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An Unending Paranoia, REACTIONARYSM

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Reactionaryism is coming, it is approaching, it is about to come...

Oh friend, what an unending issue this is, what unending paranoia.

Tensioners, Clog-wearers, old sticks in the mud, bats and etc.

Whenever the local and national people of Anatolia turn to power, aspire to rule, and begin to develop a little, your choir begins to say: Reactionarysm is approaching...

If we are employed in their schools under their authority, neither our beards nor our headscarves bother them. The same is true whether we are cleaners in workplaces, party buildings, or as janitors in luxury estates...

But when we want to be a manager, the beard becomes a symbol of reactionarysm. The headscarf of the female judges is a disaster, and an officer's beard is a sign of the doomsday.

It has been almost a hundred years, it is still the same chant. It is enough!

We say give a description of that reactionary, they would not. They cannot!

In fact, we know, and they know very well that what they call reactionarysm is actually “Religion”. Do not get me wrong when I mention religion, it is just the religion of Islam. They never saw Christianity and Judaism as reactionary. On the contrary, during the founding phase of the Republic, they made a suggestion in the parliament that we should switch to the Christianity. The proposal to put pews in mosques just like in churches is also famous.

At certain times, this black-spirited reactionary choir sings together like frogs croaking in the dark of the night by the lake.

A man disguised as a journalist whose only skill is to attack Muslims, his name is not worth mentioning, he wrote in a lousy newspaper; “TAF is at the target of reactionary forces”. Previously, it was supposed that General Adnan TANRIVERDI had requested “Bearded soldier”. They also published an article titled “Are you ready for the Bearded Generals?” I do not want to say anything about the purposes of these people. I do not find it worthy and necessary to analyze it lengthily. This mentality and their goals are already well known to our nation. Because this is nothing new, their attitude. As we said, the same chant has been going on for almost a hundred years.

The simple attacks of simple people are not important at all, but the global attacks of the global imperialists are important. We need to understand the forces behind simple people and their purpose, to see their goals. Unfortunately, there are not few people in our country who were born and grew up in these lands, but who left their bodies, minds and souls to the rule of the invaders, who became the tools of the infidels, and who were funded.

What I have written so far is what we have always known. My purpose in preparing this article is not to repeat or remind what is known, but to question how much longer we will tolerate these wretched and disgraced people. 

Personally, I say yes, that's what I am in any place where there are words like reactionary, tensioner, old stick in the mud, zealot. I say, “that’s me”. I say I am the strictest follower of Sharia. Because he also knows, I also know that; what he calls reactionarysm is actually the religion of Islam, and what he calls reactionary is Muslims. Since he cannot openly attack Islam in a country where ninety percent of its population is Muslim, and cannot play with religious terms, he insults him with the bad adjectives. So he also knows, I also know that; When I say I am a reactionary, I actually say I am a Muslim. The late Mehmet Akif and Necip Fazıl gave the best answers to such people throughout their lives. It is a good example that Necip Fazıl said, “Those who call us reactionary are the ones who come from the breed of mule” (1). Racehorses put a lap difference on a mule, he gives this answer while describing the incident.

This is the only way to respond to the mentality that is so hollow as to call a Muslim reactionary, who tries to obey the order of his Lord, who brought the universe out of its non-existence to the system of Allah, the creator of everything, and turned one of the millions of sperm in a drop of water into a human being. It is an insult to humanity to treat this mentality, which our Lord defines as “more perverted than animals,” and which is millions of years behind the modern times, as human beings.

اَرَاَيْتَ مَنِ اتَّخَذَ اِلٰهَهُ هَوٰيهُؕ اَفَاَنْتَ تَكُونُ عَلَيْهِ وَكٖيلاًۙ 

اَمْ تَحْسَبُ اَنَّ اَكْثَرَهُمْ يَسْمَعُونَ اَوْ يَعْقِلُونَؕ اِنْ هُمْ اِلَّا كَالْاَنْـعَامِ بَلْ هُمْ اَضَلُّ سَبٖيلاًࣖ 

Have you seen ˹O Prophet˺ the one who has taken their own desires as their god? Will you then be a keeper over them?  Or do you think that most of them listen or understand? They are only like cattle—no, more than that, they are astray from the ˹Right˺ Way! (Al-Furqan: 43,44)

While naming the headline “TAF is at the target of reactionary forces” or “Are you ready for the bearded general?”, they have the poison in their minds that cannot be a religious army or a religious general, and they inject this poison into the reader's subconscious.

