstein's Theory of Gravity, etc.", it does not explain or solve this issue. It just “describes”!

Also: what is called” law " is not a physical force that directs gravity and stars and forces or tends to something! Because: What we call the Laws of Nature exists only in our minds! These; Except for the mind, they do not have a material and tangible existence and bodies; So they cannot have "forces"! Thus; Let's be able to allow them to "cause" things and direct the stars!...

 So: The thing we call “Law” is “result”, not “cause”. Because: What we call "Physics - Law of Nature"; Looking at the continuity and stability in material events; it is a "necessity" that we attribute to these events and what we do is "induction and generalizations" and only "determinations and descriptions" of the situation. So: instead of Newton; put forward Einstein's Theory of Gravity / Relativity; If you talk about quantum; questions will remain the same. Same questions are also valid there.

This article took too long, let’s end it up. We will continue the issue that Scientific Philosophy and its product, Science and Scientific Criteria is "atheist - deist and materialist, naturalist and determinist". Let's continue next week as I hope that matter and causes do not have the capability and properties to do what we call “results”. Title of next article: Material does not have a nature and feature originally.

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