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The Ones cannot Understand ASSAM’s Mission…

Written by Mehmet KANMAZ
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Islamic geography has been placed under a systematic terror siege. Especially in the last quarter of century, subcontractor terrorist fronts were deployed one after another. Different sects and races came to attack each other. Muslims whose goals and integrity are being torn apart, their sense of solidarity and their potential for resistance are being rasped by terror.

The worn Islamic geography is wanted to be destroyed by legitimized counter-terrorist operations. If this external threat, with the contribution of terrorism, is not neutralized by joint reaction, Islamic countries will be deactivated one by one. Fifteen new country-building projects out of five regional countries are unfortunately being operated brutally.

The striking and short phrase, "This Inimitable Civilization makes people very fond of amusement and immoral" is very innocent and inadequate in describing this savagery.

“Most of these civilizations, if turned inside out, will appear with an identity that looks like anything but human, dressed in wolf, bear, snake, mischievous, ape skin.”

Because systematically bombing hospitals, schools and civilians and massacring hundreds of people cannot be humanitarian work. In this region, which is under the attack of the forces that have taken exploitation as a profession, nobody's life and country are safe anymore. We are faced with the mind of a Western state under the leadership of the church, embracing an organization of savagery that sanctifies war.

Against the hegemonic status quo that is intended to be established on the peoples of ASRICA, every country in the region must now quickly shake off. It must emerge from the death silence and form effective public opinion that react quickly. Otherwise, an outcome that “brutality and heedlessness will loot and ravage you because of closing your eyes” is inevitable.

"Do not fall into the ground like drops of water that do not separate from the course of the Qur'an. Otherwise, the misery and modern age will absorb and swallow you." The footsteps of Said Nursi's shocking warning made after World War I are heard again, a century later.

If the 15 July coup attempt had been successful, international powers would have largely done away with the region. There would be little work to be done then. They would take care of the remaining work through civil war. They have not given up their insistence on getting this result.

This resistance is the reason for the hostility and Islamophobia of Turkey, which is peaked in the West, mentally and irritable. Although they activated all their armed and unarmed vehicles suitable for use, they could not take Turkey to their reserves.

In fact, with the foresight of our country and the political institution that manages this power, the victory obtained from 3 (three) operations in Syria and the control of our southern region with the agreement, the agreement reached with the brother country LIBYA, the moves made in the Mediterranean…

Realizing that they can no longer make a decision in the Islamic geography without us, the European infidels and Asian hypocrites have gone mad…!

They are in a state of panic and are heading towards an end that they will soon find each other in internal conflicts. We have to produce unity of power in the nation and the ummah, without losing the discretion and like the nervousness they have.

Exactly one hundred years after World War I, a new way of sharing is sought in the Middle East. A so-called “New World Order” is being built with the help of terrorism, but they have realized that they cannot make a plan without Turkey…

They understood one more thing…! There are some people who think and spare time for the Islamic Geography … and they think that this situation will overcome them with new perception manipulations, rather than slander and fake news, whereas this Strategic Studies Center ASSAM and General Adnan are the heartfelt people who work in coordination, namely the "Crazy Turks” and that ship has sailed and it has been in intensive activities for the Islamic Union for 3 (three) years, meetings, panels, Congresses have been continuing rapidly and now while the citizens of our country are clustering around this circle, with the last congress, 41 Islamic countries NGOs and Universities have entered this circle and they are excited about what and how to do anything to help…

European infidels and Asian hypocrites, whatever you do are not affecting us anymore... Does the master of the universe leave the believers alone…? The caravan of Hope and Brotherhood is on its way… The heavenly place is about to catch up with the Medina targeted train of His Holiness Abdulhamid Khan and this Turkish nation's heartfelt people… It is about to arrive at the main command center of this train…

How lucky for you General ADNAN… Despite the confused, reckless and social media celebrities in this country, thousands of people are waiting for good news from you to put the flag of "Islamic Union" on every critical corner…

I hope with the help of Allah... A new world will be established with ASSAM, ASDER, TGTV, UNIW, IHH (Humanitarian Relief Foundation), IMH (Human and Civilization Movement), ENSAR, HAYRAT, CIHANNUMA, DENIZFENERI, etc. and we will be in the center of this world.

"Can you predict the continuation of this winter...?”

We did not say "Yes" to this question a century ago. We will not say “Yes” again. Because "every cloud has a silver lining." Spring heralds the news of those who have proven their merit to it and how blessed are those who know about this spring and are prepared for this spring without losing hope…

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