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Refusal to Ali Sirmen and Mine G. Kırıkkanat

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Ali Sirmen and Mine G. Kırıkkanat also joined the convoy to express their opinions on SADAT and ASSAM.

Young people are naive, they are inexperienced, they want to be famous, etc. They can make mistakes, I can understand that. However, I have serious difficulties in understanding how two experienced journalists like Sirmen and Kırıkkanat could make such a mistake.

I felt the need to give an answer to these two experienced journalists, even though it is not worth replying to young ones.

In his column in Cumhuriyet newspaper dated January 21, 2022, titled "Another tutelage tale", Ali Sirmen even wrote the title of the book wrong, even though its real name is "Gölge Ordu/Shadow Army"; He tried to write something by saying "Shadow Army of AKP" and talking about the book in question. He must have trusted his young friends so much that he did not feel the need to confirm on ASSAM's site whether what they wrote was true or not. I never thought that such an experienced journalist could do such a thing. I could not understand why he took the risk of damaging his reputation accumulated over the years just to support his young friends.

On ASSAM's website, which I have given the link (1) below:

“III. Official language, Flag and Capital of the ASRICA Islamic States Union;”  

Even if it mentioned in this way, "ARTICLE 6- The official language of the ASRICA Islamic States Union, the color and shape of the Flag and the Center of Government are determined by the Chamber of Deputies of the ASRICA Islamic States Union.” however it is written by Sirmen: ASRICA project aiming at an Islamic state governed by Sharia law, whose language is Arabic and whose capital is Istanbul”?

Has it ever seemed appropriate for a journalist of years to fall into such an obvious offside?

Let me explain how Sirmen fell into this mistake; Why did the young people make this mistake by relying too much on their young spin-doctors, they also fell because they did not update themselves. These are the first words we wrote. However, when what we wrote was misunderstood and used by someone as a material for distortion, we changed these expressions and the final version is written on our website as I have stated above.

Prof Ersan Şen did not fully understand this issue, and he asked me this question on a live broadcast on CNN Türk one evening. Presenter Başak Şengül could not fully understand the incident, she asked me to explain this issue a little bit and I explained the issue in detail. This program was probably preserved in the CNN Türk archive.

What these experienced writers do not understand or do not want to understand is that the alternative of the European Union, which ASSAM put forward, is to create a union. We called it ASRICA. We are talking about a Union. These people also create a perception that as if we want to change the constitution of the Republic of Turkey. However, it has nothing to do with it, if they read what we wrote on our site properly, they will understand the issue clearly. I really do not understand why they do not read what is written properly.

In addition, although this experienced journalist stated in his column, Adnan Pasha's answer to a question of Kübra Par as “-No, we did not get any support”, he tried to deny it with mind games.

Look, ASSAM is holding Islamic Union Congresses, trying to get sponsorship support from local and national organizations for these congresses, just like all local and national NGOs do. What could be more natural than that? Associations operate on membership dues and donations. What they are and their amounts are registered in the ASSAM Association and are open and transparent. We are not wrong, Alhamdulillah. I can proudly say that we have never been and never will be funded. Especially, we stayed away from the funds of those trying to undermine our national interests from abroad.

In Sirmen's column: " As a privatized organization similar to the Special Warfare Department, which is a shadowy NATO and TAF joint organization, we also have; It is easy to understand how dangerous SADAT, which was established on February 28, 2012, is when the past affairs of the Special Warfare Department are considered.

The question of whether SADAT, whose founder Adnan Tanrıverdi served for a long time as the Chief Defense Adviser to the Presidency, is the shadow army of the AKP or not came to the fore.

In fact, it seems that the AKP preferred to use SADAT indirectly rather than directly. It is known that in the attempts to turn the TAF into the army of the AKP, one of the notables of SADAT, Gürcan Onat, indirectly played a role in making the TAF a satellite by being used in the entrance interviews to the TAF or its schools. We witness that the leading members of SADAT are involved in Ergenekon and Sledgehammer caliper.”

SADAT officials respond to what is written about SADAT, it is not about me.

However, I have to respond to the “It is known that in the attempts to turn the TAF into the army of the AKP, one of the notables of SADAT, Gürcan Onat, indirectly played a role in making the TAF a satellite by being used in the entrance interviews to the TAF or its schools” statements about me.

Dear Ali Sirmen;

  1. Gürcan Onat is not the leader of SADAT. (I wish I could be). I only have a small amount of shares that I gave during the establishment process. I am neither a manager nor an employee. (I would like to be a part of the Company, it is different issue)
  2. I wrote a separate answer about the use of Gürcan Onat in the entrance interviews to the Turkish Armed Forces or schools, please refer to that article. It was even published on Odatv. (Link-2)

To summarize briefly; What could be more natural than inviting a certain Turkish Republic citizen, a personnel officer who graduated from the Air Force Academy and retired after a successful military life, for interviews? How well do you know Gürcan Onat that you name him in your article? If you want to get to know each other, you are all welcome, come, or let me come, let's meet and have a cup of tea, let's get acquainted. As children of the same country, let us not attack each other without any information.

