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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 12:11

Yesevi Alperenler Derneği’nden ASSAM Ziyareti

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Yesevi Alperenler Derneği Başkanı Kürşat Mican ASSAM'ı ziyaret ederek ASSAM Başkan Yardımcımız Ersan Ergür ile hasbihal ettiler. İslam dünyasına yönelik ne tür çalışmalar yapabileceklerini istişare ettiler. Gençlik üzerine de meselelerin ele alındığı görüşme akabinde Başkan Yardımcımız Ersan Ergür Bey, Kürşat Mican Bey'e Bahr-i Sefid Meselesi isimli kitabını imzalayıp hediye etmiştir.




(18-19 Aralık 2021)

Dear Friends,

Fifth International ASSAM Congress was held on 18-19 December 2021 with the title of “ASRICA Confederation Foreign Policy Strategies/Analysis” on the main topic of “Determination of Common Foreign Policy Principles and Procedures for the Islamic Union”. In our congress, 37 declarations were presented by 34 academicians from 16 different countries. Our Congress was followed by other Islamic countries alongside Afghanistan, USA, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Chad, East Turkestan, Morocco, Kashmir, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Libya, Malaysia, Egypt, Niger, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Jordan which participated with their Declarations. 

ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür gave detailed information about International ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses on TvNet channel in 22 December 2021.

ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür gave detailed information about the International ASSAM Islamic Union congresses on Akit TV.

5th ASSAM International Islamic Union Congress was conducted between the dates of December 18-19. The 5th International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress with the main theme of “Determination of Principles and Procedures of Joint Justice System for the Islamic Union” (ASRICA Confederation Foreign Policy Strategies), 37 participants from 19 countries presented declarations to our congress, which was held under the leadership of ASSAM President Retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi. Our congress, which is held in an international and interdisciplinary format, was broadcast live in 3 languages with simultaneous translations in Turkish, Arabic and English.

Teleconference Link Announcement

Dear Participant,

The required teleconference link for the online viewing of the 5th International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress “ASRIKA Confederation Foreign Policy Strategies”, which will be held on Saturday (9.30-20.00) and Sunday (10.00-20.00) December 18-19, are listed below.

Last week, we bid farewell to our 4 young brothers, who were dedicated to the Ummah, to the compassionate. Upon the news of the martyrdom of our brothers Muratcan Kaya, Yusuf Taha Göktaş, Tarık Kesekçi and Kağan Tığlı, each of which has a different value, ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür paid a visit to IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Central Office and conveyed his condolences. During the visit, they consulted with Hüseyin Oruç, the Vice President of IHH, about the occurrence of the accident. During the visit, the Board of Directors of the Deniz Feneri Association came to condolences with the President, Attorney Mehmet Cengiz, and had the opportunity to meet together.
We take this opportunity to express our condolences to their families, IHH community and Baykar Makine for the martyrdom of these lives dedicated to the Ummah.

On November 3, 2021, we met with the representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations, which strive to bring the voice of Yemeni people who is facing armed conflicts, diseases and hunger, to the international agenda. In the program hosted by the Hazar Education Culture and Solidarity Association in cooperation with the Aid Fellowship Platform, our Vice Chairman Ersan Ergür made a speech on behalf of ASSAM within the scope of our activities in Yemen.

Şafak Sarı on behalf of the Aid Fellowship Platform, Funda Ozan Akyol on behalf of the Istanbul Association of Women and Women's Organizations / İKADDER, and Adil Yarangümeli on behalf of the Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World made opening speeches.

Yasir Feten on behalf of the Red Crescent shared information about the services for Yemen, expressing that the political conjuncture in Yemen also affected the humanitarian aid efforts. In addition, UNIW, Volunteers and IHH representatives shared their experiences and suggestions on the planning of inclusive and sustainable humanitarian aid services.

Yemen MEER Women’s Organizations Coordination Board Member Budour Ceylan and President of the Imputation Association to Empower Students in Turkey Dr. Esmaa Al-Qurashi demanded that Yemen's cry be heard and gave information about food, education and construction projects in the field of humanitarian aid.

Tuesday, 07 September 2021 11:43

Concepts of Liberation, Independence and Sovereignty

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The Greco-Turkish War has been called the “Liberation” or “Independence” war for years. I have written many times about this issue and expressed how wrong and objectionable it is, and instead I have stated that it is appropriate to call it “National Struggle”.

There have been some good developments in this regard. For example, the concept of “National Struggle” began to be used more frequently instead of the “War of Independence”, which has been used for 90 years. Because it was an ugly expression for Turks trying to get rid of a small state like Greece.