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Explosion in Afrin cannot be Considered Separate from Libya!

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A fuel tanker was trapped and exploded in Afrin the previous day. There are 40 dead and 47 wounded. How easy to say it, right? 40 dead and 47 wounded. The dead and wounded in the conflict areas in the Islamic World have become just numbers and digits. On this blessed Ramadan month, 40 lives were taken by a terrorist organization (YPG / PKK). There are children and women among them. The dead are our people, our blood, our brothers and sisters.


AFRIN, the peaceful city was shocked again by the smell of gunpowder and death on this holy day.

Terrorist from YPG / PKK was caught immediately and will be punished... Turkey has been meticulously establishing the local order in Afrin since 2018. The order works perfectly. However, such treacherous attempts happen sometimes. May Allah show mercy to the dead and urgent healing to the wounded.

Afrin is piece of our homeland which is lost for a long time. I shared it with documents on social media ( Afrin is within the borders of the National Pact. It was taken back from terrorism in 2018 with Operation Olive Branch. But it is the head of the PKK in Syria. With this operation, PKK was beheaded. That is why their grudge is so great. And they immorally watch for every opportunity to revive.

Let us come to the relation of this explosion with Libya!

No incident in this geography can be considered independent from another. If there are Russia, the EU and USA and a Zionist Promised Land plan, and if Turkey makes obstacles for them, Turkey is also involved in this plan, it is related to us and to every place with which we are in. Just look at the timing and where and by whom it was done, that's all. I shared it in various media channels recently, Russia is seriously uncomfortable with the developments in Libya. In fact, everyone who has an interest in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean is uncomfortable. Because the HAFTAR they invested in, could not do its job well.

It is a fact that "the PKK is the whore of this geography". It does business with whomever its interests match. Or whoever what to do business would look for PKK for it. Pay attention, as much as there is illegitimate structure in this region, its sponsor is the same. Because they have the same interests. PKK and HAFTAR have the same sponsor. Have you ever heard of Russia and PKK fighting in Syria? Or with USA and FRANCE...

Please remember!

When Haftar was hit by the advance of the Government of National Accord in Libya, the first news came from National Pact Idlib. Now, from Afrin… UAE and RUSSIA, after the developments in Libya, encouraged the Assad the “puppet” and violated the Idlib ceasefire on 6 March. In the justification, Russia, one of the supporters of the terrorist Haftar, claimed that the opponents were attacking the Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia, Syria, immediately after the Assad regime units hit the town of Beynin in Idlib with missiles. There were many dead and wounded.

But why?

Libyan Government of National Accord forces, supported by Turkey, began to encircle the strategic southern city of Terhune from 7 branches after clearing the coastline west of Tripoli from the invaders, despite the use of nerve gas by Russian Wagner forces. It is certain that this city will also be cleared of Haftar's militia. While these were happening in Libya, Russia-backed Assad violated the ceasefire by targeting civilians in Idlib.

Now; Government of National Accord forces are hitting the strategic Al-Watiya Air Base. Haftar has a great casualty. Psychological breakdown is at the top level. Haftar declared the presidency in order to cover his failure with a psychological move the day before. So funny. Haftar is so embellished by evil forces that he has a masochistic attitude by saying "it did not hurt" like a child who was beaten.

In the coming days, Russia may make moves in Syria that may retaliate against developments in Libya. In doing so, Russia will use terrorist organizations and the regime. And we will do what is has to be done.

When the world is struggling with the coronavirus the efforts to turn these days into an opportunity never ends. EU, USA, CHINA and RUSSIA are the leading countries in this period. Even the UAE is trying to turn into opportunity the aids they have done...

The IMF wants to control and take over the countries through providing loans. World economy is messed up because of the pandemic. When the IMF said that it would give 50 billion dollars loan to poor countries with a bad economy, 116 countries came into the line at the door of the IMF, saying "please provide load". The IMF is treating like "let’s see what do you have to exploit”.

The Economist's April cover means a lot. "After the disease, the debt" that sheds light on this treatment. This title shows that the IMF will be at the center of the "new world order" that will be established after the Covid-19, and that the IMF will control and take over the countries which borrow loans.

The IMF says to countries which asks for loan, "Transfer the operating rights of the resources you have to the companies we designate." Gold, oil, whatever is precious. These rascals said to Sub-Saharan African countries "If you become a guinea pig for vaccination work carried out by the foundations owned by Bill Gates, you can get loan.”

Iran is one of the countries most affected by the Pandemic. They asked to borrow money from IMF. But IMF make them wait from March. They allegedly accepted all 11 conditions of the IMF. However, they are waiting because the USA does not consider it appropriate. Iran claims that the USA has no such right. It has been claimed that Iran accepted all the conditions. There are extreme claims such as "put away prayer verses” in these conditions.  We cannot predict what Iran would do. With the permission of Allah, Turkey will not be dependent on IMF. Because Turkey says, “We are enough for ourselves”.

To sum up: Turkey continues to be the conscience of humanity. Turkey provides medical supplies to 37 countries, including the EU and USA while Western countries are experiencing difficulties in supplying medical supplies. The West countries chooses the way of stealing and piracy. With this conscientious stance and actions, we say to them, You invaders and opportunists! Of course, your time will pass and you will get out of this region that you oppressed for long years, leaving your corpses like your ancestors did. Only your collapse and destruction will remain as stories.

With help of Allah, the future will be OUR NATION which raise goodness and compassion.

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