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Consultation with Yemeni NGOs Which are Experiencing One of the Greatest Humanitarian Crises in History

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On November 3, 2021, we met with the representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations, which strive to bring the voice of Yemeni people who is facing armed conflicts, diseases and hunger, to the international agenda. In the program hosted by the Hazar Education Culture and Solidarity Association in cooperation with the Aid Fellowship Platform, our Vice Chairman Ersan Ergür made a speech on behalf of ASSAM within the scope of our activities in Yemen.

Şafak Sarı on behalf of the Aid Fellowship Platform, Funda Ozan Akyol on behalf of the Istanbul Association of Women and Women's Organizations / İKADDER, and Adil Yarangümeli on behalf of the Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World made opening speeches.

Yasir Feten on behalf of the Red Crescent shared information about the services for Yemen, expressing that the political conjuncture in Yemen also affected the humanitarian aid efforts. In addition, UNIW, Volunteers and IHH representatives shared their experiences and suggestions on the planning of inclusive and sustainable humanitarian aid services.

Yemen MEER Women’s Organizations Coordination Board Member Budour Ceylan and President of the Imputation Association to Empower Students in Turkey Dr. Esmaa Al-Qurashi demanded that Yemen's cry be heard and gave information about food, education and construction projects in the field of humanitarian aid.



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