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Non-State Nations

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Self Determination’ principles, were announced for the first time by 28. USA President Woodrow Wilson in 20th ceuntry. The announced principles were principles like “Democracy-Human Rights- Rule of Law-Politics”.

In fact, this ornate, virtuous behavior of the forces that defend concepts was nothing more than ostentatious photos. Behind the scenes of these ostensible transparent photographs, which they supposedly defended for goodness, was a kind of new modern evolution of the slavery-colonial order in the sense of the right of colonial peoples to establish a state, that is, it was nothing more than a declaration of re-establishment of the system of imperialism.

According to Franklin Henry Giddings, an American sociologist, he says that the purpose of the declaration of self-determination of Nations is “a project to instill social order in backward races and colonies”, which he defines as“non-consensual reconciliation”.

In the process of nationalization of colonial communities, the unseen purpose of these proclaimed new states in their establishment as nation-states was the fragmentation-division of the territory and power of the great countries.

Colonialism, which occurred before our eyes, imperialism in its current sense, was first implemented by the league of Nations. Thus, dependent states were created for their secret purpose, which were broken up by creating international legal norms. We can say that the system of Modern imperialism (Colonial) was thus successful.

At the head of these new Colonial States, which were established and dominated, the intellectuals, virtuous administrators, who were supposedly transparently elected (appointed) by elections, remained as obedient to this established institution as their personal interests. A system has been established in which a number of managers who do not obey and do not consent have been eliminated by assassinations, coups, discredited and accused of corruption.

The demands of these new states for self-determination were the so-called territorial independence, in essence political and economic dependence, and they surrendered their countries to their masters by a number of treaties.

During these periods, the Islamic nation lost its “Ummah consciousness” character and completely disappeared in the anaphor of the hurricanes of nationalism caused by the West.

Today, the efforts of the imperialist United States and the West continue to struggle to dominate our geography and south of our border, giving each ethnic community its own state, that is, dependent autonomy to the cantons divided in exchange for territorial sovereignty.

The problem is not the existence of nationalist demands, religious groups, and ethnic conflicts. By using these situations as a tool; these are the violence, terror, occupation, assassinations and blockade activities carried out by the United States for the security of Greater Israel that are practiced in the field today.

Kill-remove, invade, Grizzly-rebuild, rule. Such is the United States, which sees itself at the top of the world.

It should be well known that the lies of the United States against the supposed invaders during the Vietnam attack of 1954-1966, the Cove of Pigs “Cuba” invasion of 1965, the invasion of Guatemala in 1954 are corrupt in human record.

In countries where the United States has intervened, what remains is depleted treasure. Here are examples Vietnam–Cambodia-Chile-Nicaragua. Now countries like Afghanistan-Iraq-Syria-Libya.

On this day, under the pretext of a global war on Terror, the United States has competed “ethnic-sectarian” sub-identities in Muslim countries with each other to achieve its goal in the BOP project.

In the Middle East, there are 22 Arab states, while the plan to ethnically divide the territory of large Muslim countries with the BOP project continues. What do you need the 23rd? How can the right of Palestinians to determine their future be explained by preventing the creation of a Palestinian state, although “self-determination” is also accepted by international law. As a reason, the security of Israel and the planned Greater Israel is cited.

In contrast, the BOP project, implemented by the US-UK-France-Russia-China, and the disintegration of countries such as Iraq-Syria-Libya and Saudi Arabia, is a plan that is still being implemented in the field.

In the face of an American army at Israel's disposal, what the countries of the region will do is limited.

Just as yesterday in history, the Ottoman Empire was seen as an obstacle for Western powers to infiltrate the Islamic geography and establish dominance, the Western imperialist states, which today cannot achieve their goals, see Turkey as an obstacle against them.

Here's what needs to be done is to surround Turkey and then settle for Sevres.

In the face of the hypocritical political plan of the West, which has been implemented, we must first ensure our national unity, this should not have anything to do with partisanship, this is the struggle for independence and the future of the nation. It is essential that all political parties support this struggle completely. January 18, 2018





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