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Science Can 't Be 'Secular And Laicistic', But It Becomes ' Atheist Or Theist’

Written by Ayhan Küflüoğlu
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The "Science / Scientific Epistemology" reshaped and defined in the triangle of "Renaissance - Reform - Enlightenment" in the 1600-1700's; We are not aware of the gaps and contradictions between our "knowledge of belief" and the "imagination of the universe" that he supposedly called "scientific knowledge, objective observational knowledge"!

We are not aware; because, as a true or false mistake: Our age is the product of the Science / Scientific Epistemology and the "science" and "scientific knowledge"; We believe it is "independent and separate from believing and disbelief, and neutral and objective to both"! This episteme gives us "scientific information" about the universe; we believed it to be "neutral information"! 

"There Is God or No" options can be regarded as objective and neutral; there is no third possibility

Because: independent and separate from "believing and not believing" and able to view these two options from an impartial and equal distance; that is, we think that a neutral and objective "form of knowledge" and "form of expression" is possible! However, to anything we examine; We can look at it as either "it has a creator and a manager" or as "it has not." And according to this option we chose at the beginning; We express our observation knowledge. Because: Due to the logic of the language and the language of the Logic, there is no middle or outer observation and coordinate point of these two options! In other words: Epistemologically and ontologically; There is no third alternative, no third option that we can choose and analyze!

Independent and separate from "believing - not believing", "neutral knowledge" only; In the "measurement information" which is the answer to the question "how many" (degrees / meter / kg., ...) (such as' water boils at 100 degrees Celsius') and the answer to the question "what (is)" ('this thing is fruit, its name is apple, its color is red ') may be in some "fact and feature, naming and classification information". Other than that, all; "Observation - experiment - research knowledge" and their "expression", which is the answer to the questions "what, why, how, why, ..."; it cannot be independent and separate, i.e. “neutral and objective” from these two styles. So, by choosing one of these two options; We design observation - experiment information and its expressions.

For example: When we set out at the beginning, that is, before we start our observations and investigations; “The universe had no creator; the belief that if it exists and if it does not exist in the functioning of the universe, the belief is it does not interfere”; from the beginning, if we accept "true" axiomatically: instead of "creation", "formation"; Instead of "Allah's guidance and inspiration", "instinct"; Instead of "divine", "natural"; Instead of "the work / miracle of our Lord", "the work of nature / the miracle of nature"; Instead of "divine laws", "laws of nature - physics"; Instead of "divine command and will", "coincidences born by coincidence, necessities and obligations" We prefer words like "product of nature" instead of "sustenance, blessing". 

If attention is paid; These concepts and nomenclatures, which are said to be "objective and scientific" (in double quotes, shown in bold); are the concepts that an "atheist" and "deist" or "agnostics" use or can use; they are naming and classifications of their value - worldview... 

In summary: Since there is no third option and possibility, apart from “there is” and “there is no”, and there is no “impartial and objective” observation and coordinate point that can be viewed from the middle or outside of these two options; According to the option we chose at the beginning, we encode our information and expressions. As a result of this: The existence and movement of the universe and its contents; We describe it in this context, according to either the "theist" (belief) or the "atheist" (denial) and "deist" (polytheism) paradigms. 

Independent and separate from "Belief and Disbelief", "Impartial and Neutral Science" is not possible

In other words, "Science / Scientificity": "God exists - without touching the issues as if it does not exist ... There is someone who creates and manages the universe and its contents - without going into non-existence ... I will only search and observe matter and the universe ... Without going through meaning and metaphysics, belief and philosophy; I will only examine material events ... Thus: events in the universe, except belief and unbelief; in other words, I will look at and express these two options equidistant from them and independently ... Thus: I will be neutral and secular and laicistic… ”; are hollow claims that cannot be fulfilled in terms of "language and logic, epistemic and ontic" Because, as we said: Except for "God Exists or Does not Exist", there is no third possibility, or the middle or outer of these two possibilities; Let's look at the "middle" or "outer equidistant point" of these two options! 

Point is: Our Age, "Science / Scientific Epistemology"; In his research and observations, because he does not accept "God exists"; He has based on "no God", which is the only mandatory point to go; So, axiomatically, it is presupposed this option as 'true'. The other mandatory direction in which this option he chose leads to 'Science'; research and exploration, observation and measurement data, description and expression; According to this “denial and / or polytheism” option that he assumes to be true; that is, it has been doing from the point of view of an "atheist or deist"! 

