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We defeated USA five times

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“Turkey has defeated USA for five times since 2015,” said Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, the Presidency Chief Adviser. Speaking to Yeni Şafak, Tanrıverdi listed them one by one: 1- The US supported propaganda aimed at stability in the June 7 elections. With the foresight of the people, political stability was achieved after 5 months. 2- Then the pit actions started. U.S. support has caused Turkey new trouble with the PKK's self-government nonsense. Turkey solved this problem in 6 months. 3- While Turkey purged the FETO in Turkish Armed Forces, there was an attempted coup on July 15. Also, this attempt was suppressed within 20 hours. This was the 3rd defeat to USA. 4- The USA would hand over Jarabulus to the terrorist organization PKK-PYD. Turkey noticed this and brought its troops into the area and prevented it. 5- The United States moved to remove Turkey's bases in Iraq, but Turkey successfully prevented this. And this is the 5th defeat.

Tanrıverdi stressed that the United States should act with Turkey if it is sincere in ending the unrest in Syria, He also said “But it has not done that since its invasion of Iraq. Turkey defeated the USA five times since 2015”.

Noting that Turkey's stance has changed power in the United States, Tanrıverdi warned: “Being affiliated with terrorist organizations is a war crime in international law. If it continues, it will be the collapse of the United States."

Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi, Chief Advisor of the Presidency, made important statements to Yeni Şafak regarding Operation Olive Branch. Stating that the operation could proceed faster if the weather and terrain conditions were good, Tanrıverdi said that when the operation is completed, Syrians will return to their own lands and live peacefully, as in the Euphrates Shield.


If the US wants to end the unrest in the region Tanrıverdi stressed the need to act with Turkey, he said "But America, since the invasion of Iraq did not do that,”. Stating that the United States supported propaganda for the destabilization of political stability before the June 7, 2015 elections in Turkey, Tanrıverdi said: “On June 7, the coalition emerged. With the foresight of the people, political stability was achieved after 5 months. This is the first defeat of the USA.”


“Then pit protests started, and the USA supported it. Turkey solved this problem in 6 months. Peace and tranquility were provided in those regions. This was the 2nd defeat of the USA. There was a coup attempt on July 15 as Turkey prepared to identify how many FETO members are in the TAF and take steps to purge it. Also, this attempt was suppressed within 20 hours. This was the 3rd defeat to USA.”


“After the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, a few days before Operation Euphrates Shield, America would evacuate Jarabulus from ISIS and hand it over to the PYD. Turkey noticed this and brought its troops into the area and prevented it. This was the 4th defeat of the USA. America took action to remove Turkish bases in Iraq, but this was prevented as well. The USA tasted its 5th defeat by this way.”


Saying that Turkey's determination and success changed the President of the United States in the elections, Tanrıverdi said: “If it continues its policies with organizations, that would be the collapse of the USA. If it gives up organizations, then the US will be our ally, otherwise it is not possible.” Tanrıverdi underlined that being in contact with terrorist organizations is considered a war crime in international law.


Tanrıverdi said, "If the problems are not resolved by talking about politics, then we must use force". “The ends of the organizations are at the initiative of the states. Turkey is determined and will continue operations. We talked over and over to the USA and we warned, then we started the military operation. Actions are more effective than words.”

Olive Branch is an example for whole world and UN

Referring to the calls for "the operation to be limited", Adnan Tanrıverdi said, "It will be limited to Afrin for now, tomorrow it will be limited to Manbij. Our operation will continue until the terrorists are eliminated and the people can live in safety." Tanrıverdi said that Turkey not only cleans up organizations that pose a threat to itself, but also establishes peace and security in that region. Also “An atmosphere of peace has been established in the Euphrates Shield region. Likewise, it will be the same here. Olive Branch will be an exemplary operation to the whole world and the UN.”

Defense to be nationalized in 2023

Underlining the need for Turkey to establish a system to act with Islamic countries in the defense industry, taking into account its past history, Tanrıverdi said, "Turkey can also have a role as leader. Considering this geography, it should nationalize the defense industry. It has great efforts for this. In 2023, it will have a defense industry that can provide materials to any country which demands.”

Security risks will decrease

As part of the modernization of the tanks, it is planned to integrate the subsystems that will reduce the security risks in the light of the experiences gained in Operation Euphrates Shield to the tanks. Some of them are listed as strengthening armor, active protection, new generation weapon, laser warning, fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems.


Stating that the mobilization in the defense industry continues in Turkey, Tanrıverdi said, "You cannot challenge anyone else with someone else's weapon. If we say that we are ‘independent’, we must be independent in defense industry. At least others will be dependent on Turkey. We need time for aircraft and tank engines, but we are strong enough to do everything else.”


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