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AEGEAN Issues!

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Nowadays, when the world is fixated to the fight against the coronavirus, I wanted to turn our attention to a slightly different area. There are more than 70 conflict zones in the world. Half of them are in Islamic World. But none of them are as caustic and destructive as the Syrian wars. Since it is just near and south of our borders, we inevitably turned our full attention to this direction.

Then Eastern  Mediterranean. Despite us, Greece and its illegitimate partners, EU-USA, daring to violate our rights and interests, were very important in protecting our rights and interests against Israel, and it inevitably caught our attention. They got what they deserved in Libya. Because Libya is the mortise of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, all these processes made us forget the Aegean and what was happening in the Aegean. However, what is happening in Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya and the nearby geography is as important as what is happening in the Aegean.

Those who know that Greece has been working on the Aegean for a long time since 1936, while Turkey remains passive for various reasons. We see that Greece follows the "Salam Strategy" in increasing its dominance in the Aegean and takes subsequent steps according to the action-reaction situation. This allows them to successfully run ENOSIS in the Aegean.

Greece's unlawful and immoral in a way to usurp the sovereignty of Turkey, narrows the range of motion. Unfortunately, this "unlawful terrorist attitude" of Greece does not gets responded properly. Maybe we have enough problems, let alone this for now, or we act in accordance with the appropriate place, time and force trilogy as required by the three important rules of the strategy. However, it is very important for the public to be aware of the issue and we have to properly fulfill our duty towards our nation, diagnose and determine what is happening in the Aegean and create appropriate strategies. This is a requirement of our patriotism. 

If we do not say "stop" to the progress in the Aegean, we may face a coalition of Greece's allies in the future. The second is to remain silent in order to justify the actual situation. Both are unacceptable.

Therefore, I wanted to write about this issue that I have been working on for a long time and share it with you. You can access my posts on these two topics on Misak-Milli, Mavi Vatan Facebook and Twitter pages.

Greece is an illegitimate entity founded, spoiled and released by the Western Countries. Since its establishment in 1821, its only task has been to be a barrier against Turkey for the Western Countries. From this point of view, every issue related to Greece directly or indirectly means that we also have a problem with the EU-USA.

We can list our problems in Greece and the Aegean as follows; Territorial Waters, Exclusive Economic Zone, FIR Line, Armament of Islands, Islands whose sovereignty has not been transferred to Greece by Agreements, Continental Shelf, Search and Rescue Responsibility Areas, etc.

Especially Territorial Waters are too important. Another important issue is the problem on Exclusive Economic Zones, deepened by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea signed in 1982. One is important in the Aegean and the other in the Mediterranean.  With the armament of the islands close to Anatolia, a strategy should be developed for Greece to claim sovereignty in nearly 150 islands and islets of which status is not determined by agreements.

As Turkey, we have wanted to solve the problems with Greece, including Cyprus, through peace and negotiations. However, the uncompromising and spoiled attitude and abuses of Greece since a long time make us to take more active measures in the field.

With the Treaty of Lausanne; The width of Turkish and Greek territorial waters in the Aegean is determined as 3 nautical miles. Despite this, Greece unilaterally expanded its territorial waters from 3 miles to 6 miles with the "Law on the Determination of the Greek Territorial Border" dated September 1936 and numbered 230. Greece's decision was not much taken into consideration by the Government of National Chief İsmet İnönü at a time when rapprochement between Turkey and Greece was at its peak and Italy was a threat in the Mediterranean.

Turkey width of territorial waters starting from the Lausanne Treaty until 1964 and continued as 3 miles. With the territorial waters Law dated 1964, the width of the territorial waters increased to 6 miles. Greece heavily armed these islands in violation of all international treaties after the 1960s in the years following Turkey's entry into NATO.

Although it was stated in the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, signed in the years following the Turkey coup d'etat, that the territorial waters could be extended up to 12 miles, it was emphasized that reconciliation should be followed in disputed areas, but the Greek Parliament recently gave the Greek Government the authority to increase the range of territorial waters to more than 6 miles when deemed appropriate. Turkey has declared that is “casus belli” which means act of war.

 Since 2004, when Turkey's efforts to enter the EU increased, the status of an agreement inherited from us from the Ottoman Empire: (1913 London-Athens, 1914 6 major state decisions, 1923 Lausanne, 1947 Paris) arming the islands that are not a subject and close to the Anatolian shores and establishing ports and military bases on these islands. As a reason for this, it suggests reasons that have no basis, such as "the threat from the east, i.e. from Turkey".

As can be seen, whenever Turkey takes steps to approach the West, Greece abuses it and makes moves in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

CONSEQUENTLY: The Aegean Sea has been a Greek lake where Greece controls 40% by 6 miles, and if 12 miles are implemented, it will be a Greek Sea that it controls 70%. According to its status, we must immediately declare our sovereignty over 150 Greek-occupied islands and islets inherited from the Ottoman Empire to Turkey. This includes three quarters of the CRETE. And then, in accordance with the "Salam Strategy", we must conduct sea and land exercises in and around these islands, and establish maritime outposts, ports, military bases that will constitute the sign of our sovereignty…

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