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We Should not Resign Our Own Flag!

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Days, months, years and even centuries... They all are mirrors. These mirrors have two faces; The inner side where the truth is hidden, and the other face that shows what is reflected from the truth.  The face in which the truth is hidden lives the Golden Age. It shows the standards of humanity that our Lord likes and deems appropriate for us and that he keeps us alive through the Companions of the Prophet. 

As a result, what should be reflected in the mirror is the loyalty and effort of the Companions on the path commanded by Allah, despite all the conditions of the age.

But what is reflected is an ummah draped over the curtain of the west! An ummah that is not fully capable of protecting itself internally and externally!

This religion, this ummah has witnessed Omar al-Mukhtar, İskilipli Atıf and many other people who gave their lives for a verse and hadith.

Omar al-Mukhtar, who fought on a horse in the mountains for twenty years, he was aware that he would be hanged one day!

In order for Islam to be kept alive in its country, it showed the power of its name.

The method of the Companions was reflected in their mirror.

A hand holding all hands in the search is an eye that looks at all hearts with verse and follows the Truth with the verb of the hereafter. People like Omar Bin Khattab, Abu Bakr (pbuh). They rose to the summit they had risen to, with their apparent deeds and the unity of their inner intentions.

And the Islamic state that they built with this method gained the power to be reflected in the present with its first day's vitality with a past of fourteen centuries.

The confusion we encounter is not the reflection of that time in the mirror, but the way we look at the mirror from the wrong angle as being Muslims of today. So where are the brave hearts that are part of the ummah?

Where are those who talk about being 'One' and dogmatize it? On which side of the west did they drown?

How were those who lived by the Qur'an and hadith deceived by the Jews who woke up every morning by cursing the Muslim?

While I am in these contemplations, I listen to the world, my eyes, my tongue, and the unbelievers, and I hear the following:

The world says;

Muslims, do not forget! As your enemies want to disperse your unit, you will repair the destroyed place, you must repair it. Because you are from the nation of the prophet who, together with his brothers, raised the banner of Islam to the sky.

The eyes say;

The bigger you look, the bigger you are. You know as much as you look, you live as long as you look. As much as you look, there will be light in your mind and as much as you can rebel against oppression. The more you look, the more you can grow ideas that will disrupt the game of the oppressor. You should look at the background! Because you can hear the enthusiasm in Bilal's voice over and over every day.

The Language say;

As long as you keep silent, a generation will be silent! As you keep silent, another unbeliever will laugh, another Muslim will bleed. Unless you wholeheartedly say what you believe, another black hole will open in the land of mistakes. Remember, if the sea is this world, the ship is this ummah and every part of the ummah INCLUDING YOU are the captain.

And the Unbeliever says;

I could not eliminate you with my army and my gun, the men of Muhammad (pbuh)! Maybe I have been defeated on the battlefield many times. But now I spoil your unity with the evil I have brought into your houses. Unbeknownst to most of you, what goes into your stomach, with my men scattered throughout your country, with the weapons I have given you, I will destroy you.

Everything is out there, the infidel is talking and doing the stuff they desire. So what about us then? Those of us who hold the flag of Allah? With God behind us, we are surrendering our flag, which we have won with our own hands and blood, from the hands of those who have wasted it, by embracing all their thoughts.

But why? There is no answer to this question. It's a game played on us, our faithful personality, with our washed-up minds. We live in a virtual Muslim world with word games, decorated shar'i (!) provisions, and on red-carpeted platforms. We know that the end will be decided by Allah.

Now our task is to say, “It is not what we have become. What will we become? And we have to think, on which way will we be on this road?”

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