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Non-State Nations

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In the twentieth century, the principles of "the right of nations to self-determination" were first declared by Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the USA. These declared principles were concepts such as "Democracy-Human Rights-Rule of Law-Politics". 

In fact, the virtuous behavior of these fancy, concept-defending forces was nothing more than blah-blah photographs. Behind the scenes of these fake photos, which they advocated for good deeds, was the evolution of a kind of slavery-colonial order into a new modern order, in the sense of the right of the colonized peoples to establish a state. That is, to rebuild and replace the imperialist system was nothing more than its declaration.

According to Franklin Henry Giddings, one of the American sociologists, the purpose of the self-determination declaration of nations; He says, "It is the project of instilling the Social Order to the backward races and the colonies", and defines this as "Forced Consensus".

In the process of nationalization of the colonial communities, the invisible in the establishment of these new states-ethnic communities as nation states; In other words, the aim, which is even invisible, was the fragmentation-division of the lands and power of big countries.

The colonialism that took place before our eyes, imperialism in its present sense, was first implemented by the League of Nations - the United Nations, so that its secret aim was to create dependent small states that were fragmented and divided by applying international legal regulations. We can say that the (colonial) system of modern imperialism has become successful in this way.

As for these new colonial states that were established and dominated, the intellectuals, virtuous administrators, who were elected (appointed) through transparent ballot boxes, remained obedient to this institutional order as much as their personal interests. Such an absurd order was established in which some rulers who did not obey and did not give consent were eliminated by assassinations, coups, discredited and accused of corruption.

The demands of these new states for self-determination were so-called territorial independence. In essence, they handed over their countries to their masters with some agreements with political-economic dependence.

In this period, the nation of Islam lost its “ummah consciousness” character, completely lost in the whirlwind of western nationalism.

Today, the efforts of the Imperialist USA and the West continue to dominate each ethnic community in our geography and in the south of our border, with their attempts to establish their own state, that is, by granting autonomy dependent on the blocks separated in return for territorial sovereignty.

The problem is not the existence of nationalist demands, religious groups, ethnic conflicts. By using these situations as a tool, the USA's violence, terror, occupation, assassinations and blockade activities for the security of Greater Israel are implemented in the field today.

Kill, Remove, Invade, Disrupt, Rebuild and Manage. This is the USA, this power that sees itself at the top of the world.

Those with a history of dirt, the U.S. invasion of Vietnam between 1954 and 1966, the 1965 Bay of Pigs Invasion "Cuba", the lies of the fight against the alleged invaders during the invasion of Guatemala in 1954 should be well known.

In countries where the USA intervenes, an empty treasure remains. Here are examples Vietnam-Cambodia-Chile-Nicaragua. Now the countries like Afghanistan-Iraq-Syria-Libya.

Today, under the pretext of the Global War against Terrorism, the "ethnic-sectarian" sub-identities in Muslim countries compete with each other in order to achieve their goal in the Greater Middle East Project.

In the Middle East, while the plan to ethnically separate the territory of large-volume Muslim countries continues with the Greater Middle East Project, there are 22 Arab states, there is no need for 23rd, how can it be explained how to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, even though the right of Palestinians to determine their own future “self determination” is also accepted by international law. The reason is cited as the security of Israel and the planned Greater Israel.

On the other hand, the disintegration of countries such as Iraq-Syria-Libya and Saudi Arabia with the Greater Middle East Project implemented by the USA-England-France-Russia-China is a plan that is still implemented in the field.

What the countries of the region can do against an American army under the command of Israel is limited.

Just as in the past, the Ottoman Empire was seen as an obstacle for western powers to infiltrate and dominate the Islamic geography, today the western imperialist states that did not achieve their goals, sees Turkey as an obstacle.

What is meant to be done is to ensnare Turkey and then force it to sign the Treaty of Sèvres.

In the face of the hypocritical political plan of the West that has been put into practice, we must first ensure our national unity, this should not have anything to do with partisanship, this is a nation's struggle for independence and future. It is a need that all political parties support this struggle altogether.  January 18, 2018



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