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Are Known Instruments of the West Getting Ruined? (September 22, 2014)

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The basin of Turkey in the region being the last bastion of the Islamic civilization that derives from the historical depth and experience, both geocultural, geostrategic and geopolitical codes in the process of the formation of robust and especially the new build and de facto not clearly saw this game in perspective in this dirty war, declared to the whole world in an unreserved way.  It is possible to say that this decision strengthens our hand and minimizes the risk in terms of not entering into an uncertain conflict environment. 

The neo-liberal global approach starts the understanding of the state from where the borders of the companies end. However, we should state that a market where the state and law is not dominant is similar to the wild nature, and in such an environment, organizations such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram are formed and finally a geopolitical chaos is inevitable. Immanuel Wallerstein: "In the event of geopolitical chaos, the problem for everyone is the high-level of anxiety fueled by chaos and the opportunities it offers for the dominance of destructive stupidity."

While the USA was withdrawing from Iraq, with a conscious strategy, taking into account the parameters of the region, by bringing the Maliki administration, which has a sectarian weight and brought it to the forefront, it left Iraq a controllable space and a thugocracy order that could create regional instability in the future, suitable for chaos and turmoil. There was already an exclusion in Iraq that began with the U.S. invasion. With the Maliki administration, this exclusion against Sunnis began to become explicit without slowing down. It is necessary to look for the reasons for supporting ISIS, which is an organization that is completely opposite to the beliefs of the traditional, even mystical Sunni tribes, which cannot be given any meaning today. The most important thing that was forgotten in this project, perhaps not deliberately addressed, was that the exclusion of the hopeless would be an invitation to crime. It should not be forgotten that the masses that are marginalized in Nigeria around Boko Haram or in different geographies of the world are faced with similar exclusion.

If we go back to the policies followed by the USA in Iraq, the USA thought that it would more easily consolidate the security and energy policies that it envisaged in the regions where it would bring "Eternal Freedom" and democracy, thanks to this regime in Iraq.  Although the oil resources in Northern Iraq were controlled by the Security Council Resolutions No.1483 of May 22, 2003 and by the Western companies, the Kurdish Regional Government started to make moves at its own ideology. As a matter of fact, it was successful. Through Turkey, the region began to distribute its oil to the world market. Global hegemony has been deeply disturbed by the possible roadmap of Turkey and the Kurdish government, where relations have become increasingly normalized. At a time when the Kurdish problem, which has not left the Turkish State alone in the region where it can be effective for years, and the process of a stable solution to the PKK, have positive momentum beyond predictions, they could not bear to think about it, let alone seeing the consequences.

Financial capitalism seeks to punish anyone who opposes the dependence on economy, finance, production and consumption, which it regards as unchangeable. To achieve this, they did not hesitate to put forward the "Crusaders of Democracy" in every period. But today we face a new tactic and strategy in Iraq. The terrorism of ISIS, which was brought about by slowly and deeply infused, has been fed logistically for years with new projections of imperialist strategists. On the one hand, the memory of the Western world has been refreshed and Islamophobia has been updated by ISIS. On the other hand, "The conflict of Islam against Islam was effectively carried out, and as a temporary but also destructive and devastating move, a "Neo-Mongolian" phenomenon was introduced.

Western hegemony, instead of the discourse of "Clash of Civilizations", saw it as a more viable and profitable investment to put the rootless actors to the field, which will fuel sectarian conflicts in the Islamic world and easily agitate, in order to feel safe and open spaces for itself. This hegemony is not actually the first to use these instruments under its control, which it sees as the only way to impose fear, grudge, violence, insecurity, anxiety and hatred among peoples with different traditions, cultures and ethnic identities in the Islamic geography and to divert targets in this respect. Those who laid out the Western side of terrorism in the 9/11 attacks are now seeking to inject the identical manifestations of marginalized Interpretations of Islam with terrorism into the inner body of Muslim communities to euthanize the Islamic world.

