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Prayers Does not Help Us Anymore

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From time to time, Islamic lands were crushed under enemy. Despite the enemy occupation, an honorable stance and struggle were shown. However, in the last century, the situation has become quite different.

Especially after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Islam moved away from its basic moral values and faced with an understanding of de-Islamization.

Muslims unfortunately chose to live, rather than to die. Instead of standing up for the resurrection, they waited for resurrection through prayers.

They always waited for a savior and had to seek help from western imperialist democratic countries.

A dear friend of mine was showing this situation very well with the following memory that he encountered when he went to the border to report the persecutions against Turkish people in Bulgaria;

“When they immigrated from Bulgaria in 1989, the Islamic Journal sent me and a friend to Kapıkule to report. The "astonishing events" that I witnessed there haunted my mind for years. A ninety-year-old bright-faced granny who was wearing a headscarf was constantly repeating the following words: Prayers Does not Help Us Anymore...

It made me felt very painful. Now I am in the same state of mind; We were expelled from the mosque, we were expelled from the Kaaba, Al-Aqsa Mosque became something more than a prohibition... The ones who shed tears at nights, are they also sleeping?...

My Lord, let us get out of this cave where we are stuck, send your mercy upon us."

I remembered this memory but it made me feel sad. And suddenly I remembered the story of a cruel governor and a widow in Baghdad.

“During an inspection in Baghdad, the governor of Baghdad sees a ruined shanty house right next to his mansion. At that moment he asks ‘What is this ruin that spoils the beauty of my majestic mansion?’

In the face of the answer, ‘it is the home of a widow and her children, whose husband was martyred in battle,’ he orders it to be demolished immediately.

When the widow, who was not at home at that time, returns home and she encounters a terrible view. Meanwhile, a heavy rain started.

While searching for her children, she finds them soaked in a tree hollow. When she finds out what is happening with them, she raises his hand and; ‘O my Lord, my husband was martyred in name of you. We are in difficulty for you. My husband was not here, why you let them to destroy our house?’ by saying this she took refuge to Allah.

Thereupon, the rain increased the intensity and the imposing mansion which is famous for its beauty is destroyed. Because Allah is always and forever with the oppressed."

Unfortunately, a whole Islamic world fell asleep and we could not do the sincere prayer that widow from Baghdad did.

Beyond taking lessons from the events that happened, we saw others instead of seeing ourselves as the cause of the misfortunes that we encounter. Instead of correcting ourselves, we have been dealing with other people's mistakes.

We have been blinded to the bombs falling and to our dishonored sisters. Under this circumstances, the prayers we made did not reach Allah, and as a result of our ungratefulness, Allah took away the blessings that has been offered us.

Muslims! When will you pull yourself together? And when will we escape our sins and approach to Allah?

When will we perceive the prayer of the widow from Baghdad?

We will be watching for how long the honor of Muslims is crushed under the Imperialists?

What do we lack for resurrection?

Come on, it is time to pull ourselves together. In the name of Allah!

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