So, who are the reactionary forces mentioned in the article? Who is this tag for?

No need to have our heads in the sand. The local and national children of this country are Muslims who try to live their faith as much as they can. They are YOU and ME!

What has been done is a perception operation again!

Now let us ask ourselves, what kind of perception is formed in our minds when we hear the word “Bearded general”?

Is our bearded Prophet like the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), or the fierce Seljuk Sultan who opened the Anatolian gates to us like Alp Arslan or the founder of the Ottoman Empire the great commander like Osman Bey or a giant who conquered Istanbul like Mehmet the Conqueror, destroyed Byzantium, which was given the harbinger of hadith, closed the middle age, opened the new age, or a giant personality, a global ruler like Suleiman the Magnificent, or a political genius like Abdul Hamid II, or the Great Sultan? Is the hero of Pleven Osman Nuri Pasha? Or the hero pashas of our War of Independence? While these heroes, of which I can only count a few of thousands of examples, were bearded, why could not there be a bearded general in the TAF?

How do those who do not fit a beard to a general, like the heroic figures I have mentioned above, to the exemplars of honor of our history? And imagine those heroes without beards, what would change? So let's not be fooled by perception operations.

Beard is not a feature worth talking about. I mentioned it because they do a perception operation over the beard. The qualities to be sought in a general are intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, foresight, bravery, courage, self-sacrifice, endurance, love of homeland and nation, etc. (2) Since none of these features are of this mindset, the tensioners, whom they call reactionary, try to mess with our heads by forming the perception that they will bring a beard to the army. In their minds, they hit three birds with one stone. They insult the beard, the bearded, and the devoted sons of this country whom they do not share the same mentality...

Are we going to be victims of perception operations?

Enough of these disrespectful people's hostility to religion!

Is not it enough that they try to humiliate millions of Muslims with nicknames?

Is not it time to draw the line for them now?

If thousands of people wrote reaction responses under the disrespectful posts, would they be so brave?

I wrote this one which you are reading now. I did my best.

We will make the effort, the realization is from Allah, may my Lord be our helper.

Let's finish our article with the magnificent verses of our National Poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy.

I can't condone cruelty; I will never applaud the oppressor;
Yet I can't renounce the past for the sake of deluded newcomers.
When someone curses my ancestors, I want to strangle them,
Even if you don’t.
But while I harbor my elders,
I refuse to praise their injustices.
Above all, I will never glorify evil, by calling injustice “justice.”
From the day of my birth, I've loved freedom;
The golden tulip never deceived me.
If I am nonviolent, does that make me a docile sheep?
The blade may slice, but my neck resists!
When I see someone else's wound, I suffer a great hardship;
To end it, I'll be whipped, I'll be beaten.
I can't say, “Never mind, just forget it!” I'll mind,
I'll crush, I'll be crushed, I'll uphold justice.
I'm the foe of the oppressor, the friend of the oppressed.
What the hell do you mean, with your backwardness?

Gürcan ONAT, January 30, 2022 14.00, Fatih.

(1): Here is a part of the master's lecture about the rogue mule: 

(2): The qualifications of a soldier are listed in the Internal Service Act and Regulation No. 211. It is quoted here as an answer to traitors who have sold their body, mind and soul. Those who are interested can read.

Internal Service Code Article 39 – In the Armed Forces, special attention is paid to raising morality and spirituality and strengthening national feelings along with military training. It is the primary duty of every soldier; loyalty to the republic, to love the country, to be of good moral character, to obey the superior, perseverance and effort in serving, courage and assertiveness, to disregard his life when necessary, to get on well with all his fellow soldiers, to help each other, to be organized, to avoid things that are prohibited, to protect his health, and to keep secrets.

Internal Service Code Article 86 – A soldier must have high morals and strong spirituality in order to properly perform the duties expected of him. The moral and spiritual qualities that every soldier must have are:

