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Economic Situation of Middle East Countries And Colonial Order

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Endüstri Mühendisi Mehmet Atilla Endüstri Mühendisi Mehmet Atilla ASSAM

The seminar on “Islamic countries in the Middle East and colonial order” was held in the Conference Hall of Kayseri Miraç Cultural Center on April 13, 2017 within the framework of ASSAM seminars. His presentation was followed with interest by the conference of industrial engineer Mehmet Atilla Bey.

Interesting information was given within the scope of the conference;

- The total economic assets of the Middle East countries are close to ¼ of the EU countries and 1/5 of the United States,

- The economy of the region depends on petroleum products in oil-producing countries; textile products weigh in other countries,

- Our country is among the countries with economic potential in the world,

- Economic weight of developed countries is directed towards health, energy, automotive, computer technological products, smart products, (smart buildings, smart cars, smart machines, etc..)

- Smart marketing methods (target audiences, target age generations, target cities, )

- Mega projects planned (transportation corridors, mega cities, mega regions),

- Environmental Protection is also given importance at the stage of production and development,

- Tracking people's trends and activities through communication and computer technology,

- Policies of large companies, in this context, how developing countries own new products and inventions aimed at R & D work were explained.

-In the economic development of the Middle East and Islamic countries, our country can be an example to other friendly countries, but to come to the level of developed countries depends on hard work, unity, solidarity.

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