Mine G. Kırıkkanat used the headline “Sharia army in ambush, SADAT!” in his article in Cumhuriyet newspaper dated January 30, 2022.

Even this headline is enough to sue her. However, this does not concern me, I do not know what SADAT officials will do.

Kırıkkanat gave brief information about the first four of our ASSAM Congresses, but forgot the 5th. So far, 5 congresses have been held. If Allah wills, we will do the 6th at the end of this year and the 7th at the end of 2023 and finalize this work, I hope. Thus, our Islamic Union Congresses will be completed. We welcome her to these congresses, she is open to everyone. She becomes a witness by seeing and hearing with her own eyes and ears, not from false news.

Like Sirmen, Kırıkkanat has made the same mistake. So, I do not know where all your years of journalism experience is?

In his article, Kırıkkanat wrote, “According to Article 6 of this constitution, the official language of the ASRICA Islamic States Union is Arabic, its flag is a white crescent on a red-green background, and its capital is Istanbul/Turkey”.

This is how our teachers caught cheaters in high school, it was understood that they were cheating when the wrong statement was made by the same people.

I remembered our late leader Necmettin Erbakan; He used to say, “You rascal cheaters...”

Let me do you a favor and write the real statement again.

“ARTICLE 6- The official language of the ASRICA Islamic States Union, the color and shape of the Flag and the Center of Government are determined by the Chamber of Deputies of the ASRICA Islamic States Union”

Why does not anyone enter the site and check these statements that are open to access? If he does not, he would make such a mistake...

My advice to you is do not rely too much on young journalists, do your own thing and update your information constantly.

Kırıkkanat mentioned in her column; “Adnan Tanrıverdi was attending the third congress as the Military Advisor to the President, as well as the President of the ASSAM Board of Directors. Tanrıverdi used the expressions, “We are preparing for the day when the Mahdi will come,” at this congress.” I do not know if Ms. Mine can understand, but I will tell you the truth.

These are the words he used to encourage Muslims, especially with an Islamic scholar from Islamic countries, Professor Zindani, while holding the Islamic Union Congresses. Unfortunately, some Muslims attribute the end of oppression in the world to the coming of the Mahdi. They spend their days just praying without doing any progress. It has been used to mean that let us unite and fight the oppressors. While that person is waiting for the Mahdi, Adnan Pasha said that our job is not to wait for the Mahdi, but if he will come, we must do our part. However, the funded media distorted the event as a consultant waiting for the Mahdi. The Mahdi has come or not, we have no preparation. But for some reason you liked this label very much. I do not know why but you believe in this lie easily.  

Headline by Kırıkkanat: “PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS SPONSOR TO SHARIA CONGRESSES” I answered the sponsor issue above. For some reason, these journalists write articles as if they were produced in the same factory.

We did not hold Sharia Congresses, we held Islamic Union Congresses. It should be easy for you who are EU fans to understand this, but for some reason you prefer to be ridiculous. As an alternative to the EU, we propose the establishment of a Union between Islamic Countries, that's all. I do not understand why it is hard to understand.

Kırıkkanat asked the following questions by saying Questions that need to be answered”.

“Is not it a constitutional crime to make plans to establish an Islamic Union Federation in the Republic of Turkey, of which law is Sharia and its language is Arabic, and of which capital will be Istanbul?

Will not an investigation be made about the public institutions that sponsor an illegal organization like ASRICA and exist with the taxes of the people?”

Let's answer it right away the First question is already a fabrication, the answer is given above. The answer to the second question is that our organization is not illegal, it is completely legal, there is no sponsorship from public institutions, our registrations are open to everyone, come and check it out whenever you want. However, to call these lawful activities unlawful is simply slander and lie.

The last work of Kırıkkanat is the phrase “This sharia army joined by ex/retired officers and non-commissioned officers, most of whom were expelled from the TAF due to FETO connections, who are hostile to the secular republic”. I think she is talking about the most disciplined and honorable sons of the Turkish Armed Forces, who were retired from the Turkish Armed Forces with extrajudicial executions with the decisions of the Supreme Military Council during the postmodern coup of February 28. The West Working Group members of February 28 were put on trial, they were stripped of their ranks, they were put in prisons, these honest and honorable sons of the country were compensated and given their ranks, but Kırıkkanat still thinks that these honorable people are FETO members. However, these people are literally the enemies of FETO.

Kırıkkanat, as a final word for you, I would like to tell you that Turkey is not surrounded by a green spider web, on the contrary, it is surrounded by the webs of black imperialists. However, these local and national personnel, whose hearts beat with the love of the homeland and nation, will of course not allow them.

So please do not forget, a lie never lives to be old.

Allah is the helper of the right one.

Gürcan ONAT, February 20, 2022.





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