The basin of Turkey in the region being the last bastion of the Islamic civilization that derives from the historical depth and experience, both geocultural, geostrategic and geopolitical codes in the process of the formation of robust and especially the new build and de facto not clearly saw this game in perspective in this dirty war, declared to the whole world in an unreserved way.  It is possible to say that this decision strengthens our hand and minimizes the risk in terms of not entering into an uncertain conflict environment. The rescue operation carried out by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) with a great success of intelligence diplomacy showed the world that the crisis in the region can also be solved as "soft power" and hostages have been saved with a whole skin from ISIS. Contrary to those who think that there is no excuse left for not being in the Core Power coalition against ISIS, this rescue operation is an event that brings along alternative solutions to the problem. I think Turkey will use this instrument on site, which is one of the rare examples that will go into the world intelligence literature. Because even if ISIS-type structures are eliminated from the region by armed force, after these palliative solutions, new terrorist structures will repeatedly appear in places with authority weaknesses. Therefore, the constructive approach methods must be forced as an alternative solution. After the hostage crisis, which was eliminated by the ingenious management of MIT, Turkey was the only country that would conduct the most effective diplomacy in the region and lead the region to a permanent solution.

As it can be remembered, the global evangelical and Zionist hegemony had masterfully adopted the new colonialist strategy on September 11, with the psychosis of "you are either with us or with the terrorists" on the countries of the region that it would occupy, by making the "Pearl Harbor" experience a defacto for its own people. Now, they are trying to drag the governments, especially the Sunni sectarian societies in the region, to this new process through international media and financial institutions.

Everyone is aware that Turkey is the main subject that is being discredited and neutralized in the process by being drawn into this new game. For this reason, we need to look at the issue from Turkey's point of view in order to search for answers to the question of how the process came to this point.

There was an eddy that flared up with the MIT crisis on February 7, 2012, but it turned out that the preparation phase actually started with the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer arrests. These arrest and judicial processes were the process of transferring the juristocracy tutelage to a parallel structure by changing hands by the global hegemony and "checking" this structure. In other words, it was a change of rides in order to reduce a government that they thought could not shape as they desired and that tried to bring the state to its essential elements rather than being a government, to take a playmaking role in the region and the world, to the degree of being a government only, and if it did not disappear, to eliminate it completely. The message given by the subcontractor parallel structure to the AK Party government and what it wanted was clearly "You continue as a government and we will rule the state". The Gezi events were put on the stage with a handful of stateless comprador bourgeoisies, as they have been tried in many places around the world, to get this message indirectly. Knowing very well that the government cannot be overthrown in Turkey with such a method, buttress parallel structure created a soft ground and tried to prevent future operations. As a matter of fact, as in the process of February 28, the international media and plutocrats stepped in after the Gezi events. The aim was to subdue the AK Party government, both politically and economically, and to neutralize it in the international arena. In the chain of events, December 17-25 was the last step of the juristocratic coup that was launched against the government and ended in failure. Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan: "This coup attempt was made against the national will, not against me." That's why he said. Indeed, the “immoral and despicable” attacks against the new government at the international level, especially against foreign policy, have made it clear that their expectations from the juristocratic tutelage chain indexed by the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors have been lost. But other instruments; namely, finance, plutocracy, the media still continue their international circulation. Indeed, President Erdoğan gave the necessary lesson to the proponents of plutocracy in his speech at the last TUSIAD meeting.

Those who try to associate the government with ISIS, on the other hand, are trying to involve Turkey in this complex situation by creating public opinion and provoking some power in the fight against ISIS in a state of mind that does not even come to them about Syria. In fact, the times that so undermined the interests of the country and the nation at the expense of making power difficult are only remnants of the times and mentalities that remained in the old Turkey and had treacherous reflexes.

As a result, "New Turkey" steps have been taken, while the Middle East has been trying to be redesigned for a long time and the region has been transformed into smaller-scale states. In the recent past, they have done the same in the Balkans. The purpose of doing this is to establish micro states that are more or less rivals, competing with each other, but can be used against each other when necessary. The new policy of the global neo-colonialist mind aims to neutralize the regional powers and thus to take under control more easily by dividing the population density and natural resources that can provide potential wealth. Regardless of the purpose, Turkey must resolutely maintain its cautious approach to the boomerang circle, called the “Sunni Core Power” against ISIS, despite all internal and external manipulations. They will not be able to make Turkey be involved in this chaotic environment and dirty war, where the end cannot be predicted.  No sane administration cannot and should not make this society suffer from the "Vietnam Syndrome".


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