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Monday, 22 January 2018 00:00

Non-State Nations

In the twentieth century, the principles of "the right of nations to self-determination" were first declared by Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the USA. These declared principles were concepts such as "Democracy-Human Rights-Rule of Law-Politics". 

Monday, 22 January 2018 00:00

Non-State Nations

Self Determination’ principles, were announced for the first time by 28. USA President Woodrow Wilson in 20th ceuntry. The announced principles were principles like “Democracy-Human Rights- Rule of Law-Politics”.

Saturday, 02 November 2013 16:40



Empires broke up at the beginning of the last century. The nations within the empires were organized by the winners of the First World War, as guided statists. Dependent states were sentenced to totalitarian regimes, although they thought they were free. Dictators were guarded and supported by guardian states.

Between the two world wars, the developed states of the west were ruled mostly by fascist dictators, and the Soviets and their affiliates by communist dictators.

After the Second World War, while the democratic systems were settled in the western states, taking the USA and the United Kingdom as an example, Communism was adopted as the management system in Russia and its dependents.

The West formed the NATO block against America, under the leadership of America, and the Soviet Union led by Russia, and the Warsaw Pact against raging capitalism.