In that case: The concepts such as "secular and laicistic" that we use when defining "Science / Scientificity" and "Scientific method" are in fact "soft atheist / deistic" concepts; these are not "unbelief" but "anti-belief" concepts! So: These concepts; looking at the existence - trying to understand; enabling us to approach them 'objective and factual'; that makes it possible for us to look at them "impartially and objectively"; They are not 'transparent and unnumbered' glasses! 

So, in the design of "Scientific Knowledge"; Instead of 'creation', 'formation'; When we say "instinct" instead of "direction of Allah"; We do not use "neutral, impartial and factual" expressions that are independent and separate from "believing and not believing", looking at them from an equal and objective distance! 

When did the "epistemic break" in Science / Scientificity begin?

The current "Scientific Epistemology", which was systemized in the triangle of "Renaissance - Reform - Enlightenment" in the 1600 - 1700s and constitutes the third step of this and continues to be the mainstream today; because it treats all "beliefs" as a "virus" that spoils the impartiality and objectivity of knowledge; by 'cleansing' himself of beliefs; He's on the "unbelief" side! In order not to confuse supposedly "objective knowledge" with "subjective belief"; it actually got into the "subjective disbelief" side! Because: Like "Belief"; "Disbelief" is also a "subjective" attitude and choice!

"Science / Scientific Episteme" redefined in the 1700s; He did not choose the option "exists" in order not to confuse belief in "knowledge"; (Since there is no middle and outside, and there is no third possibility;) the other obligatory direction to go, "no" has marked the option! As a result, this episteme has designed the “scientific observation information” obtained from the universe according to the axiom and foreboding “there is no God; even if there is and does not interfere with the universe”; it has preferred to express its discovery – observation information in this “atheist – deist” context!

Independent of religion and geography, the "Science / Scientific Epistemology", which has been under the epistemological pressure and dominance of the whole world for the last three hundred years, is the obligatory direction in which this option takes "science": "Science / Scientificity"; It has been the narration of the universe and the events in the universe through the eyes of an "atheist - deist and materialist, naturalist and determinist"! (and as if these "beliefs / disbeliefs" were true and as if scientifically observed and proven; in this sub-message and context!)

So; "Scientific knowledge" and "their expression" obtained from the universe; compatible with these "beliefs / disbeliefs" and designed as if they were correct and proven! (to give this perception and submessage; this atheistic context and context, this sub-base and the background)

Modern Science / Scientificity; such a "imagination of the universe" has been the construction of such a "story of the universe" to our mind! Moreover, by saying, “This is impartial and objective scientific information,” he made us believe in this "fictional story"! 

In brief: Today, Scientific Epistemology; when he said, "run away from beliefs" as if he was a bogeyman; Fell into the lap of 'unbelief'! Supposedly; When he said, "I will give neutral information, independent and separate from all beliefs"; "Atheist - deist and materialist, naturalist and determinist" philosophy and "belief / unbelief"; has become a logistics supporter! 

‘If you don't ask “who”; you would have to describe the universe as if it was "orphan"!

Science / Scientificity: "In the universe, I just look for answers to questions such as:" What, what, why, how, how many ...". The 'who' question; the subject of belief and submission, not of knowledge and research, but of philosophy and metaphysics! ” for saying; He has given us a description of a "orphan" universe as the other necessary option he can logically go to! 

"Scientific knowledge" obtained from the universe; designed according to the point of view and unbelief of an atheist - naturalist ("there is nobody, nobody does it, becomes without any creator, it happens with physical reasons and natural mechanisms, it happens with some coincidence and necessity, nature does ...")! Besides; this "atheistic context", these "atheistic expressions"; as if scientifically observed and verified, as if impartial and objective information; It is presented by being mixed into the paste of "scientific knowledge"! 

As a result, for example: in a science and textbook that explains the "why - how" of "Rain"; "Who is raining this rain?" The question does not even come to our mind! Because: Our age is designed according to the "Science / Scientific Epistemology"; In scientific depictions of the universe and the story of the universe, which are told with "cause - effect fiction and template"; it will require the perpetrator, it is told as "to the question of who, there is no necessity and no need"! 

Anyway; In a universe where causes are believed to make effects; Why should the question of "who" be needed! Like a computer or machine; In a universe where “cause and effect mechanisms and programs (laws of nature) operate automatically”; What is the need for an observed physical event, why we need to seek a "creator"!

