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Sunday, 20 February 2022 19:21

Words of Selection by Soner Yalçın!

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Yılmaz Özdil, one of the leftists' spin-doctors, was in my personal field of interest. Now someone new has joined my field of interest; the only one of its kind, Soner Yalçın.

Soner Yalçın wrote an article called Dreams and Realities and pointed out that he claims that we live in a fantasy world and that we ignore the facts.

“Unfortunately, this beautiful country is constantly in crisis because it cannot face the facts…”

He revealed that we are dreaming through the congresses held by Retired General Adnan Tanrıverdi and ASSAM-Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center.

GREETING: (Slide-1)


Elhamdülillahi Rabbil Âlemin vel akıbet-ül müttekiym. Vesselatü vesselamü alâ seyyidina ve nebiyyina Muhammedin ve âlihi ve sahbihi ecmain.

Afghanistan (5), USA, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2), Burkina Faso, Chad, Eastern Turkestan, Morocco, Kashmir, TRNC, Libya, Malaysia (3), Egypt (2), Niger, Pakistan (5), Singapore, Thailand, Turkey(11), Jordan  and Islam from every corner of geography, our guests who attended as a listener, president and representatives of NGOs, the Rector of Dumlupınar University, UNIW, ASDER and ASSAM, dear brothers and sisters, I greet you all with respect.

Wednesday, 09 February 2022 12:08


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Georg Charpentier and Abdussalam Elbelaz from Finland-based CMI Peace Organization (, who are focused on mediation and peace studies, visited ASSAM on February 7. They introduced CMI and shared what they have done for Libya. They were informed about the mission and vision of ASSAM. Following the meeting, the Mediterranean Issue book was presented to them by ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür and the 4th International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress Declaration Booklet by ASSAM Secretary General Ali Coşar.

The crisis between Russia and Ukraine is getting more intense day by day. ASSAM Strategy and Security Specialist Ali Coşar evaluated Turkey's diplomatic initiatives and the tension in the program called Pazartesi Sohbetleri. Pointing out that Putin made a tour de force by being backed by China, Coşar said that Ukraine, with the exception of one or two countries, is not cared about by the West and NATO.

The role and borders drawn for Turkey in Lausanne were discussed in great countries of the world. This issue is better understood when some countries opened their archives.

There were serious discussions about determining the future of Turkey in England and France, which were the victors of the World War I. There were deep differences of opinion between British Prime Minister David Lloyd George and Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon on this matter. While Prime Minister Lloyd George supported the Greek invasion of Turkey, Curzon was against it.

Monday, 31 January 2022 12:14

An Unending Paranoia, REACTIONARYSM

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Reactionaryism is coming, it is approaching, it is about to come...

Oh friend, what an unending issue this is, what unending paranoia.

Tensioners, Clog-wearers, old sticks in the mud, bats and etc.

Whenever the local and national people of Anatolia turn to power, aspire to rule, and begin to develop a little, your choir begins to say: Reactionarysm is approaching...

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 12:11

Yesevi Alperenler Association Visited ASSAM

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President of Yesevi Alperenler Association Kürşat Mican visited ASSAM and had a chat with ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür. They consulted on what kind of work they could do for the Islamic world. After the meeting, in which youth issues were also discussed, our Vice President Ersan Ergür Bey signed and presented his book titled Mediterranean Issue to Mr. Kürşat Mican.




(18-19 December 2021)

Dear Friends,

Fifth International ASSAM Congress was held on 18-19 December 2021 with the title of “ASRICA Confederation Foreign Policy Strategies/Analysis” on the main topic of “Determination of Common Foreign Policy Principles and Procedures for the Islamic Union”. In our congress, 37 declarations were presented by 34 academicians from 16 different countries. Our Congress was followed by other Islamic countries alongside Afghanistan, USA, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Chad, East Turkestan, Morocco, Kashmir, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Libya, Malaysia, Egypt, Niger, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Jordan which participated with their Declarations. 

ASSAM Vice President Ersan Ergür gave detailed information about International ASSAM Islamic Union Congresses on TvNet channel in 22 December 2021.