  1. Love and devotion to the Republic, Home and Nation; Republic, Homeland, Nation are sacred to the soldier. It is the duty of every soldier to meet and expel all kinds of encroachments that may come from inside and outside, and not hesitate to sacrifice his life for this cause when necessary.
  2. Obedience: The basis of military service is absolute obedience. Obedience means that every subordinate does the orders he receives from his superior, without considering any condition and without the slightest hesitation, not going beyond what the laws and regulations say, and not doing what is prohibited. A complete and heartfelt obedience is achieved with the confidence that it will inspire.
  3. Persistence and endurance: It is to continue the duty silently and regularly and to complete the service as desired by enduring all kinds of difficulties and deficiencies that may be encountered while performing the duty and never showing intimidation.
  4. Courage and heroism: It mean doing business and being very brave, never afraid of danger and not afraid to die if necessary. Cowardice is the greatest and unforgivable fault for a soldier. Cowardice also taints his honor and dignity, and leaving or neglecting duty to protect himself from harm and danger entails the most severe punishments for a soldier.
  5. Not sparing life: The comfort and well-being of himself and his family depend on the salvation of the Homeland, and for this, soldier should not hesitate to die if necessary and to act with self-sacrifice on time, thinking that the greater and the small one are superior to one or both of them.
  6. Combat readiness: Is to learn thoroughly how to use war, weapons and tools, to have enough theoretical, practical knowledge and experience to make a firm and correct decision and to work in difficult and tight periods of war, even when there is no commander due to casualties, to accustom the body to endure the natural deprivations of war such as fatigue, restlessness and hunger, for a long time, and to gain the high ability to ensure self-confidence in all of these and to fight to increase it at any moment.
  7. Getting along: is to love each other wholeheartedly, to respect each other's honor, to refrain from acts of decency and from jokes, and to always act bravely, by thinking that all comrades in arms are more than brothers and that they will shed their blood for the same purpose if necessary. Every soldier should share in the sorrow and joy of his friend and, if necessary, protect him from immorality and all kinds of dangers by giving advice. Likewise, every soldier should know that to mislead his friend, to try to cover up his mistake means to harm the armed forces and then humanity. One of the most necessary conditions for getting along well is not to be jealous of those who are hardworking and therefore loved ones.
  8. Having good morals: The moral and lifestyle of the soldier must be flawless and spotless. Soldiers should refrain from drugging, drunkenness, lying, debt and gambling, fraud, being with immoral people, stealing, plundering, burning and all other evils. These prevents the fulfillment of duty, impairs life, health, perseverance and courage, stains honor, kills moral personality and brings punishment to perpetrator. Soldiers should beware not only of misdemeanors and murders, but also from disrespect for religion, hypocrisy, deceit, chasing after personal desires, flattery, self-conceit and greed for fame. Although the desire to be admired, to be verbally caressed, to be rewarded financially, to gain honor and glory is in the heart of every soldier, it is a sine qua non of bravery and honor to achieve these through a just and righteous work.
  9. Keeping secret: The soldier should accept that the enemy's spies can be found everywhere and that they may be listening to him, and should not give any secrets to anyone on matters pertaining to duty and service. Soldier should not utter words about military service, barracks and institutional life. Soldier should never rant about anything, should avoid spreading anything by enlarging and adding anything, and should never depart from the truth.
  10. Unity in thought and aim: Working as a body for the protection of the Republic and the Nation is the most valuable sensitivity of the Armed Forces. Also, it is a force in itself. This unity arises from the need to work as a body in the minds and hearts of the people, and from appreciating that the public interest is superior and dearer than the personal interest. Learning the names of the devoted personnel, who have become famous for the honorable memories and glorious events of the troops, and remembering them with respect at appropriate times (national and religious holidays) reinforces the unity and brotherhood in the Armed Forces. Their names and, if possible, their pictures should be hung in the appropriate places of the barracks by the commander, and a history of each unit or troop showing their service in past wars should be written, and every soldier belonging to the unit should read and learn about them. The most brilliant battle of the unit in the history of the regiment (Also in Naval and Air) is told to all its members on the anniversary of that day. Each regiment (Also in Naval and Air) has a foundation day and is celebrated on that day.
  11. Helping each other: The help of the members of the Armed Forces, united in one purpose and in the same mission, not only ensures the best performance of the joint mission, but also strengthens friendship and loyalty. Helping among the soldiers should be in and out of duty, as well as among the people, the soldier should do his best and always share goodness.
  12. Attitude and movement: The highest qualities of a soldier that will increase his value, make himself known and endear him are being decent, dignified, serious and obedient. The stance of the soldier should be virile, his actions should be reasonable and honest, his language and words should be appropriate and free.
  13. Orderliness: Order is the first means of ensuring that his duty is done perfectly. The soldier must have a habit of doing his duty to the minute, like a perfectly working clock, and he must always be neat and orderly in his private affairs.
  14. It is the duty of every Turkish soldier to get on well with soldiers from other nationalities and to make a friendship with them that will introduce their high virtue to them.



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