"Painting" there is a creator of Mona Lisa; Why there is no "true" Mona Lisa!?

However, even an ordinary painting on the wall, which is a two-dimensional and inanimate imitation of the beings in the universe, without accepting its painter; While he could not explain the "why - how" of this painting (by explaining only the shape and movements of the canvas - paint - brush shown in the picture); for those who are in the picture, who are real and alive outside, and for those who are much more superior and artistic than that painting; "Who is the creator, who is the painter and the master?" without asking; that is, by explaining only with the "cause - effect" construct and template; We cannot explain those genuine works of art in the universe, "without the creator"!

It is much more artistic and dimensional than the picture on the wall and a separate book has been written for each atom. It does not ask "who is the creator and its master" and as if "there is no creator"; If we try to explain it only with "matter + force and atomic movements"; We cannot even explain the "why - how" of these acts / activities and works in the universe! We cannot make any smart and impartial people believe this!

Because: Measured and positioned in the right place which is even the smallest letter "A" that has meaning and purpose; (he "writer" is gone now and even if we don't see it), without admitting that he is a "writer and perpetrator"; With expressions such as “pen and paper that move with some heat, pressure and forces…”; that is, only with the Horizontal Deterministic Setup and Cause - Result Templates; We cannot explain the "why - how" of the letter "A"! We cannot put this explanation on a rational basis! We cannot "unravel and explain" the why - how of "A"! 

These "without perpetrator and non-subject" statements we make about the universe; These atheistic explanations that express "spontaneity"; We can never claim that it is "knowledge, scientific knowledge"! These expressions designed according to the point of view of an atheist or deist; We cannot wait for everyone to "believe"! 

Because: "the ‘painting’, which is an imitation of the original, has a painter and a master; but the ‘genuine and alive’ ones do not!" There is no logical and rational basis to say! To design observation - experiment information obtained from the universe according to this judgment and belief; has no rational justification and no empirical evidence! Because: As "A posteriori"; that is, without the need for any observation - experiment - research; Even if we go with only "a priori", that is, the "main operating system" and logical reasoning that we brought in at birth; "Work" cannot be ineffective and without action, and "action" cannot be without perpetrator! ... 

As for us; In the history of humanity, for the last three or four centuries, and in the history of the person, perhaps since we opened our eyes to the world (at home, in kindergarten, in school, in the media, on the Internet); as a result of our perception and mind manipulation with billions of suggestions and repetitions; That "science" about the universe is "independent and separate from believing or not believing and objective and objective to both"; so; We are convinced that it gives "neutral information"! Because of this false belief; The universe of "science"; “There was no God; In his narration with the fiction that he does not interfere with this functioning, even if it exists; "Scientific knowledge" in this "atheist - deist" ground and background in its design and construction; we do not feel strange! 

Even the expressions and explanations of "science"; By saying "secular and laicistic science"; by saying the necessity of "impartiality and objectivity and being scientific"; We think 'normal' and 'legitimate' and 'should be'! ... We think today's scientific understanding; The observation-measurement information it gives by coding on 'atheistic' ground and the way of their expression; is pure and pure "scientific knowledge"! All knowledge and expressions in a science and textbook; We consider it to be “objective and factual, neutral and plain observation knowledge” 

Monotheist paradigm; If it is a subjective belief, so is the Atheist paradigm!

Yes, if 'to believe'; is a subjective choice, so is "not believing"! Our age, as a result of the understanding of science; heaven knows why, for example: “Allah sends rain like this; he purifies rain like this, sends and bestows it on us through the following reason – channels”; “to confuse belief in science”, and to paint and depict rain like this becomes “subjectivity”! 

“Rain water cause – and-effect cycle, conversion, and online and water system, auto-physics – chemistry-force and mechanisms, it's raining, it is refined...” 'without Perpetrator' expressions that state 'spontaneity'; (‘ie without perpetrator, ie without need for perpetrator, ie automatic, ie it rains on its own; so here, don't ask the question of 'who' looking for 'perpetrator'; I mean, we do not have a logical rationale and an empirical reason to ask the question "who is raining the rain"; in other words, this is an unnecessary and meaningless and ridiculous question! ... with results such as' and subconscious directive subcommands and messages); these "atheistic - deistic" expressions; it is supposedly "scientific knowledge"; it is supposedly "neutral and factual observational knowledge"; supposedly, it becomes "objective information" independent and impartial from "believing and not believing"!

If there is 'why', is there no 'creator'!?

"What happened is described as" factual "; this "depiction of rain", which is claimed to be a simple and objective scientific observation knowledge; “For the rain to come and rain; There was no need or necessity for an perpetrator like Allah! Because and anyway, rain; It was built in the context of the automatic mechanism and reasons, with the force and effects, it was pouring on itself; Whereas it is a "subjective" depiction of rain, deliberately left incomplete, in favor of "atheist and naturalist belief/disbelief" and we are asked to believe! "

This kind of subconscious manipulation and message and hypnotic subcommands are loaded and diseased with deficiencies, we are given a "rain information"! This conclusion follows from the context of this information, which is said to be scientific and objective! These expressions; It codes and programs our minds, manipulating our subconscious in the direction of this conclusion! 

Moreover: This "atheist - deist" context and template and designed with such subliminal messages, this dirty and infected information; (supposedly) "factual and objective knowledge", (supposedly) "scientific observational knowledge"; emphasized over and over every time! 

Whereas: It is arranged in such a way that our subconscious can fill in the "atheist - deist / deistic" direction; deliberately left incomplete in this direction; Based on suggestion and repetition of “information with gaps”; is a complete disinformation and indoctrination! 

According to the point of view of an atheist or deist, this description of the universe and observation information; Our mind, which has been formatted - programmed, with suggestions and repetitions thousands of times since our childhood; As a result of this "atheistic conditioning" and "indoctrination"; like a hypnotized, fascinated person; it has now largely lost its capacity to think freely and perceive reality! Where we are today: It is wearing of belief! That is: Being and Allah is the corruption of our imagination!

Moreover: we are not even aware of the gaps and contradictions between "scientific knowledge" and their "design and expression" and our "knowledge of belief"! More than awareness, worse: We have now adopted this "automatically working" "dream of the universe", this "representation of the universe / model" of science! ... 

We have already abandoned and surrendered to look critically at this Science / Scientific Epistemology! We do not ask even a thousandth of the criticism and questions we raise against this episteme and our religion! “Is neutrality right; Is it right to be a direct party!? What does God do in a deterministic universe !?, This information injected into us with Science / Scientificity packaging and syringe; do we "know" it's true; If not, do we believe it to be true!? ...” we don't even think of such questions!..

Not because it is 'possible'; We think it is 'possible' because it is!

"Matter"; to this "dream of the universe" of science, which, as a result of existence and movement and consequently, does not need "perpetrator" (God) and accomplishes all these by itself; now we believe it too! Seeing that it is possible that these things can happen in the universe even if there is no "perpetrator"; This preaxiom is based on the preconception: "Matter and Energy + Nature and Law + Cause and Effect + Coincidence and Necessity + Long Time and Evolution = Everything is Possible" and we do not see any harm! These things in the universe; “It is possible, it happens; to a tautological nonsense (where evidence and proof are constantly shifting in a vicious circle); We have no difficulty believing! 

Because: Imposed on us since we were children; This suggestion and repetitions that are processed over and over in our minds; As a result of these atheist - deist indoctrinations; We were made to believe that this universe story is the truth itself! We imagine science's "imagination and model of the universe", the truth itself! Even a lie is repeated a hundred times; It is not possible for it not to evoke a "wonder" in our minds! 

It is as if we are in a state of trance and hypnosis, where our minds are out of touch with reality! Now everything; We are watching through the lens of the "Science / Scientificity" camera and the universe scenario he wrote! That it gives to materials; We watch from roles such as “cause and effect, coincidence and necessity, nature and law” and its fiction! 

Yes, all of us; We are in a dream world where "Science / Scientificity" simulates our minds! A world of which borders and walls are determined by science; We are in an illusion that is made us believe to be "real"! 

We are so fascinated by this "Magic of Science" that we are in such a deception; We do not tolerate even the slightest criticism of "science"! Because: to "Science"; as if it is not a human product, we are treating it as a "holy revelation" from heaven! Flowing independently and separately from people and events throughout history; We believe that it is a universal and objective “science idea”! Because of that; We cannot even imagine that "Science / Scientificity, scientific method" may have deficiencies and mistakes! To express this; (especially in our country); it makes you get strange reactions like "Are you denying that water boils at a hundred degrees now !?"! "Don't you admit that the earth is round, spinning in space !?" they say! ... There are even those who say, "show the ox"!

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